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Which Question Bank to use for CAA (UK) Exams

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Which Question Bank to use for CAA (UK) Exams

Old 18th Jan 2014, 00:19
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Which Question Bank to use for CAA (UK) Exams

Getting ready for mod 1 exams (ATPL H) , which online question bank should I use.

1 . Bristol
2. Aviation Exam

is there any other one worth looking at ?
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Old 18th Jan 2014, 08:38
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Worked with all of them. For clear explanations, you should take aviation exam.
Easy and comfort > atplonline.
Bristol > bgsonline.co.uk is also quiet ok, but mostly I studied with atplonline. Passed all of my exams first attempt. Because when I did not understand the answer, I was looking it up anyway in the books. This to make you getting an understanding. Not just memorizing the answers, because that is useless.

Good luck at your exams.
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Old 18th Jan 2014, 09:04
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Which Question Bank to use for CAA (UK) Exams

Honestly , study the material. Come the actual exams it doesn't matter what they ask you because you should know the answer or be able to work it out . I used all of them at different times and found BGS to be the best questions in regards to the way they were asked and the layout and history was pretty good .
It's all a matter of personal opinion and what one person finds great might not be the same for the next person . BGS and atpl online give u the option of a week long subscription , that way you can get a little taste and see what suits you . But all in all read and understand the material .
Ps the very best of luck .
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Old 18th Jan 2014, 11:57
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completely agree with pplal you have to know the material and the question banks should just be a bonus for the revision stage.

Of course we all used them, I found BGS good as the explanations were helpful and if you needed further help they were responsive, but you have to know the material. In my exams, there were lots of new questions which threw a lot of people off!
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Old 18th Jan 2014, 21:53
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Lets be honest, we all use the question banks. And if we didn't, the strange way in which the exams are worded would catch most people out! You should learn the material for sure, however you should also know your question bank inside out!!!
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Old 19th Jan 2014, 17:42
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Yeah you should definitely not just learn the question bank blah blah blah. Most of what you learn in the UK ATPL exams is almost utterly useless. Who cares how a VOR station works or about the ins and outs of a mercator projection compared to a transverse one. So what if I have forgotten the formula for lift and don't even remember what divergence is, something about courses on a chart??. Is it important to know the name of a wind in Africa? Most of air law is also irrelevant unless you plan to start your own airline. There is just so much pointless information you are expected to learn that you will never again need in the whole of your career.
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Old 19th Jan 2014, 20:50
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You're absolutely correct.

Most bus drivers couldn't tell you how a diesel engine works and they seem be able to drive busses quite safely.

And let's face it, airline pilots are becoming more like bus drivers every day. The sooner this is reflected in the theory syllabus and exams, the better. (OK, I know, the pilot's pay is often less than the bus drivers, but you get what I mean).

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Old 20th Jan 2014, 05:24
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I assume that was a sarcastic response. You still need to have your wits about you to get an airline job, don't misinterpret what I am saying.

There is a lot to know about the systems and limitations of the aircraft. The routes you fly. The airports you go to and their alternates. The way the MRA are calculated for driftdown and depressurization over terrain. The suitable airports enroute. The fuel policy of your company. Memory items for the aircraft you fly. LVO requirements and procedure. ETOPS. NOTOC and DG requirements. PRM requirements. Pax handling considerations. RNAV requirements. RVSM. Metric altimitry including QFE procedure in a QNH FMS. Low temperature altimitry. Wind corrections. De-ice procedures and holdover timing. Low temp operations/ high temp operations. etc etc etc.

All I am saying is that a huge portion of the UK ATPL exams consist of totally useless information that you will forget a few months later as you will never use it again.
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Old 22nd Jan 2014, 09:03
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Back in 2011,atplonline worked for me.
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Old 26th Jan 2014, 12:22
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Agree with AirbusLover. Everyone I know used Bristol/ATPLOnline.
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Old 27th Jan 2014, 11:12
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Anyone know which question bank now a days would be best for atpls in Ireland?? I used ATPL online but understand aviation exam is now the most accurate.
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Old 28th Jan 2014, 13:06
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Question Test2fly vs other questionbanks?

Hey guys!

I am currently using the test2fly question bank for my EASA ATPL(A).
I have finished my first exams and all of the exam questions I had seen before on the test2fly...
They are saying that they have the latest EASA ATPL qb...
I am wondering whether I should subscribe to any other question banks to support my studies...If yes...which and why?
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Old 4th Feb 2014, 15:55
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I'll add a vote in for Bristol as I use their QB and it makes some of the exams very easy indeed. I'm guessing others are good too, but I've only used Bristol and it's fantastic.
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Old 5th Feb 2014, 02:30
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I used Bristol for stage 1 and they were spot on. However from recent feedback on performance, mass & balance, instruments and Flight planning a lot of the questions that came up in the exams were not in the Bristol question bank, however I heard that aviation exam was spot on for each subject in terms of "seeing the question before" so I would recommend using both just so you have all basis covered.
From what I hear is that aviation exam has excellent explanations so your not just memorising answers but learning at the same time.
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Old 26th Feb 2014, 11:24
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Hi all,

I see that ATPL online is 51GBP for 90 days and TEST2FLY is as low as 19GBP for the same period, can anyone suggest why Bristol is so expensive?
Is Bristol that much more complete? is there something I'm missing out on with the other 2?
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Old 28th Feb 2014, 09:01
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A combo of ATPL Online and BGS worked a treat!
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