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Scandinavian Aviation Academy: fake or not?

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Scandinavian Aviation Academy: fake or not?

Old 5th Sep 2007, 15:32
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Scandinavian Aviation Academy: fake or not?

Good afternoon!

So i have been checking out SAA, http://www.bfsaa.se

They offer a PPP, or Professional Pilot Program, in 18 months.
That is actually excellent, plus they have great partners such as ryanair!

Anyway, that is not the point.
The cost of the entire training:

57,000 euros

How is that possible??
I mean FTE is above 90,000 euros..yes FTE provides accommodation but i mean >30,000 euros difference!

How could such a great and promising academy be offering a complete ATPL for less than 60,000 euros!?

I have heard only good stuff from SAA students!
Paying that price, however, scares me.

Any thoughts?

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Old 5th Sep 2007, 15:35
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(they have great partners such as ryanair!)

Are you on drugs?
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 15:48
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Nothings wrong with Ryanair they have great pay and a rapidly growing airliner.

Anyways, there many aviation schools or academies that offer deals like that. Places like FTE, Cabair, and Oxford Aviation are all expensive compared to the rest due to their supposedly high quality training and their image (employers prefer new pilots to come from say Oxford aviation rather then a cheaper less known place)

They can afford to charge min prices due to the mass amount of people that come and low fuel charges etc.
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 16:00
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Fogg: I'd be the happiest man alive if my first job is with Ryanair.

It's growing so fast, in fact its profit just rose of 21 %!
It is one of the world's most profitable airline.

A great deal for both a starting F/O and traveling passengers.
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 16:05
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It seems like a fair price i think, Multiflight is 30k apparently, so i would put it on a par with that! I guess they are of similar mindset to Multiflight (cheap training to the masses). Couldn't comment on how good they are or whether the price is genuine as i have never heard of them!
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 16:19
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That price is probably based on the student being like Charles Yeager, in other words you complete every single license, rating, written exam in the minimal time and the first time with out any extra SIM sessions or flights, no weather cancellations, no maintenance issues everything just going perfect from start to finish..which isn't that likely in aviation but then again maybe it can be done...

Ask them to put it in writing that that price is quarenteed and I think they may move the goal posts as they have no idea of your ability and such a risk could have huge financial consequences to the school. (By the way this isn't a dig at your ability as I have no idea what your capable of, i'm just saying you have to watch the wording with some of these schools)
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 16:54
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Fogg: I do not know about your career, or your intentions, but i can tell you that i will definitely not go with a dull flying career.
In other words, i want to experience so many different things during my next 40 years.
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 18:20
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Nothings wrong with Ryanair they have great pay

After you take into account the cost of the buying their overpriced TR, training period, probably not actually getting a proper FR position (you will most likely become a contract pilot for Brookfield), 1/2 sector pay etc etc etc. You will find that there is a lot wrong with FR but the pay is the biggest joke of all for new joins.

If you want to work for them then that's your choice but don't go in without the real picture, which you really don't seem to have!

Sorry for the thread creep.
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Old 5th Sep 2007, 18:38
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I'm also strongly considering BFSAA, best bet is go to one of their open days for prospectives and find out everything and if it would suit you, like you would at any FTO you are considering training at.

Also I believe they are owned by GECAT which also owns OAT now.
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Old 6th Sep 2007, 12:11
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they do have PDF file there,with more info of the training.
57K is only all the training itself,than in that file they describe other expenses u will have and all totals will be around 85-90 K euro including housing food,medical,etc.
So I believe any school u take apart maybe from Oxford or Cabair,it will be around 90 K Euro to complete training.

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