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Thumbs up MCC course at CRM Europe White Waltham

I have just spent 8 days on a course that I was dreading! The most amazing thing is I really enjoyed (stupidly drove 200 miles a day instead of staying over) it, but, that aside I found CRM Europe at White Waltham great in lots of ways! The instructors have tons of real airline experience and it was fascinating having theory backed up with real "stories" of that happening in the real world. I actually enjoyed the ground school and had a real laugh whilst learning tons in the sim for five days the following week! Again, the instructor had been there and done it, and was more than keen to share the good and bad experiences! I found CRM Europe a great place to do this course. It's not a tick in the box, they make you think and work hard, the facilities are first class, the sim is great and the instructors have something that is sadly lacking these days.....enthusiasm! Five stars from me

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Old 24th Jan 2012, 17:32   #2 (permalink)
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It's good to hear reviews from students about courses attended at various training providers, good or bad. I think it's important for us all to communicate feedback from time to time to help others make well balanced decisions.

Did you consider any other MCC providers before choosing CRM and what made you go with them?
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I can also vouch for the guys at CRM. I came from a slightly different background from the normal training route, and the guys took it in their stride and really helped me to convert to what was required.

I looked at various places to do the course, and from friends who have also done MCC, CRM wins on experience, kit and cost. Somewhere like OAA has the motion, but in everything else, i couldn't rate these guys highly enough. Proof is in the pudding............start type rating for 737 and new job next month
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Old 2nd Feb 2012, 11:49   #4 (permalink)
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Good luck getting a job Pete. I did my JOC and MCC at cRM aviation. Good bunch of guys for sure.

I've not got a job yet but am thinking of going back to CRM for a bit of sim hire to keep myself up to speed. they said they'd do me a deal on hire rates
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 20:30   #5 (permalink)
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Hi all,
Just a quick bit of background - I am an A2 QFI with the RAF. Not that this is a brag but rather a base line of experience.

I have just completed the MCC and JOC, having assumed it was yet another CAA box ticker exercice and associated cost course,

However. One of the best and most enjoyable courses for a long while. The JOC in December with Mel was great. Mel is ex standards (dont judge him - he has lost the anal standars bit and is now thoroughly relaxed).
The MCC recently with Geraint (ex FJ and weapons instructor) and Iain (ex British Midlands TRE). The groundschool phase with Geraint was interesting, made as good as possible for a classroom phase,

Iain - LEGEND. What a top course. he made the flying phase interesting, relevent and fun - what more do you want from your tutor.

So from a crusty senior RAF instructor. Top marks guys.

I would recomend you to all, as would an ex F3 mate of mine.

Thanks team.
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 22:09   #6 (permalink)
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That's not MJ and GH is it?
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 22:11   #7 (permalink)
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Disregard - just looked at their website. Haven't seen Taff for years. Good bunch.
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MCC Course at CRM Aviation

I have just completed the MCC Course at CRM Aviation in White Waltham and I would like to compliment Rob and his staff on their training and facilities.

The simulator was superb however I would to highly rate the instruction of the staff at the organisation.

I was graced with the instruction of Mel Jenkins, whom with his wealth of experience (over 45 years of flying and years of sim instruction, including Head of Training at Oxford) and input, made the week fly by and enable me to learn so much from.

For all those out there undecided about where to do this course look no further than CRM.
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 19:16   #9 (permalink)
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The same here ! I assure to you that all the money and time you will spend there is all worth of it at the end and all the guys there deserve it.
Highly recommended !
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Old 18th Mar 2013, 22:48   #10 (permalink)
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Highly recommend CRM

When it came to deciding where to do my MCC I had narrowed it down to 3 options. One for convenience, and two based on recommendations. CRM was one of those which was highly recommended by past students and also people within the industry.
All the instructors have a vast amount of knowledge, not just around multi crew operation but the industry as a whole and they are keen to share it.
I learnt so much during my 8 days and (perhaps most importantly) enjoyed the experience.
It may be a benefit to do the JOC course the day before to get a feel for the sim, especially if you dont have any glass cockpit time, but that said I didnt (it was full) and after the first day or so I didnt have any problems.
Obviously I cannot compare this course to any others, but I was pleased that I chose CRM.
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Old 2nd Apr 2013, 10:59   #11 (permalink)
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A great team at CRM aviation

I have just completed my MCC course at CRM aviation, and am happy to add my positive comments to all the others.

From start to finish everything was precisely planned and implemented. The first three days were ground school, where Malcolm did a fantastic job keeping what could have been a dull lecture interesting throughout. The next five days were in the simulator (great btw), and Iain took over with the practical aspect of the course. He is an excellent instructor, who explains everything clearly and patiently, and he's also very likeable and pleasant to boot.

In summary, Rob is running a very slick and professional outfit, which he obviously puts a lot of care into, and I can wholeheartledly recommend CRM Aviation if you're looking for somewhere to do your MCC.
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Old 12th Jul 2013, 08:33   #12 (permalink)
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This school is amazing.

Very good facilities - excellent, experienced and super friendly staff and instructors. Only thing is the location but it gives you time to study and no distractions and big plus for the airport pickup.

I had a blast and would recommend this MCC-course to anyone.
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Old 19th Jun 2017, 13:16   #13 (permalink)
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Just wanted to add an up-to-date recommendation of CRM Europe having recently completed my MCC course there.

I deliberately selected this course over others with 'full motion 737' sims and so on, because of the vast experience their instructors appeared to have. I personally valued that as more important for the MCC element of my training and I certainly wasn't let down.

The instructors were superb, in particular my SIM instructor. I just felt like everyone went out of their way to make sure they were passing on as much of their experience as they could, in a really genuine and friendly way, rather than just ticking the requisite boxes.

I've come away very satisfied that I made the correct decision and would recommend CRM Europe to anyone.
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