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Question Jerez

Anyone know what’s happening with this school at the moment??
Particularly looking for information with regard to the modular programme.
I am aware uptake is slow,is this only because of the economic climate/recession or are there other factors like issues with the school?
Is slow uptake something to be worried about? What is schools reputation like at the moment? Anyone been looking at going here for modular courses
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Old 22nd Jun 2009, 14:31
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Not sure really but the word is they are pretty desperate to get people through the door (as many FTO's probably are!). I received an email recently offering discount!

"Dear Candidate,

We are pleased to inform you that we are offering a new course in August 09.

Start date will be on the 17th August 09 and we have a discount only available for this course.

We have decided to offer you the August course at a new price of GBP76.000. This means a reduction of 5K, so do not miss this opportunity!!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Mary Jo Sanchez
Sales and Marketing."

Incidentally I emailed them back enquiring why there was discount for the August course and they replied that it was a new course that hadn't been pre-programmed. This didn't really make a lot of sense to me, why introduce an additional course start date in these times?!

Anyone else heard anything? I would hope that FTE are commercially sound!
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I imagine that their modular course would be as good as their integrated course... why wouldn't it be? Same teachers, same content, same facilities- different price. The only drawback would most likely be a/c availability, as you are modular... which is probably an issue at almost every other school with two different training programs integrated/modular, ¨airline -cadet¨/self sponsored where preference is usually given to airline cadets or integrated, or, to put it bluntly - the ones that pay more. But then again, we are in a slow period, (speculation) so might be less busy, and the ¨slow uptake¨ that might well work out to your advantage as there are more slots for everyone. The recession might also mean that the school might be want to attract more business, so discounts of whatever form are likely. Another perspective for people like me who live in ¨$Dollar land$¨ The recession might make it a good opportunity to do JAA training as the conversion is quite favorable. In any case here is a link:

FTE::Modular Training
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recieved the same email- and a similar one from Oxford offering free accomadation for 27 wks..
Such high demand for courses+ lowering course prices= no sense..
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Oxford never mentioned anything to me about free accomodation when I chatted to them recently

Must ring them again and clarify the situation
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Its simple. The big FTO's are simply not getting enough students applying for courses at the moment due to the recession, the scarce nature of banking credit and, of course, the fact you would have to be insane to start training at the moment. Hence they are discounting their product in order to entice the consumer back - the exact same thing is happening on the high street.

What they tell you about being busy is codswallop, they are desperate.

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