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Fly in Europe with an FAA PPL

Is there any place in Europe where you can rent aircraft (Piper Cadet) to build up your flight hours with FAA license?
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The list around Belgium (albeit dated) is here. And you can google around for Spain or wherever you live... Where would you like to rent one ?

But can you be a bit more specific as to why you need to "build hours" on an N-reg in Europe? I understand the fun in visiting all kinds of places in Europe, but as an hour-building exercise, say from a 170 hrs PPL-IR to a 240 hrs CPL wannabee, with avgas at $15/gallon over here, and the average landing fee around at least another $15 dollar per go, I'm missing the economics of the idea...

Do you want to rent it ? How much hours do you have now ?
Isn't it a lot cheaper to rent a PA28 in the US (even in Kissimmee ) ?
The difference on 70 hrs would be the better part of $10000...
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Pretty much any UK flying school will be happy to rent you a G-reg aeroplane with your FAA PPL and medical, although you'll be limited to day-VFR (a trivial restriction as I'm guessing you probably don't have an IR, and very few airports open far into night here). Expect to spend a few hours with an instructor learning the different RT, local standards, airspace, charts, etc. (this is not a suggestion that you aren't properly trained, but I'd say exactly the same to a British or European pilot planning to go flying in the USA).

Very few Cadets in the UK, but many schools have either Warriors or Archers, which are basically the same aeroplane. If you want to save some money, most schools also have rental C152s which will usually be quite a bit cheaper and perfectly good for solo touring around the relatively short distances between places that we have here.

As proudprivate says however, pretty much anywhere in Europe you'll find that rental prices are substantially (50%-100%) more than you are used to paying in the USA. On the other hand, you'll find some quite different, and really enjoyable flying over here.

Try Scotland - reasonably cheap to get to (look for flights to Glasgow Prestwick), some really good schools, and some of the best flying in the world. Come in summer!

There are loads of threads on the private flying forum about the various flying schools and clubs in Britain, just browse!

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