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PPL Confuser

Old 18th Feb 2013, 16:00
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PPL Confuser

Hi All!

Been reading the forums since joining and have to say there are some very interesting conversations and views on the current commercial market.

I have just started a modular route to my CPL and currently in the process of preparing for my PPL exams.

I have had a look at the PPL confuser question list and was wondering how close they are to the true exam questions. I would grateful if anyone who has recently sat the exams (possibly post EASA changes) and has seen the confuser list could shed some light on this?

Also, I am doing the PPL at Fairoaks in Surrey and was wondering if there are any positive or negative comments about the school there? PM me if you do not wish to discuss in public.

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Old 18th Feb 2013, 20:49
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The confuser is almost a decade out of date, the guy who wrote it died a long time ago and it hasn't been updated since.

Last I knew the PPL perfector was more accurate to recent exams, but this too may have changed with EASA.
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Old 18th Feb 2013, 20:54
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I have just completed my ppl and the cunfuser
Is identical to most questions only thing the rt theory paper wasn't on the confuser I had but devinetly a good stand for papers

Best of luck
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Old 18th Feb 2013, 21:58
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Any truth in the rumour that he died about 2 seconds after the photo on the cover was taken?

Apologies to anyone who's never seen the cover
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Old 18th Feb 2013, 22:04
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I use ppl perfecter and confuser and I always go with the confuser just before an exam but I do find the perfector useful. I've found the questions similar to those of the exam having passed 2 only 2 weeks ago, I always use the confuser before an exam now and generally revise with the AFE books and test with the perfector.

What's the talk of EASA exams all about? I've been doing CAA exams as directed by my FTO.

Hats off to both chaps.

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Old 18th Feb 2013, 22:20
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Thanks for the replies guys. It's reassuring to know that the confuser is still valid.

Did anyone find any EASA specific changes?
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 01:14
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Air Law still mentions JAR, and some questions are out of date (licence renewals every 5 years I think, which is no longer correct) so it hasn't changed from per-EASA.
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Old 19th Feb 2013, 01:25
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PPL perfector is alright. But as said, many questions are repeated which gets annoying.

********* is good for memorising answers. Not the best explanations though.

The best one in my opinion is PPL simplifier by AFE. Great explanations and almost identical to the actual exam. Would definitely buy this one instead of the Perfector. I can't comment on the confuser but I heard its rather old and may be outdated.

I did the EASA exams.

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Old 19th Feb 2013, 17:26
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To supplement theory study for the two exams I have taken, I have used airquiz and PPL Perfector.
Questions within PPL Perfector were almost similar to the ones within the exam.
I have a copy of the The confuser, it is a good book but out of date.

I believe there hasn't been any change to the PPL exams, so far...

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Old 20th Feb 2013, 10:30
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I used for all my PPL exams and found it invaluable for getting me used to how the questions were asked in the exam.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 12:29
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Just add my bit I to used airquiz ofr my air law but once go to the exam found that the questions were worded very differently. Defo +1 on the confuser alot better wording of questions.

Dont get me wrong the airquiz will do the job of testing your knowledge.

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Old 20th Feb 2013, 16:05
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Just to add, the confuser was excellent (I finished my PPL the later part of last year). Do not rely on any of the exam preparation books (Confuser, AFE, Pooleys) for the Nav exam. Most of the questions do not appear on the charts anymore as they are too old. I only found one set of question in the confuser that I could actually use for Nav as all the airfields they referenced no longer existed.

Confuser is almost spot on (in some cases word for word) to the exam questions.
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 17:28
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Thanks everyone for your responses.

I have just done a mock of the Human Performance questions from the confuser and scored 70% with only my general academic knowledge...I guess I better get studying if I want to pass!

Once again thanks and good luck to those about to take the exams.
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