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Old 13th Oct 2010, 14:10   #1 (permalink)
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Wink Dgca Cpl Exam Questions

To all boys and gals out there...

Kindly post the questions that came in DGCA NAV AND TECH GEN exams in previous attempts.. Oct attempt is gonna be my 4th attempt.. really in need of some help...
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Old 16th Oct 2010, 17:45   #2 (permalink)
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just refer to the IGRUA question bank for TECH...itz the best..i scored 79 during my chance.....
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Old 17th Oct 2010, 10:55   #3 (permalink)
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You will find examples and further debate in the SOUTH ASIA AND FAR EAST Forum.
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Old 17th Oct 2010, 19:29   #4 (permalink)
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i guess u r a keith williams fan
No, I am Keith Williams.

You can get locally produced versions of the books from The English Book Store (Himalayan Books) in New Delhi.

Or you can get UK produced versions from Sterling Book House in Mumbai. These are much more expensive than the Himalayan Books versions, but the UK versions also include an interactive CD version of my QB for all subjects.

Some of the mathematical questions in the DGCA exams are much more difficult than those in the JAR exams. If your problem is specifically related to the mathematical questions I am currently working on a new CD designed specifically for DGCA maths questions. But is it not yet ready for release.

If you wish I can send you some examples of DGCA maths questions that I have received from students in India. Just send me a PM with your e-mail address on it.
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Old 24th Oct 2010, 13:36   #5 (permalink)
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Hi Mr Williams,
im appearing for my DGCA exams soon and really worried about what kind of questions they are gonna ask. I have the Nav book by Keith Williams and worked on almost all the numericals on scale charts etc. I had seen a post from you about the mathematical questions which could possibly come for my exams. Could you also send me as many as you can . this my email akhileshmuralidhar@gmail.com. Hoping to hear from you soon.....

Thanks a ton in advance!
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Old 25th Oct 2010, 00:00   #6 (permalink)
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I have received your message and have sent you some examples of the more difficult DGCA calculation questions and step-by-step solutions.
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Old 6th Dec 2010, 14:35   #7 (permalink)
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Hi Keith.
Have you written any other books apart from the below Six:-
Sterling Book House - Books List
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Old 2nd Feb 2011, 17:20   #8 (permalink)
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Location: US
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Looking for the Keith Williams book on Instruments

Is there a book store or portal that sells/ships the following book to an address in the US? Or is there someone you know who's selling his copy? I can make do with a CD version of it too, if that's my best option.

1000 Questions Answers & Explanations for JAR ATPL (A) & CPL (A) Instruments

Thanks much!
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Old 3rd Feb 2011, 01:07   #9 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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Im not able to send msgs to you. Can you kindly mail those to my account. pankkajmohan@yahoo.com
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Old 16th Apr 2011, 13:01   #10 (permalink)
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@ Keith Williams

Hello Sir big fan of your books solved them for my DGCA CPL and cleared them without any trouble. I would like to thank you for they were a big help...
And I am appearing for my DGCA ATPL this month. I saw your post of questions on DGCA. I would really appreciate it if you could email me your DGCA question bank..
My email is gigablade74@gmail.com

Thanking you...
Your's Sincerely
Rudy G
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Old 20th Apr 2011, 05:16   #11 (permalink)
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working out intercept angle

Hi everyone, just joined the community. Got to know the formulae for working out the intercept angle. Can anyone help me out?
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Old 1st May 2011, 03:48   #12 (permalink)
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technical question

No txt spk
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Old 24th May 2011, 09:25   #13 (permalink)
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No txt spk
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Old 14th Aug 2011, 00:02   #14 (permalink)

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dgca ex

plz tell about technical ex
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Old 18th Nov 2011, 02:39   #15 (permalink)
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Has anyone appeared recently in DGCA CPL exams for Nav & Technical escpecially in the OCT 2011 session when the exams are all on Computer??

Can someone pls shed some light on what is being asked more recently??

Is the flight plan still being asked in NAV??

How deep to study or any particular books to study for technical general exam??

Pls help guys.......
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