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GAPAN Scholarships 2010

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Arrow GAPAN Scholarships 2010

Scholarships 2010

The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators is pleased to announce that, through the generosity of external sponsors along with the Guild of Air Pilots Benevolent Fund, the Guild of Air Pilots Trust, and the Air Safety Trust, the following scholarships will be available in 2010:
  • J N Somers Scholarship for a frozen ATPL
  • Weetabix Scholarship for a Flight Instructor (Helicopter) Rating
  • Up to 4 Flight Instructor Ratings (Fixed Wing)
  • Up to 7 PPL Scholarships
  • At least 3 flying instructor bursaries for enhancement of professional qualifications
Further information here >>> GAPAN - The Guild of Air Pilots & Air Navigators
See under 'Career Matters'

Good Luck.

Tudor Owen
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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 17:47
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As a previous entrant (and winner), you must apply for these scholarships. GAPAN are outstanding and a really nice bunch of people, you wont find help like this anywhere else
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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 21:38
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Im going to apply for a PPL scholarship. Out of interest what scholarship did you apply for and how did you prepare for the interview? Are there any tips you can give me for filling out the application form and attending the interview please?

Thanks in advance

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Old 23rd Feb 2010, 21:45
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good question
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Old 24th Feb 2010, 18:19
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I applied for one of the fixed wing flying instructor rating scholarships. As I remember, the form itself was fairly straight forwards, just make sure you read it all twice and make the answers concise but relevant, drawing on all your available experience and knowledge. I always print two forms off, one to fill in rough and make a mess of and then another one to make a nice neat copy to send back. I canít comment on the turnaround time, as I posted mine back a couple of days after the opening date (I was very eager indeed), but the confirmation of the interview arrived about 6-8 weeks before the actual date. Therefore plenty of time to prepare for it all.

For the FI rating, the task was to prepare a c.10 minute presentation on a subject of oneís choice. I choose not to do it directly related to aircraft principles, but I did do it on an aircraft related subject, which was connected to my youth. The interview itself was carried out with four people from the board. After the presentation, the questions were very fast paced, with questions ranging from my personal background, to the characteristics of a stall and spin. But, I imagine for the PPL course, they will differ from this. I always say look smart and be yourself, as it always shines through in the end.

To be honest, I donít have bags of confidence at formal interviews and I really thought that I had messed it up. But a phone call early the next day stated otherwise. The course side of it was straight forwards, and once it was all approved, I didnít even hear about the finance side of it again.

All in all, the experience was fantastic and like I said GAPAN are a great bunch of people with bags of experience to help you learn and develop. I certainly enjoyed it and without the faith and support they invested in me, I would never have been able to afford to undertake the training.

Any more questions, just ask.

P.s. Overall, make sure you enjoy it
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Thanks very much for that, although i have a few more questions if you dont mind!

The closing date for applications is 8th April, so would i have to post it well in advance to be in with a chance? Im still waiting for my character references to come back so i've not yet posted it.

If i fail, can i come back next year and apply again?

If you dont mind me asking, what did you do your presentation on, and how did you do it? What were you provided with?

In the interview is there alot of aviation based questions? You mentioned the characteristics of a spin. Would they expect me to know forces acting on the aircraft etc?

Were there alot of people going for it?

Do i need to know any background information on GAPAN?

If i was awarded a PPL, could i go back next year and apply for another course? (Greedy i know but i thought i'd ask!)

Thanks for your time!
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Old 25th Feb 2010, 11:21
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I have also applied for this years PPL scholarship. I sent off my application form yesterday. When initially sending off your application form you DO NOT need to send a character reference. You need only send your application, a copy of your application and a stamped addressed envelope.


I am also curious to see know how many people apply for these scholarships. What are the chances of getting an interview? How much aviation knowledge need you have for the interview.

Replies much appreciated
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Serves me for being excited and not reading it properly! I shall send mine asap, best of luck!
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When I applied, the character reference only had to be available for the actual interview, therefore you donít need to send it in the post with the forms.
As I said earlier, I applied for one of the flying instructor rating scholarships, for which you already need to have completed CPL theory as a minimum. This explains why my interview contained higher level theoretical knowledge questions. As this knowledge is not a pre requisite to start a PPL course, it would make sense that the interview for these scholarships may contain a few general questions on aircraft, but surely nothing quite as detailed. But as I say, I did not apply for one of these and therefore am not qualified to say.
If I remember correctly, there were about 60 people applied for the 4 FI scholarships last year. I think about 8-10 got interviews. They did ask me what I knew about GAPAN, so some interesting facts and info would go down well there. I am into History as well, so for me this was all interesting.
One thing I would say is make sure you know your motivations for applying and wanting to fly. Due to the numbers of people wanting the scholarship, this is clearly going to be one of the main things they will look at.
I cannot see them complaining about you applying for more scholarships in subsequent years, but as you need to have at least completed the CPL theory and 200 flying hours to go for the FI scholarship, I think you would have a very very busy year if you wanted to do it in adjacent years.
For my presentation, I used my own personal laptop to convey photographs and pictures to the board. I also used small cards to remind myself of the bulk of the information. As far as I can remember, you need to take everything with you. Pick something which you know about and expect questions about it.
One final thing, donít be afraid to say that you donít know to any of the questions, I know I did for at least one of them. Best not to try and guess otherwise you will end up in a hole.
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Agreed with some of the above. Additional pointers from own experience - narrowly missed PPL shortlist I'm told by a tiny margin a few years ago.

Whatever the outcome, ring them up afterwards and ask nicely for some feedback. The lady I spoke to was very amenable and the information I was given was quite revealing - even if it said as much about their assessment methods as it did about my suitability. I felt their scoring methodology was quite a primitive instrument.

Two things really grated. The first was that I was penalised for having not applied before, despite having always been otherwise ensconced. The right candidate can - just sometimes - fall into your laps without having ever sullied your door before guys.

Secondly, having applied in the middle of a graduate career I was also criticised for not turning my back on paying my mortgage and my hobbies more to go and (paraphrasing here) 'volunteering to wash planes down your local airfield'. I found this a little hard to swallow and it smacked of favouring an unemployed planespotter with dubious social skills without the temerity to have his own career.

I am confident I would have impressed them at interview - justifiably and not arrogantly - but these factors alone meant I narrowly missed the shortlist (1 or 2 points).

Anyway, matters not as another iron in the fire came along...

PPL-wise they also frown upon some airfields (more expensive or political?) over others and would prefer you to not go to your nearest one if it doesn't suit them.

Not suggesting this is a bad scheme - far from it, what an opportunity, but beware of these things and pre-empt them if you can.

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Thanks for all the information guys! One last question if i may, during the interview is it a series of questions and then a presentation or just a series of questions and only a presentation for higher ratings? (E.g. fi rating)

If anyone is reading this who has done a PPL scholarship with GAPAN could you please pm me or write here what the interview is about, whats in it, what i should know etc.

At the moment i'll be preparing myself by familiarising with basic forces on a plane, history of GAPAN, brief history of flight, history of a specific aircraft incase i get asked to expand on a topic...cant think of anything else at the moment.

Anything else i can improve on?

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I'm Aron Dawson from Hungary. I learn to fly sailplanes, now got my SPL.
My question is, does the PPL count if I apply for the scloarship? and will it be held next year?


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GAPAN Scholarships

Hi, Forumites

I understand that this year, 2010, is the last year of the J N Somers Scholarship; does anyone know if there is to be any other similar scheme run by GAPAN in future years??
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Closing date for Applications: 8 April 2010

(Except J N Somers ATPL Scholarship)
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Are these scholarships open for international Applicants?
The Eligibility criteria in the website does not mention anything about international applicants.
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I just stumbled across this website again after looking into it last year. I do have an urge to go for the ATPL scholarship, though im put off by the necessity to have a JAA Class 1 medical before being able to sit the aptitude tests.

That isnt the only issue though as the form states that evidence of progression towards a PPL is a big plus on your application. As someone who cant afford the expense of getting anywhere near a PPL (not in the foreseeable future anyhow) and knowing id undoubtedly be competing against many people with a PPL its slightly offputting to also spend another £330 on a medical that would be no use to me.

But then if you dont try you dont get. I might go and do some begging!
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GAPAN Scholarship

Can foreign students apply for this scholarship . I am a Kenyan National and have a passion for this industry.

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It would be nice to apply but I don't have A Levels so I'm excluded!

Such a shame, lots of people who don't have A Levels with excellent skill and lots to offer but unable to apply.

Some of the greatest pilots I work with barely have GCSEs.

Hopefully one day they'll remove the A Level requirement.
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Is this scholarship open to internationals who have qualified?
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Has anybody had any feedback yet from GAPAN? I read they were sending out responses in early May?
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