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CKnopfell 3rd Sep 2009 22:46

Flying into Munich

Has anyone any experience flying into Munich? Is it possible? I assume it costs the customary arm and leg, anyone got any idea if it is just the one arm and one leg?

What of the alternatives?

I will be flying from UK so need customs airport. The flight will be IFR.

I see Augsburg (EDMA) and Oberfaffenhofen (EDMO). Anyone any experience with these? The AIP lists EDMO as Jet-A1 only, is this correct?

There are 2 very close airfields EDMD and EDNX but these do not seem to appear in the AIP. Does anyone know where I can get info on these? They are almost certainly not customs airports but it may be worth a quick 'Touch and Go' in France for the convenience.

Laughingly I looked at Ryanair flights to 'Munich (MUN)'. The IATA code MUN is actually somewhere in Venezula. I eventually found that they take you to Memmingen (EDJA) approx 60 nm west of Munich.

Anyway, thanks for any help you can offer.


bookworm 4th Sep 2009 07:42

I can offer a mix of first- and second-hand info. Please check it before you rely on it.

I think EDDM doesn't allow VFR < 2000 kg. IFR is allowed with PPR, which I've never tried to get.

EDMO doesn't take private flights.

A colleague used Augsburg (EDMA) as an IFR airport for Munich. Public transport from Augsburg into Munich is easy, almost as easy as from EDDM.

I've used Ingolstadt (ETSI) which is a little further north. Easy and accommodating, but not as easy to get into Munich. [Edited to add, actually, the train time looks like 40 mins just like Augsburg, and it was relatively easy to get to the station.]

For VFR, Fürstenfeldbruck (ETSF) and Oberschleissheim (EDNX) are possibilities with reasonable runways, there are other smaller fields around if you can get in and out. EDNX has a limit on the number of annual movements and requires PPR.

I find eddh.de - Landeinformationen useful for planning destinations and stops in Germany.

pfnotflying 6th Sep 2009 18:47

I saw a C172 in EDDM some month ago. You need Authorization from the FMG (airport operator) and a slot from AIS-C. I don't know how much it cost.

EDMJ 7th Sep 2009 12:23

Being a resident pilot in Munich, my best advice for you would be to catch a scheduled flight. Nowhere else in the civilised world are conditions for GA pilots worse than here. If you absolutely have to, then here's some additional information:

Oberpfaffenhofen (EDMO) is available (also IFR) PPR with a MTOW above 2000 kg, see Willkommen am Sonderflughafen Oberpfaffenhofen

Fürstenfeldbruck is also PPR and VFR only, see FFB Fürstenfeldbruck Flugbetriebsgesellschaft mbH (ETSF) . It may close soon.

Oberschleissheim is PPR and VFR only, see Flugplatz Schleissheim e.V. - Startseite . Very good connections to public transport to downtown Munich (S-Bahn), but they only have a limited number of operations available to non-based aircraft which may have been exhausted by now.

EDMD, Dachau-Gröbenried, is a gliding site with 425m grass and is PPR (and from what I hear it's difficult to get one).

Otherwise, there's Jesenwang (EDMJ), but its 408m narrow runway with a forest at one end is not everybody's cup of tea; see Flug- und Freizeitzentrum Jesenwang.

Erding (ETSE) is military and I think off-limits to civil aircraft other than the ones based there with the military flying club.

scooter boy 7th Sep 2009 13:35

I did this in my Mooney Ovation 3 years ago, IFR from Troyes in France.
You will need a slot and some form of noise certificate.
I don't recall it being overly expensive and the GA was priced as one might expect from a big airport with mandatory handling.

There is nowhere else accessible for GA in the area - I looked into this prior to going to the main airport.

You need to call to book a slot and be instrument rated.


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