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METAR notation

Old 27th Mar 2022, 07:48
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METAR notation

HI all,

I just saw some METAR notations which I haven't come across before. For example:


This is not something I was taught and it's hard to google. Could anyone shed some light?
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Old 27th Mar 2022, 07:56
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RVR for runway 04 is 1100m with an Upward (improving) trend
RVR for runway 05 is 0700m with No change expected
RVR for runway 19 is 1700m with no trend reported
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Old 27th Mar 2022, 09:34
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Prevailing visibility for each runway

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Old 27th Mar 2022, 11:45
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Google prevailing visibility
Even better: use a decent search engine.
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Old 27th Mar 2022, 14:49
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I think you would only need this for IFR,. So if the rest of the METAR shows that you couldn't use this airfield under VFR, then it wouldn't be relevant. Interesting to know, yes, but not required information for a PPL exam. Probably why it didn't come up in your met theory.
if you care to look more deeply into the subject textbooks are available at CPL level. Good on you for asking.
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Old 28th Mar 2022, 07:33
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...or, you could actually go to the proper, official source of these data, the UK AIP. Look in Gen 3.5, where ALL the codes may be found:

We encourage all our students to look stuff up on the proper, official sites as provided, and of course, it's FREE! This also applies to NOTAM, upper wind forecasts and more. When they're qualified, then they can start using the APP of their choice.

When I were a lad, we had the paper 'Air Pilot' (several large volumes that took up a whole bookshelf) that us students were required to update using the periodic replacement sheet that arrived by post. This usually took me a long time because I became sidetracked in reading the stuff and noting how the various sections were laid out. I try to pass this on but it's so hard now. I find that after 10 mins or so, their attention has waned ( or maybe it's mine that has!)


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Old 28th Mar 2022, 20:09
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After logging in to Aviation Met, scroll down to the black print items below the weather data.
There's an explanation under MetarNo need to go elsewhere.
(Assuming your accessing UK Aviation Met.)
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Old 30th Mar 2022, 09:23
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Piper - why wouldn't it be useful for a VFR PPL? if you are planning to go somewhere and the rest of the country is CAVOK, looking at the Previs for your destination might be the only thing that makes you realise it has a fog/mist/smoke issue such that you might not get in. is offline  
Old 30th Mar 2022, 17:33
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Granted you might get such rather unusual conditions, in which case as the rest of the country is CAVOK it wouldn't be hard to divert. Of course, that might also be the time to learn one of the many things that a PPL course doesn't cover. As in, I don't understand this so will ask....
which is what the OP did.
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Old 31st Mar 2022, 12:03
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Of course, that might also be the time to learn one of the many things that a PPL course doesn't cover.
Well, it should be covered. The Notams, TAFs and METARs should always be part of a student's PPL training. It is certainly a part of all approved syllabus and a requirement of the skill test. People can be reticent to ask for clarification of issues they do not understand and that is always difficult to overcome. The wisdom: 'the only silly question is the one you do not ask' should be at the forefront of all teaching.

Why would anyone want to fly to a destination only to discover on arrival that they cannot land, when they could have known that before taking off. Why get halfway there with a problem only to discover that your alternate is closed for whatever reason.
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Old 31st Mar 2022, 13:56
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When I was still able to fly as a PPL, I did as I was taught, irrespective of weather reports, I'd phone my land away destination and speak to someone there to find out local conditions etc. Also clears up any PPR requirements.

And yes, I'd phone my airfield before my return too.
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