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Online FAA CPL Course

Old 20th Mar 2015, 17:23
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Online FAA CPL Course


I've recently been offered a job to become a flight instructor in the US and currently have a JAA frozen ATPL. I first have to complete an EASA FI rating which will be taken care of but I've been advised to in the meantime start on an online FAA CPL ground school course.
I was wondering if there are any which are recommended since there's so many out there along with varying prices?

All advice and suggestions are welcome.
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Old 21st Mar 2015, 10:50
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Try Gleim.... cheap and fast. you really need to learn the questions. goto USA and the sit in front of a computer and answer the questions which are exactly the same..

Dont spend too much money on courses... Goto and download the Gleim CPL book.. even cheaper.. FAA is not rocket science..
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If you have been taught or flown in the states, you can do the CPL test now its that easy.
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Old 9th May 2015, 11:55
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You need to receive a logbook endorsement from an instructor to sit for the FAA CPL knowledge exam.

You may decide to do an online ground school or do a home study course for the written exam and be signed off by an instructor to write the exam. There are many oral exam guides available in the market to prepare for the exam.
I would suggest you buy Gleim.

If you need an endorsement for writing the exam, PM me. I have a CFI (FAA) and an Advanced ground Instructor (FAA) certificate.

Hope this helps.
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Old 12th May 2015, 18:45
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All advice and suggestions are welcome.
You will need to go through a simple, but time-consuming process to have your EASA private pilot license "validated" to get an FAA Private Pilot Certificate issued "on the basis of" your current license. Lots of steps, but not hard. Google FAA validate foreign license and click on the EASA link on that page.

Note - there are no pilots licenses in the US. So, no CPL. The proper title for a piece of paper from the FAA is a Certificate; a private pilot has a Private Pilot Certificate (likely) with an Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) rating. ASEL is SEP in EASA land.

You will need to get a visa for flight training which, I believe, is different from a visa to live/work in the US. After you pass the FAA knowledge exam and the checkride, you will have a commercial pilot certificate independent of any/all of your EASA documents.
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Most of the online training programs come with a completion certificate that you print out after finishing the program which counts as the instructor endorsement so no CFI sign off required.
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As you cant add ratings to the piggyback it always stays as a private based on certificate.
Anyway l'm not sure that you need it as you will get a stand alone CPL when you've completed the test.
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In order to get a FAA commercial you have to hold a FAA private or be a military pilot. 61.123(h). The 61.75 "based on" is the easy way to do it. You can skip the FAA private and commercial and go straight for the ATP if you hold a foreign ATP or commercial.
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