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Lock Down Affect on GA ???

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Lock Down Affect on GA ???

Old 4th Nov 2020, 23:32
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It looks to me that a flight to maintain currency is allowed. Itís mentioned in the same paragraph that talks about engine maintenance. Just my interpretation of course.

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Old 5th Nov 2020, 01:39
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I imagine that the government has much more vital guidance to draft than whether recreational pilots should go flying or not, and they probably don't really care one way or another. And, it's a bit of a new world out there when it comes to actually regulating previously unregulated social behavior, so some nuances may be missed. I'm sure that the master theme is: reduce/eliminate person to person contact which has any risk of spreading the virus, and minimize the burden upon the health care system. Other than those two objectives, does the government care at all what people do? The taxpayer cannot afford to employ enough people spending enough time to precisely evaluate every permutation of every risk, so, they apply the resource they have, and broad brush it on the conservative side. And those bureaucrats probably don't understand that a pilot might want to fly to maintain proficiency for a purely recreational activity, so they won't do anything to enable it.

In the mean time, people sitting bored at home, looking longingly at a place in the sky that they wish they were in, are not lying in a hospital bed, wishing they could sit up. Thrust me, spending a few weeks not even being able to sit up in a hospital bed is way worse than not being able to go flying.

So, as I appreciate being able to go flying (at all, much less just today), I'm not going to pass judgement on a fellow flier, who might also be able to go flying while entirely respecting social expectations of distance and safety. I also won't think less of a fellow flier who decides that they can best meet society's expectation by staying home - it's none of my business either way. If someone asks here for a reference to guidance from the government, and someone else offers it, thanks! That's how we help each other be up to date. We are not each other's police - right?
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Old 5th Nov 2020, 12:36
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Originally Posted by Max Angle View Post
It is not up to you, the law says you must stay at home without a reasonable excuse and GA has been not been deemed to be such an excuse.
Let's try this again...

A previous poster referred to the Government's website which provides guidance. You have to use your judgement on whether you wish to follow guidance.

The law is the law and must be followed.

Too often through this crisis guidance has been confused with the law. Guidance is not the law. The law is the law as it is written.

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Old 5th Nov 2020, 13:17
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If you've read the law you'd know that the website, and the latest pages particular to GA, are a pretty good representation of the law. It's not all just advice, the words "must" and "should" and other similar words are used where necessary.
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Old 5th Nov 2020, 13:19
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...I've dived for cover from the inevitable rain of arrows......
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Old 5th Nov 2020, 13:48
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Oh well …. managed an hour round Kent yesterday so current into the lockdown. Every man and his dog was out, Redhill was very busy with aeroplanes all over the place taxying into every nook and cranny whilst trying to use RWY 25 and do 3 circuits. Basic service only from Farnborough due to the amount of traffic in the FIR. Quite fun.

Redhill now closed apart from Air Ambulance, Police, commercial flight training and BBC and Sky helicopters.
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Old 5th Nov 2020, 18:07
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Originally Posted by Dave Gittins View Post
and BBC and Sky helicopters.
The essential nature of which, presently escapes me!

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Old 5th Nov 2020, 20:13
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After our Group Jodel was sold, I've been waiting for weather to fly her part of the way to her new owner. Now the weather's OK, the intermediate airfield and final destination are closed, so the delivery flight isn't possible, even if it isn't technically recreation.
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Old 5th Nov 2020, 21:55
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All a bit academic really if your airfield is closed - which many seem to be. For my part last flight was yesterday to get her to maintenance for annual. Couldn't believe how busy it was round Shoreham.
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Old 6th Nov 2020, 17:22
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From AOPA: https://mailchi.mp/aopa/cbolp9mj4v-697596?e=3efca55745

Though some of it seems a little contradictory ...
The guidance is clear that Private pilots should not be flying for sport or leisure.
In respect of ratings expiring, our view is that you should be able to fly for the minimum flight time, including instructional flights, needed to revalidate or renew your ratings. For example, if you have extended your SEP rating under ORS4 1416 or ORS4 1418 you should work out the minimum number of PIC hours, landings and instructional flights to revalidate or renew required. You can check using our online tool.
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Old 8th Nov 2020, 09:29
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I also managed a currency flight on Wednesday, just before lockdown. It was a good day to use the listening squawk rather than actually talk to ATC. Southend Radar were so busy that is would have been very difficult to get a call in and they were frequently asking callers to “standby” Every person and their dog were airborne in Essex and Kent on Wednesday afternoon.
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Old 9th Nov 2020, 09:46
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Even the College of Policing know that guidance is just that. Page 17 is a clear as mud to me..

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Old 9th Nov 2020, 19:59
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If there was any mention of GA in that Police Document, I missed it.
What is the definition of an "Elite Athlete"?
I'm glad I'm in Scotland in this situation.
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Old 9th Nov 2020, 23:09
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College of Policing Limited 2020

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No 4) Regulations 2020

Restricted businesses which must close

Showrooms and other premises, including outdoor areas, used for the sale or hire of caravans, boats or any vehicle which can be propelled by mechanical means, and car washes.

The above is very clear to me (the underlining is mine). An aeroplane is a vehicle.

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Old 10th Nov 2020, 10:32
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To play the Devil's Advocate ...

Does that mean it is OK if I'm not hiring ... i.e. I own the aircraft?


P.S. I have no intention of flying during lockdown
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Old 10th Nov 2020, 20:08
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"Showrooms and other premises, including outdoor areas, used for the sale or hire of caravans, boats or any vehicle which can be propelled by mechanical means, and car washes."Nothing there against flying your own plane. But sale and lease of drones seems to be prohibited. Can a qualified but neither owner nor full-time employee fly/drive anything? Taxi, drone, Kingair?
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Old 11th Nov 2020, 00:13
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Reported by Flyer online mag yesterday:

" The UK CAA’s Head of Medical Policy, Dr Stuart Mitchell, has said that pilots applying for a Class 2 or LAPL medical examination during November’s lockdown may be breaching Government regulations.

What’s more, Dr Mitchell admits that the CAA is monitoring the activity of AeroMedical Examiners (AMEs) on a weekly basis to identify such cases.

In a letter to AMEs, Dr Mitchell says, “Class 2 and LAPL leisure/sport pilots cannot decide that it is up to them whether to have a Class 2 or LAPL medical… Our advice to you as AMEs is that such pilots should not be attending medicals at this time.”

Dr Mitchell goes on to point out that there are a small number of exceptions in the Department for Transport’s guidance on GA activities such as urgent flight/engine tests.

“We would not want any AMEs being accused of colluding with anyone seeking to breach the regulations.”

This is despite other medical examinations such as eye tests and dental checks being allowed to go ahead. The Government’s Coronavirus advice also states that “You can leave home for any medical reason.”

A spokesperson for the CAA said, “Under the Government’s current COVID-19 lockdown regulations, the public are required to stay at home and to avoid meeting other people except for specific purposes. We have therefore advised Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs) to not carry out Class 2 and LAPL medical examinations for private pilots during the lockdown. AMEs can still carry out examinations for professional pilots and air traffic controllers as both parties will be undertaking work or a work-related activity.

“Although the lockdown regulations allow members of the public to attend some medical appointments for ‘medical needs,’ it does not allow medical assessments for leisure flying. If a pilot thinks they have an urgent need for a Class 2 or LAPL medical examination (and cannot utilise the Civil Aviation Authority’s Online Medical Self-declaration System) they can make a written case to our Medical Department which will consider it in consultation with the CAA’s General Aviation Unit.” "

Apart from the Big Brother aspects of this, and the discussion on this thread, readers have already pointed out that there are legitimate reasons for needing a Class 2 medical, for example, for permitted work-related flying. And that there is not a full lockdown in some parts of the UK!

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Old 12th Nov 2020, 10:47
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Just looking at Shoreham's arrival page, i see that a 152 has come in from Stapleford, and a PA28 has arrived from Guernsey.
Are the CAA police going to check on their reasons for these flights.
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Old 12th Nov 2020, 13:53
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Commercial training is still allowed.
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Old 12th Nov 2020, 15:14
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It’s pretty easy to work out which leisure activities will be restricted. Ask yourself, is this perceived as an upper or working class activity? (Emphasis intentional.)

If it’s a bit posh (flying, tennis, and this time, even hunting and shooting) then it’s a no.
If not (fishing) then it’s fine.
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