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Two word phrases...

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Two word phrases...

Old 3rd Jun 2016, 15:48
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Two word phrases...

I recently heard a two word phrase intended to remind pilots how tailwheel aircraft are best flown: "Aggressive Finesse".

That brought to mind the additional phrases: "Mechanical sympathy" (reminding us to treat aircraft gently whenever we can, and "Configuration assurance" (reminding us to think about and assure the configuration of the aircraft for the nest thing we're going to do with it).

Are there any other short phrases reminding us how to be better pilots?
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 16:31
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I was flattered to be told after a checkout that I had "Good Hands"!
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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 16:40
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I think the Trevor Thom book on Human Factors talks about "Prudently Confident".

Of course, in the bar and in front of an audience, pilots are just "shit hot"

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Old 3rd Jun 2016, 16:54
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Couldn't help immediately thinking of that song from West Side Story: "Gee officer Krupke, xxxx you" !
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 05:00
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"Situational awareness" I think would be another that can, at times, go out the window.
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 06:36
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I've been desperately trying to find my "concious competence" for over 40 years!!
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 06:48
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"Innate ability" ... a phrase I never heard aimed in my direction
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 08:01
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“Calm Watchfulness” – Don’t waggle the controls around just because you feel you should be doing something, but be ready for anything.
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 11:48
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A good one I noted from a CAA safety briefing one evening a few years ago was "Eyes Down" to be spoken when the PIC reverted to looking inside and basically down for more than a moment.

In so doing, others were alerted to look outside. Suffice to say of no use when alone.
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 17:51
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"Legally current", or "currently competent" big difference.
"Sub optimal" (my landings after a year off)
Sometimes followed by "Oh shi+"
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Old 4th Jun 2016, 18:39
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Wot about "Roger Roger"
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 15:47
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Just one word, but very important when dealing with Air Traffic Control


If they ask you do do something that you have doubts about stop the action immediately with one word, and then sort out a better plan.
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Old 5th Jun 2016, 16:30
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"Masterly Inactivity" (my forte !)
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Old 7th Jun 2016, 15:46
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A friend of mine who was a Tornado GR1/4 pilot (and creamie Hawk instructor) described his colleagues flying in air defence roles as "aggressively average".
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Old 7th Jun 2016, 17:41
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"stable extrovert" - the qualities looked for in an army helicopter pilot apparently...
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Old 7th Jun 2016, 19:28
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But what would some mud-eating shit-shifter know about the noble art of Air Defence anyway?

'Tempered aggression' is another two word phrase.
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Old 7th Jun 2016, 19:32
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Love that one, Hamish.
Not strictly on-thread, but I'd heard of a personnel assessment which concluded with the observation...
"I'm afraid the subject of this review suffers from delusions of adequacy."
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Old 7th Jun 2016, 20:44
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A French gliding instructor induced tears in my eyes - leaning across the aeroplane he solemnly shook my hand and said it was "a pleasure and a privilege" to fly with me - and speaking little if any English he had got someone to teach him the phrase. I felt very humble

Last edited by Wander00; 9th Jun 2016 at 12:52. Reason: Otherwise it looked like a capcom entry!
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Old 8th Jun 2016, 19:00
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Sam R,
" stable extrovert"
I'd have to go along with your post #15 - in my experience of flying with some of them, anyway.

One in particular, after shut-down, said to me in much the same way that a magician would say to his accomplice after the show ..
"Well, I reckon that one got them wondering, eh?"
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Old 9th Jun 2016, 06:43
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On I heard, at the weekend: "Percussive Maintenance".

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