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Thought Police alive in 2017?

If I were a younger doctor 1) I wouldn't be able to post anonymously because the GMC disapproves*
Wow, '1984' anyone!

I say the GMC should be made to read Eric's book, perhaps Aldous Huxley, and finally JS Mill...


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Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

Capt Kremmen - I fly EASA, though if the AME trend continues I may need to reconsider.

360BakTrak - thanks for the Gloucester suggestion

tmmorris - thanks for the Wantage suggestion

I have gained an email reply from a reasonably adjacent AME.
Hasn't yet solidified into a specific appointment time - slightly unsettling, though I guess there are those who have a life beyond email.

We'll see how it goes.

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Curly -
For airline pilots, fees are reclaimable,
My AME heard that BA has told its pilots that they will soon only get “free” medicals if they use the company docs, but if they insist on using independent AMEs, the fees will no longer be refunded. Apparently the BA AMEs are cheaper. I think that means cheaper for BA – I didn’t get the impression it was a subtle advert for all and sundry non-BA folk to try booking their aviation medicals at the BA Medical Dept.

Not sure I would want to get my licence medical at the Company Store .
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Interesting. .....

But still the original problem was caused by CAA closing it's doors at the medical centre. Nice for BA to be able to save cash, but no help to Class 2 users who will certainly pay more in the future. Just part of ongoing PFI (private flying inflation), I guess.......
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I was in the same position as you a couple of years ago. My long term AME had retired, been looking after me for 35 years. I had been flying more recently on N reg a/c (FAA).. Needing to find another AME I tried Gloster Aviation Medicals at Gloucester/Staverton. He picked up on a small issue with my right eye.. something I'd been flying with for my entire career.. No only did he refuse my medical, he faxed off his results to the FAA HQ at Oklahoma.. I was then told I would have to attend the FAA medic center at OK.. maybe take a flight test etc etc.. a few thousand $$$$$. Unless you're in perfect shape I'd give Gloster Aviation medic. a very wide berth.
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