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Aeros Flight Training

Old 19th Aug 2013, 19:21
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Aeros Flight Training

I'm looking for anyone who has had experiences with Aeros Flight Training in either of their Nottingham, Gloucester, Coventry, Cardiff or Stratford bases.

At present, i'm trying to get the all important timing right to embark on training. I have considered numerous options and based on location, price and perceived reputation I feel sure that Aeros will be suffice. However, before finalising the decision I would welcome reviews and open to advice?

FYI - Looking at starting April 2014 and training full time.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 06:33
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I'm biased because I'm the Ops Director there but you won't find a better training environment than Gloucester. Three runways (i.e. no crosswind problems), full ATC and navaids including ILS and radar.

Aeros own on site maintenance ensures decent availability too. There are 3 other fixed wing and one microlight school too and each has its own strengths. PM me if you need further details.
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 07:19
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I did an FI course with them back in 1997 and thought they were a very professional outfit. They have grown a bit since then and have plenty aircraft should one go tech.

Gloucester area very good for training, proper airport/ATC/Navaids, close but not too close to controlled airspace.

Certainly would be on my short list again.
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 07:42
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Yes, we work with them as well - highly recommended
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 08:27
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Doing my ppl there at the moment and I really recommend it, the environment is great and the instructors are really friendly. Some of there planes are quite old but there are afew planes (such as the robin hr200) which are nice and modern. I believe they also have good airline connections with flybe and ryanair.
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 10:17
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Thumbs up

I would agree with all of the above...

I was very very very impressed when i went for a nose around and trail lesson, been to other schools and done the same, Aeros is the best.

I went to Gloucester and i'm planning to start my PPL there May 2014. I just wish there Filton base was still running, would be alot less travel time for me .
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 10:33
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Aeros Gloucester

That is a fair distance if you’re going to commute up and back every day Joe, however I did my hours building, CPL, MEP and MEIR with them in 2007/ 2008 and I commuted every day from my house which is close to M5 Junction 24 which is slightly further than yourself so it is doable, if you get a reasonably clear run you can expect maybe 1 hour commute each way.
I was very content with Aeros Gloucester when I was there but none of the current instructors were with them back in 2007/ 2008 though one of their current instructors was going through his CPL with them at the same time as me and he is a top man.
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 18:54
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Aeros Flight Training

looking to start my ppl training at Aeros,
Gloucester also.
I have been to visit a few schools around the area, Bristol, Cotswolds, a different school at Gloucester and a few others.. Aeros have defiantly come across the most professional and show the most potential (in my opinion) in wanting to help their students progress onwards, post PPL.

Massive shame about Filton tho, would have been a much easier commute considering how close I live also!

I was wondering, what do must of you guys do for work and how do you fund ppl?
I know it's a financial struggle for most, but I'm interested to know. As excited as I get about ppl and getting my foot on the bottom step of the career ladder..... It's quite disheartening to realise how much it's all going to end up costing! I don't think I have ever seen 50-70k in my life, let alone plan to spend that much on licences, tests, hour building and all the rest!!
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Old 21st Aug 2013, 11:46
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Different Angle


Coming it at from a slightly different angle - we (CRM Aviation) have had quite a few Aeros ME/IR students that have been to us for their MCC courses. All speak very highly of the organisation and from our view all, Aeros students come with a high standard of training and understanding. All seem very satisfied with their training received there.

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Old 21st Aug 2013, 12:03
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As a FI (previously employed p/t by Aeros) who did his IR there I maintain a close relationship with them and can speak very highly of them.

They maintain my own C172 at Gloucester and (apart from the usual moans and groans about being fleeced by maintenance organisations ) they have looked after her very well.

The other point not mentioned is that EGBJ also has RNAV GPS approaches, which are a delight to fly.

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Old 21st Aug 2013, 12:50
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And don't forget the newly installed ILS
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Old 21st Aug 2013, 18:14
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Aeros Flight Training

This is all really good to Hear!
I'm looking at taking the 0-ppl package they do on the warrior. Just in that annoying interim period where I am waiting to save just a little bit more before I start.
Hopefully il be up in the air this side of Christmas..... No doubt the weather will only prolong the process!

Now I know there are a million threads on this, but as I assume most if you are local to this area, this might hold more relevance .. What do you guys suggest for hour building around here, or is the general opinion to head towards the EU or stateside?
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Old 21st Aug 2013, 21:44
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Great Response - thanks!

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the great feedback. I have visited it before and was very impressed. Luckily I live just the down the road from Staverton which is why I considered it albeit it wasn't my primary consideration - I think I got blinded by the marketing blurb of the larger organisations, namely OAA. I'm fairly sure this is the school I wish to attend and have intentions to undertake all the professional training here.

Am I right in thinking that when the larger organisations say 'you stand more of a chance of getting employed if you come here' just some unfounded marketing talk?
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Old 21st Aug 2013, 23:15
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I have been in to Aeros at Coventry to have a look round and have a chat and I got the impression it was a well-run outfit... however, after visiting Atlantic Training Academy, also at Coventry, and speaking to Kathy and Piers, I think i'll be going there - they're also cheaper than Aeros.
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