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Modular EU-ATPL with theoretical self study

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Modular EU-ATPL with theoretical self study

Old 30th May 2013, 21:34
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Cool Modular EU-ATPL with theoretical self study

Dear All,

I am new to this wonderful forum!
My question: I would like to obtain an EU ATPL in a very short and cheap/efficient possible way (max 30k).
My plan is to fullfill the theoretical exams at home (self-study) and modular complete the practical hours at a flight school.

I have to use my vacation days at work to be able flying periodically and cannot leave work for more than 31 days each free time. I currently work as an Flight Operations Engineer and would like to finance it myself (no bank agreements). Visiting the flight school multiple times a year is no problem, because I can travel with airline discount.

I doubt between flying schools in EU certified Florida and Europe (Turkey/Baltic), what would be a wise option and why? Also please let me know if you know a better option!

Many thanks!
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Old 30th May 2013, 23:22
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30K max, is feasible but not in an integrated way, maybe in poland as I heard they have cheap flight rates and fuel (to be confirmed by more experienced people)
Self studying will save you money for sure, after your ppl (or during your ppl), try the theory done and then check out some hour buidling in the US in your 30 days vacation, after that, you can see how to proceed with your CPL/MEIR

But now, just think Step by Step....Go to the medical, then work on your PP...after that you'll see more clear..
Good luck to all of us..
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Old 31st May 2013, 15:15
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Thank you very much! So I agree, visiting and first impression is important!
Now, I have contact with flyeft in Florida and it seems they provide EASA certified licences. Does someone have experience with this flightschool? I can complete the EU PPL in three weeks for approx (USD 10k)

I cant find it, but maybe there are already conversations in prune about this particular flighschool?
Thanks again!
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Old 1st Jun 2013, 14:13
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I haven't heard so many positive feedback about flyeft. People who have been there, have talked about aircraft and training quality issues. It seems this school has a lack of training organisation and managers who are only focused to make as much as possible money not caring of people safety and training issues. Also, I think that a FAA to EASA conversion in USA land wouldn't be the best option for your training quality. Why? well your future will be flying an airplane into European airspaces under European laws so you must get used to fly in such airspaces. Doing a full conversion course in Europe is the right occasion to do so, in my opinion. If you attracted by an american flying experience my advice is to just go in one of the most reputable american schools like long beach flying club & flight academy and then come back in europe for the conversion course. Trust me in this way you can still keep a low overall cost while preserving you training quality.

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Old 1st Jun 2013, 14:54
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If I may say, all flight schools have the same philosophy which is make money, so do not bother your self too much by trying to find the perfect quality/Price flight school (unless you wanna try with Oxford aviation)...At the end, it's your ability to learn fast and handle things easily which makes the difference on your training.
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Old 2nd Jun 2013, 13:33
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Thanks for the replies. I am actually more confused now; FLYEFT promises me I can rent a plane with their PPL in the Netherlands, they gurantee an EASA certificate, no conversion needed.

Now there are FTO in USA which are certified by EASA:http://easa.europa.eu/approvals-and-...O-29042013.pdf
But is conversion really needed to JAR when I finish their fATPL?

@pakythepilot;Is this true, or do I really need the conversion.

Ive also visited the webistes of Baltic academy, Flying academy in Chzech Republic and Bartolini Air in Poland. They really are fair priced. My only concern is I can not fly as fast (daily) because of more winter weather conditions. Does someone have experience with this? The USA is 28 days average for PPL.
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Old 2nd Jun 2013, 16:57
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Performance Aviator,

You obviously mean a 'frozen ATPL', i.e. a ME CPL/IR with ATPL theory passed, and I assume you are starting from 0 hours experience.

Expecting to gain an EASA Part-FCL fATPL within EU 30,000 is very ambitious and impossible if you go down the FAA route, intending to convert to EASA licences thereafter.

Look at what you require (and we shall assume everything is done in minimum hours):

Class 1 medical (BEFORE you start anything!)
PPL(A) - 45 hours (incl. 10 hrs PIC) plus the exams
Hour Building to 105 hours (incl. 90 hrs PIC)
CPL (A) - 25 hours (all PUT)
ME Class Rating - 6 hours (all PUT)
IR (A) - 45 hours (30 x Sim, 15 x a/c - all PUT)
Add on 4 x Skills Test - 6 hours (all PICUS)

Total Time: 202 hours, incl. 100 hours PIC & 6 hours PICUS - Modular Sim time can not be counted towards the requirements

Then you need ATPL Theory plus the 14 x ATPL exams

The cheapest I've found is just under EU 40,000 for the above (or close to it at least) but this assumes minimum hours and first time passes in everything.

If you can lease an aircraft cheaply for the hour building phase you may be able to save something there but it is still going to be hard work to keep costs down to EU 30,000.

Best of luck.
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Old 3rd Jun 2013, 08:45
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That is exactly how we do it here also at Baltic Aviation Academy.
Start early spring or begin of autumn with theory. Then start flying from May to End of October / November. Then Focus on Exams. Also IR sim training. Then next year IR actual flying, CPL, ME and MCC Aug, or dependant on how far you are.
The weather pretty doable in Lithuania I have to say.
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Old 2nd Oct 2013, 16:07
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In EU, only Ibertour can give you the certification for 35K without a place to stay or you can give 39K for all (not include meals, of course).
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