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Modular Training - North of England

Old 10th Sep 2007, 12:03
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Modular Training - North of England

I am currently about to embark upon the flying part of the JAA Modular Training and would be interested in any recent feedback either good or bad about training schools in the north of UK
I have done a search and found some interesting stuff out there but would specifically appreciate any up to date feedback
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Old 10th Sep 2007, 18:58
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Try this, list of all approved flight schools in U.K, its a PDF fle from CAA website, scroll down the page and it gives address and phone no. etc..
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Old 11th Sep 2007, 18:25
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Thanks for the info, but I was more interested in recomendations for particular schools or just as importantly any schools to beware of

Im specifically interested in those south of Scotland and north of Sheffield

The more recent the experience at the particular school the better.

Any feedback gratefully appreciated

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Old 11th Sep 2007, 18:31
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Ravenair @ liverpool and Barton are sound enough, aircfraft a little old but do there job. They have just lost there to instructor though and not sure if its been filled yet.
Also heard some exellent reports about JD aviation @ Manchester Airport and seriously thinking of moving to them myself....
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Old 11th Sep 2007, 22:19
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John Dale at Manchester is a good bet. Small school, decent aircraft and instructors that are there for all the right reasons. John is a recently retired satco with many hours teaching and flying at all levels, his other instructor is an atco at manchester. Both enjoy teaching & flying, the main motivator appears to be job satisfaction rather than making lots of money.

Multiflight at Leeds are also worth a look, especially for the IR, but the weather at Leeds seems to hamper CPL students. The cpl/ir side of the school is run by husband & wife team assisted by career instructors.

Neither of these schools takes any money up front, which is also a big consideration.
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Old 12th Sep 2007, 17:45
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I have personal experience of three schools in the North of UK and all three were CAA Approved Schools as was

I agree with the information about Multiflight in leeds although strictly speaking the weather doesnt actually slow the CPL course down at Leeds much more than other schools in the area, it does however suffer from quite sporting cross winds and is a tad higher than most aerodromes but overall the CPL is a bit of a lottery Wx wise wherever you do it in the UK. But I would recommend Multiflight based on my own experience

I found LFS okay but I understand they have recently been taken over, it may pay to speak to students there since the take over, I know one of the instructors is still there and he was a good enough sort
I did do a lesser amount of training with them but had to break off due to personal reasons but found them to have a similar approach to multiflight

Both Multiflight and LFS were well organised and I couldnt fault the quality of instruction and it would be hard for me to to pick one above the other but if pushed would personally recomend Multiflight simply due to the fact I completed a much larger section of my training with them

The third school based at Humberside were in my opinion poor overall

My advice would be to go to Multiflight if they can fit you in, if not then try Leeds Flying School, if they are full wait until you can get in at Multiflight

Better still speak to recent trainees of all three if you can manage it. Any feedback from an individual will reflect their own experience my advice would be to get the view of as many people as possible, as much feedback as possible and visit each of your possible schools before making a decision.

Hope some of this helps
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 08:41
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Cross Wind. Why are you having to resort to such underhand tactics to attempt to advertise your own business. As you were popping up with similar questionable statements all over the shop yesterday evening I too would suggest a bit of abstinence from the old Pinot Grigio a bit bit more respect for future students who are about to invest large amounts of time and money.
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 10:41
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Perhaps Cross wind should be a bit more honest about his credentials. if you look at his previous posts he is obviously Mike Boulton and should not be using this forum as a vehicle for self promotion.

After looking at the PFT website I would be inclined to ask the following questions;

a) How many IR students (not IR renewals) have passed through the doors of PFT since their inception in december 2006? One pass out of one attempt is 100%.

b) How many flying hours (in an aircraft) has Mike Boulton got particularly over the last ten years? I suspect the answer to be in single figures

c) Do you think Virgin would be happy with their logo being used (V1) so blatantly on his website?

d) He only has one duchess leased from another company and the remainder of the aircraft listed on the website are operated by BCFT.

e) None of the flying staff are qualified to do 170A flights,

Having said all of that maybe he does own some sunblock but having just had the experience of the last summer do we really need it,

enough said

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Old 13th Sep 2007, 12:36
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Thanks for the feedback upto now, much appreciated however I was looking for feedback on the schools in the North of England
I wasnt looking to open a debate on the whys and wherefores of the schools to the south of our wonderful country, perhaps you could continue your discussion regarding schools to the south on a seperate thread, im sure there are many interesting points for discussion
Any further feedback appreciated Leeds, Liverpool, Teeside, Humberside, Manchester etc
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Old 18th Sep 2007, 16:37
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links for Schools in the North

Some basic links to most of the Schools in the North,

Best advice is to do a thorough search!! This one took just a few minutes

You are probably better off limiting yourself to the Schools on here with minimal bad feedback, im sure they all receive some criticism or other at some point!!!!

Best of British
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Old 3rd Oct 2007, 17:17
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Multiflight all the time.

Avoid the Humberside FTO at all costs; they teach you in a different way from what I have heard that means much more expense. I believe they also have a deal with Eastern where you will get a lower priority than those guys.

As has been mentioned, research thoroughly !
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Old 13th Oct 2007, 11:23
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have now got a head of training and cfi
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Old 13th Oct 2007, 17:08
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the new cfi /hot has done over 60 cpls and has 1500 hours plus commercial instruction as well as 2500 hours airline flying so i agree with you, people should go to the schools that offer all the courses and have a lot of experience you couldnt be more right golfdriver and thanks for pointing that out.
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Old 13th Oct 2007, 19:43
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LZ -Unfortunately there is only one way to get a real feel for who is good and who is bad. You will find that when one asks a question like this on an open forum you never get a straight answer! Some are grinding the axe others tell you about schools somewhere else in the world and others just want to write crap to up their post tally! I am the latter! Joking aside narrow down the options to what makes sense in terms of what is achievable (geographically) and then go and visit. See what works for you. All the schools mentioned are good.....some may be better than others.
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Old 14th Oct 2007, 17:37
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Best advice - visit the CAA link above, get in the car and go visit the schools you're interested in.

Any school worth their salt will give you a tour of facilities and chat about your requirements etc..

Personally Multiflight are worth a visit (i only say that because i did most of my training there and am not familiar with other schools).

Plus points:- Good instructors, admin, aircraft and facilities. A big plus point is the fact that LBA is within controlled airspace so your RT needs to be above average and this will stand you in good stead later on.

Bad points:-

1) Weather - Good luck with that at LBA.

2) Instructor differences - each instructor has their own way and things get confusing sometimes when different instructors want you to do the same thing different ways. (try and stick to one instructor - although depends on staffing i suppose) - but instruction is 5 stars in terms of standard.

3) Price - A little more expensive than others.

Overall - solid school worth a visit so you can make your own mind up.

Good Luck - hope it helps.
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 15:07
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Danger hey

hi , is the cfs you mention cleveland flying school? or that little one central flight training thats had their approvals pulled ? i think they tried pulling the wool over the caa eyes tut tut cowboy money grabbers
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 16:06
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my only advice on this matter would be to avoid Raven Air at ALL costs. Do a search for them, there are a number of threads which discuss their disinterested attitude to offering commercial flight training.

They do not even have a simulator for the IR training, and do the first part of the IR on a Tommahawk!
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Old 19th Dec 2007, 16:42
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Anyone planning to do multi CPL with multiflight in this summer,please PM me ,if you'd like to share accommodation.

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Old 22nd Dec 2007, 23:19
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Can I just point out that I find it a little convenient that all of these people saying, DONT go here or AVOID here are all new users with only about 4 posts to their name.

Ive noticed a few threads like this one, where people are disguising themselves as others just to stir shit.

Why cant someone start a "****" thread where they can all go and play with eachother and slag eachother off to their hearts content, and let us people who want to give/receive advice do it in peace.

Goin back in my box now!!!!
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Old 23rd Dec 2007, 08:56
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Any recent feedback from Ravenair? I nearly did my CPL/IR there in the summer, but things where a bit uncertain at the time ie bad comments from commercial students and no IR instructor.

I did my PPL(2003) and hour builing(2007) there, got a good deal on the hour building, and the school was fine for this, A/C lack any kit but this is all VFR flying. Good bunch of proffesional instructors and I used to work there so am familiar with the set up

I am now looking at the FI course for early next year and any feedback would be appreciated. I did post on instructors forum but it is very quiet there.

Happy Xmas all
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