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Old 24th Aug 2005, 14:25
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In addition to the 4 offered here in the UK and Jerez, does anyone know much about the foreign ones such as

Scandinavain Aviation Academy - about 50000 all in
Intercockpit (Lufthansa) ??

who also seem to do the full thing. Do you need to speak their languages and are they as good as anything offered over here, and are there others that people know of which are as good.

The SAA one seems good for the price and includes a lot more multi time than any other course I've seen so far.

Any help is appreciated.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 16:00
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Intercockpit (Lufthansa) ?? STAY AWAY from them. They are NOT Lufthansa but just use the brand name and the offices of LFT in Frankfurt.

Better to do it in Australia, dont know if you want to travel so far.
But has a great JAA course.
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Old 25th Aug 2005, 18:39
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Did you train with WAAC and if so how was it?

I know they've just launched their course but would like to know if someone has been trained by them and what it was like.
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Old 26th Aug 2005, 15:14
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Nobody has yet completed the WAAC integrated ATPL course, I don't know that anyone has even started it. It's therefore difficult to understand how anyone other than the WAAC marketing department can say that it's a "great JAA course".
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Old 15th Apr 2006, 18:41
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what does everyone think about this intercockpit course advertised on here? has anyone done the first officer programmes?
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Old 15th Apr 2006, 18:46
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At the very least, make sure you get your 6 take-off and landings in the actual aircraft. Without these you cannot put the type in your licence.
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Old 23rd May 2006, 08:20
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Question Intercockpit Type Rating

Dear All

Does anybody know anything about the subsidiary of Lufthansa Flight Training named Intercockpit. The have a fleet in Zadar Croatia of DA20 DA40, FNTP II and ME piper Baron I think, and they use Bristol GS.

I ve been there with my son (who is going to be the pilot), passed this entry test they require. They charge 65000Euro for training including everything. And with accommodation and exams registry and laptop it is a final payment of approximatelly 75000Euro. Then the only thing to pay is food. And they dont require German Language, just English.

But does it worth it? It seem too me to cheap for an intergrated course, and I ve seen their system of combination between computer based training and classroom lessons. Is that effective or is just a so called "innovation" in order to reduce the training costs and increase company's profit?

We have another option to go for a modular course near home. But I dont know yet.

Anyway. Does anybody know anything about INTERCOCKPIT?


Dr. Ray
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Old 24th May 2006, 17:56
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Originally Posted by rayden1206
I ve been there with my son (who is going to be the pilot),
If you're only 25 and your son has already passed their entry assessment he must be a child genius . Think saw a thread in Jet Blast some time back about Air China and child pilots

On a serious note though I've been looking at Intercockpit myself but the cost seems too good to be true
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Old 24th May 2006, 20:52
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Thumbs up

I am 55 and my son is 25!!!

You thing that there is something fake at intercockpit????

If you heard so please advise!

Best regards

Dr. Ray
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Old 25th May 2006, 15:57
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Why are you asking these questions if you have already been to Intercockpit?? Surely if you have been there you would have found out what Intercockpit is all about.
I suggest you:
a) Call them and ask the questions or
b) Check their web site
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Old 25th May 2006, 16:08
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Ready2roll, it's quite clear that the information he is looking for is from those with experience of Intercockpit, and their Caveats or otherwise.

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Old 26th May 2006, 21:28
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Nothing fake at intercockpit! Planes are well maintained, weather is fine all year around, instructors are quite solid international bunch and their students don't have problems getting a job... with FlyNikki and Sun Express. Also heard rumors some got to Air Berlin and Germanwings but these I can't confirm.

Errrmmmmm... 65 K for integrated course is cheap? Sorry but that's total amount I've earned since I started flying professionaly 5yrs ago. Lucky me I didn't have to do my fATPL at IC. Costwise, not qualitywise.
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Old 27th May 2006, 06:34
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65K Euro is cheap. Most of other flight schools require more!. Oxford,Cabair in UK 90000Euro, Swiss air aviation training 75.000, Norwegian aviation college 78000....

So CLANDESTINO you think is better to go for training costwise or quality wise??? Or at last the 200Hour quality is nothing at all and is better to be in a cheap route which means you ll learn thing later on career.
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Old 27th May 2006, 19:59
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I apologise for my bad english & poor-to-medium written communication skills, what I ment to say is:

A) Intercockpit is decent quality school, your son will loose nothing by enrolling in it. IC will prepare him very well for future airline career.

B) With today's pilot salaries don't expect your son to be able to pay back amount spent on training anytime soon. 5 yrs grace period would be nice.

Hope this helps
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Old 27th May 2006, 23:24
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Dear Clandestino.

By going to Intercockpit there is no loss except 20.000 Euro more, which is the difference of doing an Intergrated course in our country near home. This difference comes out of the accommodation and the training cost difference between the cheaper school in Greece and Intercockpit.

The problem is that in the end, does Intercockpit worth it this difference??? The airlines will see the difference between Intercockpit student and other students or this is just for Fly Nikki and Sun Express.

20.000 difference is a lot. It could be spent on Jet Orientation Course, Flight Instructor, or Type rating.

I dont Know if going to a school with a good name and Lufthansa in behind worth that 20.000. In the end it is the same licence.

...and nobody can help.

Thanks to all!!!
Thank you Clandestino!!!

P.S. Any more advise would be much appreciated.
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Intercockpit Type Rating

Hi folks,

I would like to know your impression on Intercockpit Type rating courses. It seems they are very good and supply optimum training (lufthansa standard).
Is there somebody rated by Intercockpit?
I'm interested in the 737 Classic+NG type rating course.
How is the situation for a low hour 737 type rated? I know that many many airlines are looking for pilots with experience on the type but is there any chances for a young 300 hours total time?

Thank you for the future help,

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Could you be more precise?

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Hi Dmax!

I finished up my rating over a year ago, and only had one single sniff of a job. I was close to getting an interview, but not anything more than that.
Culprits being low TT (625TT 280ME), and no time on type.
Usually the minimum time requirements are 1000TT (at the very least) and 500 on type.

So, I would strongly advice against going for a rating on 737, or A-bus for that matter.

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search for airlines offereing a self funded type rating...this way the airline will hire you after you pay them for the TR.
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