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Where do I park at airports?

I am flying in the USA.

I know that a lot (most?) FBOs charge a ramp fee if you don't buy fuel. If I just want to stay somewhere for like an hour, do airports have places you can park for free? What if I just want to stop the engine for a moment and stretch my legs - I don't even want to get out for more than like a minute much less go inside?

Is there like transient parking or something?

For example I want to fly to KBDR every FBO (I called) has a ramp fee so do I have to pay a fee no matter what if I am planning on stopping the engine basically? Can I ask ATC for a place to pull over or something for free (lol).

If I want to leave the airport like walk around are the FBOs the only exits to leave the airport (if this is the case then I guess I have to pay if I want to maybe walk even if its 30mins or w.e)

Also, at KBDR as an example, there is a landing fee from an independent business. They usually send you a bill afterwards ( I guess) . But if I am renting a plane, how do I pay? Since I can't pay the fee to an FBO, what do I do? There is another uncontrolled airport i fly to and the school planes they don't charge a fee but what if they did? do they mail it or do I have to stop, get out and pay even if I just want to do a touch and go?

There doesn't seem to be much of a guide for how this stuff works, maybe someone knows of one?

Thanks a lot guys!
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You should try a dedicated American forum e.g. this
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I've not flown in NY State, but the majority of US airfields won't charge for landing, handling, or daytime paring. Quite a lot will make a small charge for overnight parking.

Where do you park? By and large, where you're told by ATC - in most cases, it will be parking in front of your designated FBO. At bigger airfields, it's sensible to phone ahead and confirm with an FBO that they'll handle you.

If everywhere is telling you they'll charge, I can only assume that you're phoning some particularly large and expensive airports. Here in the UK I'd expect to pay around 10-15 ($25-$25) to land and park for lunch, but not in most of the USA where airports are generally already financially supported by the local community.

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Most places that I fly will have a transient parking area not associated with an FBO that will allow a few hours free parking. FBOs will often waive the ramp fee if you take fuel from them.

It does no harm to ask ground for a progressive taxy to transient parking. There will often be information about transient parking in the A/FD under Airport Remarks.
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We're missing the boat here. In the US the vast majority of airports are non-towered (as they say now). ATC or "ground" doesn't exist there.
Usually there is a tiedown area, some near the FBO, and some just out on the ramp.
I usually just parked up in the ramp area, which is seldom full these days.

Now at a towered field, you go where they send you, and it's less amenable to free parking.
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Ok thanks guys. Next time i go to towered ill ask if they have free transient. I'll check the AF/D also and if it says its avaailbl at untowered ill just park at an open spot. Maybe check google earth.

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