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My plan!

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My plan!

Hello all! After being around here at PPRuNe for a few years, Ive learnt a lot about the industry and now, with a few months left att upper secondary school, Im done thinking and, I have come up with a plan. Wether I should head off to uni before this, is another thing I have to think about.

My plan is to head off to Oxford and do the ATPL-Ground School there and, since Ive heard bad things about their Waypoint programe, I will probably head off to Stapelford, BCFT or any of the good modular schools, maybe to return to Oxford for the MCC/JOC.

After reading through the threads about this issue, Im still quite concerend about the fact that some airlines require that you complete everything with one FTO. If you take a look at Norwegia Air Shuttle for example, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA - APPLICATION FIRST OFFICERS They seem to prefere students from a single education site. If this means, all training with one provider, Im not sure. Another thing I am concerned with is, the first issue of the Medical Class 1. Ive read in the threads and by the schools, that I have to do the first medical visit in the country of training. That would be the UK but, what if I change idea and decide to stay in Sweden after the ATPL and do it there?

The thing is that, Im pretty sure that I will head off to University in September and in that case, I will study to obtain a business degree. It is a subject that I find very interesting and Im sure it will be a benefit both in the airline industry and outside. However, should I not be able to become a pilot, I would like to think for a year or 2 about what I would like to do with my life. Maybe its not business I want to start with. Therefore, I would like to do a medical class 1 visit here in Sweden before starting University, to see if i can become a pilot or not, before I head off to uni. Will this be a problem if I want to train in the UK later on?

Another issue that I havent quite figured out yet is, the country of issue fact. If I do train in the UK and get a UK ATPL, will I not be able to work in Sweden or any other icao state? And vice versa, if I do it in Sweden, Will I not be able to apply for the UK airlines?

These are the things Im thinking about and I would appreciate some advice on this, final decision, before I start my journey. I know that there are quite some threads on PPRuNe about the class 1 and country of issue but they do not answer my question fully.

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You have already made up your mind according to your previous posts and you are just regurgitating questions you have already asked - not only in this forum but others - in multiple posts.

This thread is closed.

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