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Hi guys!
Basically I want to become a airline pilot.
Im starting my PPL course in 2013!! I cant wait, could you give me any tips?
Im 15.
Thank you!
p.s I live in london.

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Well having been there and after helping/mentoring someone this last year, I will give you the same advice I gave him.
1: get your Class One medical, you will need to go to the CAA at Gatwick, if your dream is to become an Airline pilot, you will need one, better to make sure you have no underlying conditions now before you spend lots of money.
2: if you are doing a EASA PPL, I suggest you start with your 7 ground exams ASAP.
3: keep studying and good luck.
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You can solo at 16 but can't receive the license until 17. On that basis maybe better to get the exams done and then start training in earnest when you're 16 going-on-17 rather than 15. It's a steep learning curve, so it's best to train as intensively as possible or you will waste time each lesson relearning the previous one!
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Don't be afraid to change instructors, if you don't gel with your instructor swap to one you do gel with. I did 13 hours at the age of 16 and was afraid to do exactly that. Long story short, I didn't make much progress, it put me off a little, so I went off to do other things for a few years. 6 years later I came back a little wiser and found an instructor and club I liked, and 9 months later I was a PPL holder. If I'd just had the maturity at 16 to admit that instructor wasn't right for me I might've had my licence much sooner!
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