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Where do baby Bonanzas come from?

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Where do baby Bonanzas come from?

Old 4th May 2008, 02:03
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Where do baby Bonanzas come from?

Sneak up on them quietly and you just might catch them mating...

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Old 4th May 2008, 02:38
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Very funny
The Comet.
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Old 4th May 2008, 03:25
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classic photos!!

so...2 v-tails making v-tail babies, what would the crossbreed look like? haha
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Old 4th May 2008, 03:30
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FTDK will get all hot and sweaty when he see that!
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Old 4th May 2008, 03:34
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with cockpit door open, and flaps extended ...
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Old 4th May 2008, 04:21
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Can't see very much damage to anything. Props OK, wheels and gear doors appear straight, no visible damage to the fuselage or tail surfaces.

Strange how it could happen without something bent.

Staged perhaps?
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Old 4th May 2008, 05:07
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That's discusting!

Aeroplane porn - what next?

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Old 4th May 2008, 07:24
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Aftermath of a tornado?
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Old 4th May 2008, 07:29
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Here's the baby!

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Old 4th May 2008, 07:44
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in consultation with the Dr I think......

Flaps down, cowl flaps open, no control locks and ailerons deflected.....

Now the phot is at night but thats not to say they were operating at night so how about a formation flying landing......and gone wrong, or just two V tail buddies returning and got it wrong!

I want to know how the doodes in the brown one got out as the emergency exits are stil in place and the FR door cannot be opened

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Old 4th May 2008, 07:51
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Jaba, surely the pilots of the brown one may be still inside? Bonanza drivers usually kit those aircraft out with all sorts of gizmos, so its reasonable to assume theres a bed, kitchenette and a TV in there, so they can stay for days.

The other explanation is that there were no humans around at all, and these two aircraft were indeed mating under the cover of darkness - until the OP turned on the floodlights and caught them in the act!

Flaps down - yes, they're caressing each other.
Cowl flaps open - yes, they're getting a little hot under the covers in their nocturnal activities.
Control locks removed - OK, so these particular Bonanzas arent into bondage..
Ailerons deflected - probably a surprised reaction to the lights suddenly coming on when they least expected it!
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Old 4th May 2008, 09:38
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hey Dr that's it? no more than a few words of disgust? Well I would have thought that perhaps an uncontrollable sobbing session from you mwould have been the very least a show of yr effections, maybe, just maybe yr falling in love with the C210 perhaps? If so then shame on you Dr swapping yr love like it's free !!
Just goes to show how strong the Bo is, built like a brick$hithouse that's for sure !

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Old 4th May 2008, 10:52
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What or where is the connection to Computer/ Internet Issues ?
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Old 4th May 2008, 10:54
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I take it N102H is the male of the species.

Do they lay eggs or bear live young? And I take it they don't use a burrow....
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Old 4th May 2008, 11:58
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Now, if the lower Bonanza had been tied down, that would have been way too kinky!
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Old 4th May 2008, 12:25
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I notice that the photo is dated 2003, not 2008. Is it that old really?
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Old 7th Feb 2012, 16:49
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It happened in 2006...

Baby Bonanzas!
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Old 8th Feb 2012, 21:57
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No sign of any fluids either!!
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Old 9th Feb 2012, 07:50
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The Bonanzas were disengaged some time later and flown to an FBO!
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Old 30th Jun 2013, 03:44
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A Twin Bonanza!!
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