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Old 25th Oct 2012, 09:58   #61 (permalink)
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I also picked up a RAM yoke mount for my iPad 3. I've not tried it in the 172 yet, but will hopefully do so next week - planning on mounting it on the RH yoke in landscape. Seems like a great mount.

You can use the iPad GPS without any cellular connection. Just make sure that cellular data is set to off in the settings app. I also set Bluetooth and wifi to off, this will give you longer battery life. Enabling 'airplane mode' however turns everything off including the GPS.

Also, if you are buying an iPad, make sure you get the wifi+cellular model as the wifi only model does not have GPS.
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Old 26th Oct 2012, 22:06   #62 (permalink)
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SD with garmin glo

I've tried the SD trial version and I have to say I'm impressed. I have an Ipad 3 wifi only. I was thinking of getting the external GPS Garmin GLO so that I can use SD in flight. Has anyone tried tried this combination? Or have you any other suggestions?

Much appreciated.

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Old 26th Oct 2012, 22:43   #63 (permalink)
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Apple, being apple, require their own format to be output by the gps. Suggest you check whether the Garmin is capable of this. I use the Dual xgps150 with mine.
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Old 27th Oct 2012, 08:09   #64 (permalink)
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There's at least one Garmin Bluetooth GPS compatible with the iPad.

I use the GNS 100 which works fine, though it has an annoying (meant to be slick) on/off swipe system.

Suggest you shop around for prices....there are some bargains.

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Old 27th Oct 2012, 08:46   #65 (permalink)
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GNS1000 is the new version with a physical on/off switch. It's the GNS5870 (previous model) with the daft power switch.
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Old 28th Oct 2012, 08:49   #66 (permalink)
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SkyDemon for iPad

People keep moaning about the gns going flat as it switches itself on in their bags.... I have never had that problem, if you keep it in mind and are careful how you store it you wont either.

Ive never had a problem with the gns and I've had it for at least 8 months so i recommend it

Ive only used it with air nav pro but it works flawlessly. I even use it on my tom tom app on the iPad, although that is a bit big!

I think from the light version i will definitely buy sd on iPad just wish i could have it on my iPhone 5 (backup) in case iPad freezes (although it never has)
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 10:48   #67 (permalink)
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I`ve use the Ipad 1 with a plug in device called BadElf.
It is superb, picking up and holding signal far better and more quickly than my hard wired Bendix King.

Flew from Fife to Stansted and back with absolutely no signal drop out or any other problem using Skydemon.
Was also able to simply file a flight plan during the Olympics to allowing entry to the restricted zone in force at the time.

Would throughly recommend it
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Old 25th Dec 2012, 10:03   #68 (permalink)
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I was thinking of getting the external GPS Garmin GLO so that I can use SD in flight. Has anyone tried tried this combination?

I recently used SD on an original iPad combined with a Garmin GLO during a flying holiday in NZ and I am really impressed.

The combination performed almost flawlessly both in a 172 and in a car. I did not have any way of securing the GLO, so I put it in the thigh pocket of my shorts. No problems at all with tracking, but after the flight, I did notice a few altitude dropouts when I was manoeuvering at low level near a mountain top.

Based on this experience, I have now bought an iPad mini and plan on obtaining a yoke mount.

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Old 21st Dec 2013, 02:49   #69 (permalink)
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Panel set up

I am about to kit out and new build Bristell LSA aircraft. I am thinking of a 10"Dynon Skyview either side but not sure what to put in the centre. An ipad with SkyDemon or Garmin 695? Any suggestions?
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Old 21st Dec 2013, 14:15   #70 (permalink)
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I am thinking of a 10"Dynon Skyview either side but not sure what to put in the centre
Well the obvious choice would be something with EasyVFR by PocketFMS.

That way you'd be able to keep your Dynon SkyView database up to date with your EasyVFR database without any additional costs. Dynon Skyview updates from PocketFMS
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Old 22nd Dec 2013, 14:59   #71 (permalink)
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Been using it for about a year now linked to a GNS 2000 with few problems. I did however download the app to my iPhone just for a lark and am now completely taken by using the iPhone instead of the iPad. In built GPS, small size (I just sit it in it's case on top of my knee pad in a way that it's secure) and completely faultless in use.

I found that the iPad although obviously a bigger display had a mountain of stuff on there that I didn't use much. Basically you just want to see if you're on track 99.9% of the time. As for the display size, I'm using an iPhone 5 and have no problems and I'm 57 and wear spectacles.
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Old 23rd Dec 2013, 14:20   #72 (permalink)
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Having an iPad that can be easily removed, and which can be loaded with whatever apps you need, is a big plus. The Garmin is less flexible in comparison, but has the benefit of being dedicated to its single job.

I advocate SkyDemon, but I work for them so some might say I am biased! You can do a 30 day trial for free though, so have a go if you have not done so already. You may have flying friends who have an iPad that you could borrow if you don't have one yet...
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Old 23rd Dec 2013, 19:00   #73 (permalink)
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Mine being a Permit aircraft & having room on the panel I have screwed a Mini iPad Ram mount clip to the panel in line of sight, no obstruction, plugged into a cig lighter to recharge & running Airbox Runway HD. Perfect no problems so far.Mini iPad 3G by the way.
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Old 23rd Dec 2013, 23:06   #74 (permalink)
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Do we think it will be possible in future to link engine and airframe parameters to an iPad via some sort of Bluetooth protocol? I'm just imagining a panel with say 2 tablets one for navigation and the other for engine parameters etc.
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Old 3rd May 2016, 21:26   #75 (permalink)

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Originally Posted by thing View Post
A few questions for you i padders, how do you mount it in the a/c, how much is the skydemon app and is the screen readable? I normally have my GPS in line of sight (but not blocking the view) so that it's in my peripheral vision all the time, I believe the i pad has to be knee mounted, do you find this a problem in terms of lookout etc?

Transair do an iPad Kneeboard for all iPad sizes. They also sell a GNS2000 glonass receiver which is blue tooth and has a sucker pad to stick it to the window. Good luck.
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Old 4th May 2016, 11:25   #76 (permalink)
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I use an old 32gb iPad 2 '3G' without a SIM card and mounted on a 3-point RAM mount. The internal GPS has never been a problem and the older processor copes with Skydemon well in the air, but is slow to render when navigating maps while planning on the ground
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Old 10th May 2016, 13:01   #77 (permalink)
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Rob (from SkyDemon) here, and I can say that RAM mount is definitely worth checking into. We use their solutions for building our expo "iPad tree", and they have an incredible array of mounting options... their sales guys are pretty good at helping you narrow down exactly what you need too.

With regards to GPS its worth noting that since various developments that we have undergone, we can now take position data from certain wifi based sources (as well as the classic Bluetooth method) such as collision avoidance tech, or the Dynon Skyview. I think that as cockpit hardware becomes more wireless we will start to see a lot less Bluetooth GPS devices being sold, since GPS by wifi output will come as standard with modern hardware.
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Old 10th May 2016, 13:48   #78 (permalink)
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From a cost per function the Ipad is about 300% overpriced a good Chines 10.1 screen beats the Apple 9.7 which is not optimised for video. Android will give you far more with external GPS and you could afford to buy 2 for back up and spend less than Apple with less performance. My 10.1 inch has 10 point touch screen has micro usb, HDMI, microSD, Bluetooth, WiFi , quad core and big memory built in , it will support more video standards plus front and rear cameras. The Apple is designed just to make money from the less technical adept and is very restrictive from what you can do with it. My wife has an AIR11 which is most frustrating at times if you try and step out side the box Apple has limited you to but inside that box it does it well.

So for the cost of a Chines Android plus a 2 channel GPS it would be half the price plus there are lots of apps. So compare before charging down the Apple route and they run Sky Demon OK.
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Old 10th May 2016, 13:57   #79 (permalink)
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I don't think a new Apple vs Windows vs Android vs Whatthehack will give any additional new insights. It is WYPIWYG - what you pay is what you get, and each one may choose when to spend which money, but life told ME - the sum for the same benefit is always the same, no matter what route.
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Old 10th May 2016, 14:36   #80 (permalink)
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Agree Fly4Business but with Apple you are paying a lot for their software that you don't need for running SD so why pay for it and in the market Android out sells Apple.

The one thing to consider if you want a cell phone data connection for submitting flight plans and an internet connection from the cockpit then the Android tablet as in a Samsung may come up to the cost of Apple. I am just suggesting a cheap full junction Chines unit may work just as well and the saving spent on flying.
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