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Question about funding my ATPL training!

Getting straight to the point, I don't have 52,000 and nor do my parents. But what I do have is the desire, grades, the ambition and endless motivation to pursue a career in the Airline Transport industry.

How would I go about funding any ATPL training I get? I am specifically interested in the course by Oxford Aviation and also some of the integreated ATPL courses offered by Cabair and their association with Bucks New Uni and Kingston also.

Can I get some sort of loan which I can pay back after I get a job? Because currently there is absolutely no way for me to fund everything right now, and I don't think my parents would want to dish out 52k either.

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ah dear!! Now isnt the right time. Just wait, and do something useful which will help you get a better paying job in the future. If you are actually very much passionate about your flying then just get a PPL and stop right there.

Good luck
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I understand what you mean. I'm still only in year 12 so the earliest I would be attending any training or uni is 2010, would the situation improve by then?

And thanks for the good luck
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In that case just do lots of saving. Dont bother with a PPL if youre gona go straight to an Integrated course. Burning cash.
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Read the reference threads in detail first, then come back and ask some questions - your answers are all contained within those reference threads.

Best of luck
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At the risk of another integrated v modular debate, I would say that integrated is just burning cash and PPL (followed by all the other exams and ratings) is the way to go especially in this economic climate.


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Believe it or not, money isn't the most important thing in this game - determination and timing are much more important.

Get a job, preferably one with flexible hours or shifts. Use the job to fund a part time PPL. (6,000 ish)

Carry on working, study for the ATPL theory exams in your spare time. (3,000 ish)

Carry on working, buy a share in something cheap, go abroad or buy some block hours from your local club. Build to 150 hours total time. (7,000 ish)

You are now two or three years down the road. Have a very good look at the job market. If it's still bad, keep the day job & keep shovelling money in the bank. There is no point in qualifying as a commercial pilot if there are no jobs at the time. If the market is improving (and in three years time I certainly hope it will) then look at jacking in the job and going full time training for the CPL / IR & MCC. You can do these part time, but I wouldn't recommend it. (30,000 ish)

You are now a qualified commercial pilot and have spent approximately 46,000 in the process, spread over as many years as your budget and the job market dictate. Best of all, you won't have a loan of 75k to repay.

I followed exactly that route - it took around 6 years (although I could have done it quicker - thank 9/11 and a divorce) and I only had to borrow money for the last stage. Total debt around 25,000. Got an airline job within 3 months of qualifying becuase I qualified at the peak of the job market and made sure I was lucky with my timing.

The quoted costs are pretty accurate, and the 30k for the CPL/IR/MCC includes living costs when away from home, as well as budgeting for a restest and extra training.

If you use a day job to fund as much of the training as possible, and accept it will take a little longer than flashing your chequebook at Oxford or FTE, commercial training is more affordable than you think.

Just remember - timing is everything.
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