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Hi guys, apologies if this thread has been done before, i am soon to complete my PPL at staple ford flying school and wanted to ask fellow members if they have enrolled and did their PPL at Stapleford and also wanted to ask what is the general time frame to complete a PPL, and once completed which part was difficult in terms of the 9 modular exams

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I did mine at Stapleford too. I think the most difficult bit was dealing with frequent cancellations due to weather!! On the plus side, did a lot of flying in some interesting weather and lots of crosswind landings, which was very beneficial.
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You can have a trial lesson at more than 1 school and all trial lessons go in your log book and towards your license.

I'd recommend you go along and have a trial lesson, check everything out, ask every question you can think of.

Oh, and a trial lesson is a real lesson, you'll be in the pilot's seat and flying the plane !

Have fun!
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hi guys thank you for your messages, is there a thread where i can ask other members how their ppl went and ask for their help and advice on gaining my ppl? as in in regards to the 9 modules exams that need to be taken how / which was the hardest etc?

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You have 18 months from taking first to passing last exam.

I have one to go, and would rate the hardest as:

Air law: Lots of dry info to absorb
Navigation: Some complicated maths and daft exam questions
Meteorology: Lots to learn, but fascinating

Whilst there is not set order of taking them, you will probably find that the school you choose will insist on you passing certain exams before they allow you to do certain stages of training - like passing the Nav exam before letting you go cross country solo.

There's also an RT exam you have to pass before you can use a radio outside of being a student.
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There's a search facility on PPRuNe - look for phrases like "my PPL diary" which seems fairly standard.

There are also similar threads on the student pilots section of the Flyer Forums.

If I can correct your English - it sounds like you are about to start your PPL at Stapleford, not about to complete it ?

I think that pretty much everybody I know found air law the worst exam.

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There is no time limit to complete the PPL I believe, your exams however do. All but the RT have a limit, you have 18 months to complete all exams (again excluding RT). Once you have completed this then you have 2 years to finish the PPL. Mine timed out once, so I had to re-take all but passed all of them first time x2 so no fails. I would say about 2 years if average if you’re flying a few times a month, depends on the weather.
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could you give me some tips on the ppl, regards
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Yes - do everything the way your instructor says: he does know better than you, try and book enough lessons to fly twice a week if you possibly can, and always turn up for lessons early, and prepared from having read through the lesson and any supporting material.

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Medical OK?????

Nobody has yet mentioned you can save a lot of money by ensuring you are OK physically (and mentally!) to fly safely... if in any doubt, ask your own GP.
It was possible to fly with a National Pilot's license with only your doctor's good word, but that was limited to flying in the UK.

And to go solo in a glider, if your GP thinks you are OK to drive in the UK, that's good enough!
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hi guys quick question i noticed if i did my training in the states, it's a lot cheaper but i wanted to ask does anybody know if there will be problems once i have done my flying over in the states and wishing to fly in the uk etc?
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