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Hour Building USA - (Master thread)

Old 26th Jul 2015, 03:50
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Originally Posted by Capt Loop
A visa is ONLY required on a FULL TIME training course doing over 18hrs of flying a week.
A visa to study is required when a "course of study" is being undertaken. See above memorandum and 8 CFR 248.1(c).

Your reference to 18 hours is a conditional requirement for a "full course of study" under a vocational curriculum (not provided by a high school), e.g. training requiring an M-class visa.

Originally Posted by 8 CFR 214.2(m)(9)(iii)
Full course of study. Successful completion of the course of study must lead to the attainment of a specific educational or vocational objective. A “full course of study” as required by section 101(a)(15)(M)(i) of the [Immigration and Nationality Act] means ... [s]tudy in a vocational ... curriculum ... certified ... to consist of at least eighteen clock hours of attendance a week if the dominant part of the course of study consists of classroom instruction, or at least twenty-two clock hours a week if the dominant part of the course of study consists of shop or laboratory work.
Originally Posted by Capt Loop
If you were not up to speed and needed more flying then as long as you dont exceed the 18 hrs then your good.
Flying is closer to shop/laboratory work than to classroom instruction so the lower bound for an M-visa should be 22 "clock hours" per week. You're a bit screwed if doing fewer hours than this since a "course of study" can't lawfully be pursued on a B visa (visitors / visa waiver program). I'm sure Uncle Sam is willing to turn a blind eye if the money flows fast enough.
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Old 16th Aug 2015, 19:39
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Cu Chulainn
you better get the flight review signed in log and then 'company rental checkout' training flights signed and THEN nothing else mentioned (you put it as rental or something), else you're 100% gonna run into troubles with any EASA CAA claiming you were PIC because you paid rental rate and not training rate and company instructor was with you as 'safety pilot' collecting log hours.

To think otherwise, you'd be too naive. THe responsibility for safe conduct of flight and any emergency decision making, that'd NOT be you on flight with FAA CFI rated and legal company instructor. Google any interesting NTSB or FAA reports regarding any responsibility in incidents/accidents. One passenger CFI rated pilot did last minute save to prevent serious damage and 'manipulating controls' self-preservation bacon saving got him into trouble. Or the CFI rated friend of airplane owner in trouble for fuel starvation flight where he wasn't even legal to fly that time.

I trained and instructed in the US in the past and have been involved with EASA stuff, have kept track of various things, issues, considerations, legal stuff or practicalities.

In the eyes of FAA or IAA, UK CAA or whichever, instructor onboard that has dual controls installed (that'd be litmus test if whether the CFI is there for tips and ideas and solely for a nice view ride), is the acting PIC. End of story.
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Old 22nd Oct 2015, 00:07
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Hour building Florida

Hi guys I'm heading to Florida around January time waiting my verification letter at the moment,and so confused which place to go
1-pilots paradise
2-Florida Flyers
This schools at my top of the list at the moment any suggestions any other recommendations thanks in advance...
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Old 2nd Nov 2015, 15:57
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Hour building in FL

Dear @Trust737,

You're more than welcomed to visit us also. We have a fleet of C152, C172, C172SP G1000, PA28 in our base in Miami (KTMB).

Time building starts at $88/hr for a C152, the C172 starts at $107 and the C172SP G1000 starts at $140/hr, depending on the number of hours you would like to fly. Check our website and you might even get free accommodation. We don't apply any surcharges.

Let me know if you would be interested and would like to know more about Flying Academy Miami.

Thank you,
Radim Olbrecht
Head of Training
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 16:52
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I went to florida flyers in 2011 and done about 60 hours, they were great to deal with, 150/152's were in good tidy condition and the PA28 I flew for a few trips was also in good nick.

Would love to go back for some flying in the sun this coming year, really enjoyed it.

I stayed in a motel in St.Augustine (Merida Inn & Suites). It was a clean comfy wee place and a very friendly and helpful owner.
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Old 23rd Jan 2016, 11:58
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Question Hour Building In Seattle

Any good flying schools for hour building in Seattle.??
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 10:27
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Anyone with some info on NCB Aviation in Ohio? Their rates are very cheap approx. $68 wet incl. tax for a C150. What worries me though is that they ask for the full block of hours to be paid up front (you can split this in to two payments for a fee). I am looking to build almost 100 hours, which means I would have to pay about $3400 upfront, twice.

I am just debating with myself if that's worth the risk, or if I should look elsewhere.

Thank you!
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 17:37
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Hey all!

I'm going to Chandler Air Service in November for 4 weeks, going to do 80-100 H/B...
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Old 4th Feb 2016, 10:34
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Hello All,

I have decided to do my hours building in Florida. I was thinking to do in Seattle but changed my mind because of weather and schools .

I will go to Florida this April. Researched a lot and I think Florida is the best place to fly as weather is good there.

PM if anyone is planning to go there by that time.

My Plan is to hire PA28 from Florida flyers. I have heard good reviews about them.

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Old 22nd Feb 2016, 02:27
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BYR Anyone with some info on NCB Aviation in Ohio? Their rates are very cheap approx. $68 wet incl. tax for a C150. What worries me though is that they ask for the full block of hours to be paid up front (you can split this in to two payments for a fee). I am looking to build almost 100 hours, which means I would have to pay about $3400 upfront, twice.

I am just debating with myself if that's worth the risk, or if I should look elsewhere.

Thank you!
Be weary. Any FTO insisting on cash upfront for 'special discounted rates' reeks of cashflow problems. I mean, there isn't any way to determine whether you'd get stung or not so it's your call.

Personally I would pay as you go. Try negotiating for a cash price paid in full after every flight.

Good luck
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Old 22nd Mar 2016, 11:55
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Hi All!

I am in the process of getting my verification letter and looking to go out to the states in June!

I have been onto "Superior Flying Services" in Duluth, Wisconsin about renting there 152 and 172.
Rates are 152 (10hr block) - $77 an hour wet (Add 5.5% sales tax)
172 (10hr block) - $91 an hour wet (Add 5.5% sales tax)

I would love to get some reviews from someone who has flown up that end of the country and past experiences with the company whether it be renting from them or communicating with them

All feedback is welcomed and much appreciated!
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 13:25
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Hi all!

I´m planning my hours building (80-100 hrs in 4 weeks) in CA or AZ due to the weather and rent fee which are cheaper than FL.

I trained in a glass DA40 and have to choose between:

Chandler Air Service and rent a PA28-140 @92$ wet plus tax

American Flyers (KLGB) and fly the DA40 glass @109 dry.

I read good feedback for CAS but they are a little bit old, there are someone who recently made his/her hours there?
Personally I would go for the PA28 but I do not know,because I´ve never flown PA aircraft and there are familiarization and the check-ride

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Further endorsement for CAS in Arizona.

I was there in April/May last year for a month, and had a great time. Great team, very helpful and know their stuff.

Among other trips, I managed a Grand Canyon overflight and a transit over LAX whilst a Korean A380 departed a few thousand feet below me. Something never to forget. I don't think the A380 crew enjoyed being asked to look out for a Cherokee at 9000ft but I certainly did!

For anybody choosing to hour build in California; be VERY hot on your R/T. Busy airspace, and lots of VFR. Have to be on the ball.
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Time Building Florida Cheap Flight Schools

@Pilot lad
What schools did you time build with in CA & AZ? What places in FL did you look into that CA or AZ prices beat? What year was the DA42 you flew? Most of the international pilots I trained with either went to Deland Aviation in Deland, FL or Berichi Aviation in Pompano Beach, FL. Berichi Aviation has a 2016 c172 w/g1000 and autopilot @120/hr WET with tax included. For the multi-engine guys, they have a 2016 DA62 with all the options @345/hr WET with tax included. They buy and sell new airplanes every two years so they are the only ones with new aircrafts and they are dirt cheap. You have to schedule far in advance because they are always packed with students. Very cool instructors, they are all laid back. Only place that beats their prices (but has very old airplanes and also has a packed schedule) is Deland Aviation. They have a c150 @ 85/hr WET plus (100 hour block pricing, pay up front). They also have a few c172's (1976-1984) @ 105/hr WET plus tax (115/hr without block pricing). However, a pilot I flew with there from Spain had multiple in-flight failures. Their planes are very old and poorly maintained. The mechanic/owner 'Bob' and his son are the worst with customer service. They limit where you can fly and give you problems if your late. They don't care about the weather. The AI on the c172 frequently was INOP. And we had a total electrical failure when flying back from Georgia. We also had a radio failure in the Class B @ MIA just before landing. Go with Berichi Aviation, they don't limit you if you pass the checkout and show your a professional (or at least pretend you know what your doing).

Rates | Berichi Aviation

Aircraft Rentals
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Old 21st May 2016, 08:21
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the aircraft must be registered to a US citizen or resident- or a corporation- or in trust - the trust costs about $700 a year i believe. I am looking to do this if you want to share fuel costs!
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Hello all, anyone interested to share hours by the middle of October for 2 weeks in Florida @Edgewater at 35usd per hour?
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Does anyone know anything about the two following places for hour building, both in Florida?
Home Page - Time Build Inc - Flight building hours services - Affordable aircraft time building
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As above. Has anything heard about them? Are they worth it or is it a scam?
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Hello mate,
I'm currently doing my modular ATPL theory in Oxford, after that was considering to go to USA for time-building.
My question is, you said you did alot of research, would you recommend Airplanes4rent company over FlightTimeBuilding , and why?
Becase the dry price for a C150 for a 100 hour block is 50$ , plus the fuel & oil i guess something like 25$ max . My friend went to that company he said that he paid as he flew, that everything was fine , he flew the PA28 for dry+fuel rate cca. 100$ ...
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Thanks you a lot for the information. Yes I have flown the C150 throughout my PPL, I like this aeroplane. But I am more interested in flying the PA28 to get some more experience with a low-wing design .
I have some time to organize since I can go there in the end of July at the earliest, so I'll do some more research.
Ideally, I would like to fly around the Midwest. But in case I dont find such an option, I guess Airplanes4Rent or FlightTimeBuilding would be a probable option.

A question to anyone reading this thread, do you know of any reliable company renting aircraft in the Midwest? Thanks
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