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Headache with headset and sunglasses

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Headache with headset and sunglasses

Old 3rd Mar 2009, 18:27
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Headache with headset and sunglasses

Hi all,

I'm using a generic Pooley's headset with some Serengetti sunglasses and when I wear them both, I get a lot of pain where the ear muff part presses the sunglass arm against my head giving me headaches. It is ok for about 20 minutes but then it gets too much of an ache so I end up taking the sunglasses off...obviously not good for the eyes.

Has anyone else had this problem? Did a change of headset to a lightweight one, help?

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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 18:49
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Yes that is a common problem without sunglasses never mind with them.

many headsets are clampers and I am sure cut off the blood supply around that portion of your head.

Add the metal from the sunglasses????

I always used DCs and found them uncomfortable after a short time then I changed to Bose and never looked back. I know they are expensive but change to Bose.

I have used Bose in both twin props and jets that I fly. You can wear them all day without discomfort.

The other ones which have been good are the very small telex. They are suitable and used extensively in jets but not sure how good they would be in piston props.

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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 19:03
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Tried my Bose noise cancelling ('jet') headset in a light single once and to be honest they weren't great. Might be better with cup-type ear pieces but I'd say stick with a 'full' headset with some decent gel ear cushions which mould around the sunglass arm rather than press it into the head. I always found the most painful point was just behind the ear where the plastic end sat.

Swopped to a pair with a light plastic frame and lenses with straight arms and that made a big difference.
Old 3rd Mar 2009, 19:12
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clarity aloft

I have a pair and they are great with my Serengetti's

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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 19:30
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Second vote for the clarity Aloft.

Absolutely brilliant and better noise reduction than Bose or David Clarke ANRs.

They look a bit strange at first but they work brilliantly.

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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 19:32
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Yes, one has to use glasses with very thin side pieces. Only a very small % of frames in the shop are any good, for this reason. The flashy ones (Oakleys etc) are crap due to this reason.

However, sadly, most headsets are crap for long flights. Even 500 Dave Clarkes do one's head in after several hours, due to the high pressure. Bose X is the best - I've had them since 2002. People pay the obscene price for a good reason. The Lightspeed Zulu gets very good comparisons but I have not work one long term.
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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 20:14
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Side arm covers

These any good to spread the pressure?


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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 20:45
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I have some ray bans with thin metal frames. They don't cause any trouble with the david clarke headset. Flown 40 hours this month with no headache.
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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 20:53
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I have some ray bans with thin metal frames. They don't cause any trouble with the david clarke headset. Flown 40 hours this month with no headache.
I'd second that.
Used to do Oakleys with some cheapish headsets and was in pain within 15mins. Now using some thin metal raybands with dave clarkes and is much better. Still if i'm flying for 2-3 hours it starts to ache a bit but much better than before. It will do me until i can afford some Bose x.
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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 21:22
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Flown 40 hours this month with no headache.
Just out of a perverse interest and concern for your welfare, did you mean last month?
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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 21:24
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Ah yes, the change of the month crept up on me.

Perhaps I should've said in the last 30 days.
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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 22:20
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And if the previous advice didn't work, get your Night Rating.
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Old 3rd Mar 2009, 22:54
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Zurich sunglasses come with an optional headband designed to wear with a headset. For those like me who wear prescription glasses there is the original Zurich which simply goes over the top. (I have used their lifetime breakage warranty on a pair that I had for over 10 years).
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 04:16
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Thanks all, I think I might have a look at another headset for starters...I hear Sennheiser have a good range too?

Not sure how much to spend, though...
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 05:49
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Headset and shades combination

Hi 99jolegg,

I would suggest getting your sun glasses sorted first.

Go to a good optician with a decent range rather than a pilot shop. Tell the optician you want to wear the sunglasses under a pilot's headset. Look for some with a thin metal frame. An optician will also be able to exchange the earpiece arm cover pads, either for thinner ones, or for extra soft silicone-rubber ones. They may also be willing to bend the arms for you to follow the sides of your head.

Then attend to your headset. I agree the Bose is superb; I have a pair (because I'm a fanatic,) but they do cost a fortune. You do not need to spend that sort of money. Go somewhere where there is a good range of different manufacturers' headsets. Again, in view of the fact that you have had a problem, I would suggest going to a specialist supplier rather than a pilot shop. Look in the magazines to find them.

On choosing a new headset, aggree with the supplier that you should be permitted to take your new headset home and wear it around the house for a couple of hours. If it proves painful you can then return it and try another.

Good luck!

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Old 4th Mar 2009, 09:04
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Another sufferer of 'headset head' here, but I find the pain I get is right on the top of my head, under the band of the headset.

I wore my new Ray Ban 'Cockpit' shades on Saturday and had no problem with them under a standard Pooleys headset.

Edit: I'm looking at buying the Sennheiser HME 95 when I've done a few more hours - any opinions on this one?
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 11:57
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You can buy inserts which go on the legs of the glasses. They are supposed to spread the clamping load of the headset and avoid the pressure point where the glasses press against your head - maybe somebody on here has tried these and can comment further?

I've used the Sennheiser HME100 passive headset (with the 'second edition' soft earcups) in a PA-28 for about 3 years and never had a problem. My glasses have 3mm diameter legs and I always got headaches with DC gear due to the high clamping pressure, but it very much depends on the shape of your head. I'd recommend that if you are buying another headset, go to one of the shops and take a very long time trying them on.

If you 'get on' with passive David Clarkes, Peltor or Pilot, you could always have an ANR conversion done at a later stage - this costs about 180 and reviews of such modifications have been very good.

Headsets are very personal things which need to fit properly, so don't go buying Sennheiser because I say they are great - or DC's coz others think they are the best bet. Look for weight, clamping pressure, comfort and quality then choose which set is best for you.

Good luck!
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 15:43
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headsets / sunglasses

I had the same problem a while ago. I bought a cheap and nasty headset which in hindsight was a total waste of money. The headband would dig into the top of my head and on any flight over an hour it would start to get painful. Also the legs of the sunglasses would dig into the side of my head. I found that putting on the sunglasses first and then the headset was a big help, instead of the other wat around.

In the end I ditched the headset and got myself a pair of David Clark's, I have never looked back. The sunglasses are still going strong.
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Old 4th Mar 2009, 20:10
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I used to have this problem. I switched to a different pair of sunglasses, that have very thin "arms". Problem solved!
Old 5th Mar 2009, 17:23
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If the budget is no problem then BoseX will improve every situation. It's cheaper to get new sunglasses first.

I use Silhouette Titans with a headset and recommend them totally. The arms are incredibly slim and very flexible; the whole thing is light. You won't know they are on (apart from the darkening). Wearing them for 14 hours a day has not given me a headache
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