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PPL theory study

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PPL theory study

Old 5th Nov 2013, 16:55
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PPL theory study

Hi guys,

So I just started doing my PPL theory with Jeremy M Pratt books.

I started reading the meteorology and navigation book.
But I actually don't know how to study this.
I can answer most of the questions at the end of each chapter but is that it?
Could you all give me soms advice?

Thanks !
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Old 6th Nov 2013, 06:11
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Hi there!

I started my theory study a couple of months back using the AFE Pratt books.
Answering questions at the end of the chapter is a good start!
Have you got the Q&A Simplifier?? I find that's useful as it has mock exams inside it.

Also try pplcruiser.co.uk or airquiz.com, very good for cramming.

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Old 6th Nov 2013, 20:30
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Hi Alex,

Yeah I got them and didn't heard about those websites yet but will give it a try!

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Old 6th Nov 2013, 22:32
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my opinion - pratts a pratt.

I used the books, served me well. when it came to exam time I used the ppl confuser, anything i got wrong, i studied again and tried to understand it.

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Old 7th Nov 2013, 01:06
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IMHO, met and nav were the hardest topics until you actually do some flying, then they're no problem.

If you're already planning XCs with a plog, Nav ceases to be an issue.

Human Perf is simple - less than O level biology really, and Air Law is a just an exercise in memory.

If you've just started theory, then it's unlikely you're doing XC's as you'd likely be doing AirLaw first to go solo (if you're in the UK).

The AirLaw "requirement" isn't a legal thing, but no club will let you go solo without it, so I'd start there. Once you're doing solo navs, Nav becomes fairly easy provided you can use a whizz wheel and do a proper plog. Met also benefits greatly from a bit of experience.

If you can afford/get them, the Oxford CDs are good - they cover the main points quite succinctly. If you can get hold of a confuser/Simplifier - even better.

Personally, I preferred Thom over Pratt, but Thom is quite wordy - depends on your preference.

Watch AirQuiz - they're good, but some of the questions are ones you'll never be asked in the actual exam, and they can be quite a bit more complicated than the exam questions - that being said, if you're scoring pass marks with airquiz, and understand the topic, you'll have nothing to fear!
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Old 7th Nov 2013, 08:18
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I don't know when you did your exams Slopey, but your statement that

If you're already planning XCs with a plog, Nav ceases to be an issue.
suggests that it was under the old JAR system.

The new NAV exam does not include any PLOG work and does not in fact require any use of charts. You could be the best PLOGGER in the world and still fail the new NAV exam. Most aspects of PLOGGING have moved to the Flight Performance And Planning exam, but even here, there is no requirement to produce a full PLOG.

The new NAV exam is far more theoretical and includes thing like the following.

New Delhi is at XXXX North YYYYY East. If the local time in New Delhi is 1500 what is the time in UTC?


What is the highest latitude that the Sun is overhead on the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere?

Yes they really do have questions about the time in New Delhi and the position of the sun on the summer solstice!

A more valid question might be how long it would take a CESSNA152 to fly to New Delhi on the summer solstice, but we must take the exams as we find them.

Last edited by keith williams; 7th Nov 2013 at 09:23.
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Old 7th Nov 2013, 17:37
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Yep - it was a few years ago, I guess it's all changed under the new regime.

I stand corrected
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Old 12th Jul 2014, 10:52
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Hi Slopey, did you ever get the new exams done?
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Old 16th Jul 2014, 21:57
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?? Please feel free to PM me
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