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atpl theory - books or computer

Old 26th Oct 2007, 20:06
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atpl theory - books or computer

I'm about to start the distance learning course with BSG and was wondering if anybody has any comments / opinions etc on the ratio of study time between the computer course and the books? All books? All computer?
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Old 26th Oct 2007, 21:53
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I like to read the books twice through or so then hammer the QB and reread the bits im still unsure on and then keep on hammering the QB. I also do the phase tests when i feel comfortable so I can email them to my school when I need to. Aside from that I dont really use the CBT.

I haven't sat any exams yet but it seems to be working pretty well so far and i've covered 5 subjects of Module 1.


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Old 26th Oct 2007, 22:06
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I concur with Matt above!

Personally, I find it easier to read printed matter rather than read from a computer screen. So I read the written study manuals, makes notes as appropriate and transfer the very important bits (i.e. formulae) to a small notebook which I refer to regularly until the stuff gets into my thick skull.

When I have finished a subject, I email through the phase tests and practice with the question bank; that, and ppruning, is about as much PC based work as I my eyesight can cope with.

If you find it easier to read from a monitor, then use the CBT programmes but I find it easier to read from paper! P'rhaps it's me age! The paper manuals also mean that I can relax on the sofa and have a glass of wine!


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Old 27th Oct 2007, 08:51
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Thanks fellas. I'm sure once i get started i will find whats best for me (maybe 2 glasses of wine on the sofa!). I remember when doing my ppl exams i found the oxford cd roms very helpful although they were like narrated lessons. I'm presuming atpls will be on screen manuals if you like. Also worried about forgetting earlier subject matter as i move on to later subjects but hey! it's the same for everyone!
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Old 27th Oct 2007, 11:32
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just following on from what some of the guys have been saying. ive just started the atpls with bristol, only in the 2nd week of the schedule but i dont have access to the question bank (is this the 50 QB which u get access to for 3 months?). Would you say its useful to use it throughout the course as it sort of grooms you for the exam questions thta will be asked?? any response would be greatly appreciated, cheers
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Old 27th Oct 2007, 11:52
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No its probably better to leave the QB until you have completed all the Module 1 books and progress tests.

Im now on the question bank, and scoring crap scores, its as if nothing as gone in
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Old 27th Oct 2007, 12:10
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The school recommended using the QB towards the end of your studying. I bought it anyway but have not used it yet. Better off getting through the material first.

Whether I use the books or the computer depends on what chapter I'm studying, some I need to sit down and read a few times and others you can do on the computer. So whichever is easier
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Old 27th Oct 2007, 16:16
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Is the QB a bristol publication or a CAA thing? I remember ppl exams and a lot of answers were remembered rather than known, if you know what i mean. Suppose the same will apply to an extent with these. Someone on here actually said memorise the QB and pass the exams! surely not.
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Old 28th Oct 2007, 22:49
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A guy i spoke 2 when i was doing my ppl was in the process of finishing his cpl and said that after he'd finished the material he did the qb again and again for a month or so and by the time he sat the exams he knew most of the answers before he'd even finished reading the questions. i think thats wot ill be doing when the time comes 2 sit exams, altho obviously with planning and nav etc u cant really do that as you could with say HPL
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