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Joystick choice

Old 5th Jan 2014, 00:31
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Joystick choice

Hello, what joystick would be the best for Cirrus SR20 simulator?

Should it be Saitek or any other? Please advise the model if known.

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Old 5th Jan 2014, 12:38
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This is probably in the wrong forum as it sounds like you're wanting a controller for an SR20 in MS Flight Sim.

Anyways - there isn't one on the market afaik, your best bet would be to buy a yoke unit and possibly a joystick. Cut the yoke off the yoke unit, and replace with a part of the yoke or the joystick grip provided you can find one which suits.

With a bit of careful modding you should be able to build something that works like an SR20 stick would would work in real life.

I'd go with the CH yoke (but not the one with all the buttons on it - the original), rather than the Saitek which has the LCD etc which will just add complication if you're removing that part.
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Old 5th Jan 2014, 14:46
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Thanks for the advice.
I'll try to start threads on appropriate forums next time.
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Old 5th Jan 2014, 15:19
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Wasn't meaning to have a dig, but would be worth posting on Avsim or to see if anyone has done one before
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Old 5th Jan 2014, 21:11
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As an SR22 pilot, I would go with the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, as it is reliable, well built, compact, and it is self centering and approaches the feeling of the SR22 quite well and you can use the toggle switch as a trim just like on a real cirrus sidestick. I would not hesitate..
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Old 6th Jan 2014, 11:09
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While I appreciate there are specialist flight sim sites we should not loose track that simulators are very much part of real flight!
I have to go on one for a jet recurrent
Ok maybe not a home toy sim but any simulation can have real benefits
Watch aerobatic pilots carving their manoeuvres in the air with their hands and you get the most basic of simulation!
For the poster to ask real SR22 pilots what the most realistic joystick is would be better in a site where there are real SR22 pilots rather than a flight sim site where 90%! are not real world pilots

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Old 8th Jan 2014, 09:59
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From a bit more Googling, there do seem to be commercial SR22 sims out there with the side yoke - might be worth contacting them to see if it's something that can be sourced independently, but I'd expect them to be expensive.

Best bet would still be to get a CH USB yoke, remove the yoke, chop off the left handle, move the hat to the left retaining only the top left button on the left handle, then remount the left handle to the unit somehow. There's a few on Ebay for 20-40 so it wouldn't be too expensive to give it a go.
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