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F-1 Visa flight schools

Old 18th Dec 2012, 18:39
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F-1 Visa flight schools

I heard there are eight flight schools that run a F-1 visa program and I am trying to find out which they are. So far:
  1. Phoenix East Aviation
  2. Pelican Flight Training
  3. European Flight Traing, also known as Aviator
  4. Hillsboro Aviation
  5. Aerosim Academy
  6. Flight Safety Academy
As you can see, I am missing the last two and I'd like to know which they are as I am considering the F-1 visa program as an option.

Just for the record, I tried to use the search button but couldn't find the answer I am looking for.


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Old 18th Dec 2012, 20:20
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Erm, I am not talking about higher education institutions but only flight school that are allowed to employ their international students for a year upon completion of flight training.
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Old 18th Dec 2012, 23:22
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btw, you don't necessarily have to work at the school sponsoring visa, but they 'sponsor' in the overseeing sense, even at other job.

Delta Connection Academy was mentioned elsewhere couple years ago for J1, so I presume they did same paperwork as the other original J1 schools, for F1 sponsorship rights.

As for schools 'missing' in your list, there are two other places, both helicopter schools:
Mauna Loa Helicopters
Bristow Academy

Obviously, Hillsboro Aviation do both fixed wing and heli training.
I got no clue about price/cost differences, but if you're set for getting job as CFI, the potential likely monthly/annual flight time, hourly pay etc should be considered. Often people spend tons of cash on whole training and can't even have enough money to pay for regular/frugal living cost on low hourly wages not flying enough.
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Old 19th Dec 2012, 00:00
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Thanks for the answer Martin. So I have 6 options and I can say I will rule Aerosim and -maybe- Flight Safety Academy out because of their costs.
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Old 21st Dec 2012, 15:35
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the other two are Heli Schools
Bristow academy and there is another one
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Old 21st Dec 2012, 15:37
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It looks like the other one doesn't have a good reputation!
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Old 21st Dec 2012, 22:12
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I strongly suggest Hillsboro Aviation because of the high chances of getting a job as a fixed wig cfi. I trained there and subsequently I was hired as a helicopter cfi in 2010 and 2011 and although it's quite hard to get a job as a helicopter cfi it's relatively easy to get a job as a fixed wing cfi becasue Hillsboro does training for 2 chinese airlines this means, you Europen cfi guy on a visa, get A LOT of work!
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Old 23rd Dec 2012, 20:01
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no idea what wis3384 is about.
I clearly stated all additional details and the orientation/training offered by the additional helicopter schools. The OP asked for 'F-1' schools, and although obviously meaning fixed wing, he was not aware of the 'remaining of the 8' so I provided the info.

As for the F1 heli schools, neither Hillsboro Aviation, nor Bristow Academy are by any means crap. Just the cost is high (I'd say at a premium..) and there are some factors of training that could be said of any big school with limited local heli patterns or Delta airport (HAI at KHIO).

Anyway, all the airplane wannabes are more likely be happy to fly out of controlled airport all the time, for the 'radio' skills, but it does indeed affect the billed 'flight time' sitting waiting on taxiway, or extending legs in pattern/circuit or doing orbit for bizjet traffic separation etc etc.

haihio is right in terms of likelihood of employment after training with HAI. They 'never have enough airplane CFIs' unless there's no airline hiring at all in the US for regionals etc. They hire from outside, because they don't train as many airplane CPL/CFI grads who are interested in instructing, so the chance (for reasonable person) are very high.
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Old 28th Dec 2012, 20:00
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So what are the chances of getting hired in other F1 schools? any idea?
Also, how many hours can I expect to fly as an instructor?
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Old 2nd Jan 2013, 20:43
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This has been answered over and over.
I strongly suggest that you look at some of 'RedBullGaveMeWings' other posts where the exact same question has been answered - over and over.

You do not get 'hired' at a F1 school. If you do not understand the rules regarding F1 visas then that is the first thing you need to go and investigate.
I recommend that you read up on what Optional Practical Training is in regards to the F1 visa.
You cannot make an informed decision unless you have a clear understanding of the rules that you have to play by.
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Old 8th Apr 2016, 10:40
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conversion Training

hi there,

I hold ICAO CPL/IR issued by Iran.
I'd like to convert my license to FAA on an F-1 visa and get MEI in order to work as an instructor.
Attending the university is also my goal to get aviation degree.
anybody has clue how to do so?
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Old 20th May 2017, 17:50
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Pelican school

Bro, I`ve been there recently and seems like the guy I spoke with was Victor, He told me they have 6 or 7 aircafts, fleet maintained well and if I`ll join their school everything will be nice. Plus he was offering me to go for F1 visa instead of M1. Any information you have about their school ?? I`m really curious, cause F1 idea in general for foreigner student sounds good. But I dont want to go for it withoit research. Thanks a lot!
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Old 21st May 2017, 00:32
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6 or 7. Sounds legit.
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Old 1st Jun 2017, 18:48
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Having also recently dealt personally with Pelican Flight Training and by extension Mr. Victor, who seems to be their WhatsApp recruitment agent, I'd also advise that you do your research on the school before making a decision.

In addition to their questionable fleet size which I have also been made aware of, the school was previously placed on probation by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) for non-compliance with accreditation standards and other requirements. It's a public document for anyone to see. That is of concern to me.

Iíve also noted that reviews on the school are very few and some that I've seen are questionable. Their website and Facebook page feature no recent achievements like other schools? They not only appear unprofessional, they have proven to be rather unprofessional based on my interactions with the school. One should not invest such large sums of hard earned money to a school offering a world of promises with nothing but their sales representative's assurances to back it up.

While the F1 route may be the best option for international students, itís difficult to properly assess flight schools from thousands of miles away. Just beware, do your research and carefully weight your options before committing.

I would advise that you explore some of the other F1 schools before making that final decision.
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Old 7th Sep 2017, 13:38
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Want to understand


I wanted to know what is so wrong with Pelican and Victor ?
I understood that you guys had some issues with them but don't really explain why we've to boycott them ? Can you be please more speci that you explore some of the other F1 schools before making that final decision.
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Old 16th Apr 2018, 12:46
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Pelican flight training any good?

Hi guys! Im looking to train the US under an F-1 visa. Is pelican flight training any good? Would you guys suggest any other school? Thanks!
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Old 17th Apr 2018, 11:14
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ParisAir in Vero Beach is where I went, I think their school, and location is great ! Enjoy !
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Old 11th Feb 2019, 07:08
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Are there anymore updates on Pelican Flight Training? I am looking at their CFI Program with F-1 Visa.
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Old 30th Nov 2020, 20:17
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How did you get on with Pelican? I am also considering them for the same.
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Old 26th Dec 2020, 23:21
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At Hillsboro Aero Academy in Oregon we have the F1 Visa with CPT and OPT. Some schools only offer CPT or OPT (each for 1 year). Our graduates have a total of 23.5 months of work after their training.
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