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Hi all

Long time no post!

I've been hiding away with a share in an AA5 at EGNV for about 4 years now after NT introduced its tip you upside-down and empty your pockets policy for GA.

However, now of course the scourge of GA, Parkin, has left and somehow Northumbria flying school still seems to be going! I've lost touch with NT happenings since the move doon sooth. Of course now Peel are scrapping the unlimited landing fees, ripping you off for parking your car at the terminal if you have to renew your pass (which is now annual cost for what used to be 3 yearly for the same), I think I'm coming to the end of enjoying the 45 minute trip each way there!

Does anyone know, are things better at NT now? Are the ridiculous landing fees still in place? And are there still SEPs at NT with shares going?
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I know of at least one a/c with shares going at Ncle. Based a/c paying 18 landing fee I believe.
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GA in general, but especially any decent kind of customer service went to the wall with Newcastle Aero Club as far as i'm concerned.

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I know that we live in rip-off Britain where it comes to flying - I'm not ignorant of that, believe me!

I was taught at NAC before it went bust and I know it was fundamentally a good organisation, and that Neil has taken what was left of it and got NFS running quite successfully. Yes I know people love to whinge on here about one thing and another - but isn't that the British way anyway?

My post was to ascertain from other people how things were before I went down the EGNT route - Neil and Co will put NT in a positive light as it's their livelihood, thus my want for independent comment from others.
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I've just started flying at Northumbria Flying School to finish off my PPL, and thought'd i'd add a positive comment as there doesn't seem to be a lot of information about the school here.
From my view i've found the school friendly and supportive, well manned and have found a lot of people keen to offer advice and information in the study room/briefing room when needed. The aircraft appear to be well maintained and in actual fact the cost isn't quite as bad as I first though't it would be. Since the hourly cost incorporates the landing fee (although touch and go's are extra, i'm lead to believe that you fly elsewhere for that).
I'm glad i've decided to continue training here; and coming from a smaller airport think that the experience with the RT is really useful. The owner Neil is also really helpful and very hands on.

The bad side I guess is that it isn't really a club, and the bar next door is run seperately, but with your flying school membership you can use the bar.
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Where is EGNT?
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Newcastle International, Tyne & Wear
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Err, I think you'll find that it's at Woolsington.

'International', indeed... Mutter mutter...
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Err, I think you'll find that it's at Woolsington.
It is if you go by road but they are pilots.
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Yeah, I suppose you believe that 'London Southend' is in London as well.


(As you are clearly incapable of humour or reading between lines, I was taking the mick out of the ludicrous idea that we should refer to airports as 'Blah International'. There's even a NOTAL out about this, which explains that it's not on, though how Durham Tees Valley gets away with its name is a mystery known only to the idiots who thought of the idea and the folk at the Authority who let them get away with it at the time. The NOTAL came since).
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It cost me 25 landing at NCL when i went there.

I am looking for a share in an aircraft at the moment, pref at EGNT.

I would like to see GA expand at either Peterlee or Eshott (i think Fishburn is bursting to capacity)....the North East is seriously behind in terms of GA
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To be fair on sunny southend, it is only 3 miles further than Stanstead from the city of london, and only 5 miles further away than Luton. In reality with the road system, its also faster to get to. But, I would have to agree with a mad naming policy. And, while we are at it, why do we have to give silly names to our airports? Please stop.

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Peterlee has the potential. It also has planning permission granted for 10 new hangars, and already has a hard runway. (OK, its narrow but managable)

My last visit to EGNT "International" , cost 47! (A light single, two-seat aircraft).
Many lads who fly out of there professionally don't use it for pleasure flying.
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Peterlee is a gem....It is in G airspace and yes the runway is narrow, and would suffer from cross winds being 30/12, but manageable. The north east needs a true GA airfield (just like Elstree in herts) which is there for the GA community.

One drawback is the parachuting school there...they may not want to expand the airfield for safety reasons.
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Blah Blah Blah
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A narrow runway is fine...stop being a nancy and really brush up those landing skills for small narrow strips
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If there's a strong crosswind, I use the grass for landing. It's a good smooth surface and wide.

There's no problem with GA. There's often visitors and I've operated out of Peterlee (International) for several years without complaint.
Common courtesy & common sense in operation with the Para's works wonders and the relationship with them is good.

If they didn't want GA, they wouldn't have gone to the trouble & expense of obtaining planning permission for the hangars.
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What is the cost of operating out of Peterlee? I've never bothered before due to it being a para school. Nice to know that info
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If your based there, there's no landing fees. Hangarage is 100 / Month + VAT. Both Avgas & Avtur are available from the pump, don't know the current price but its very competitive.
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Thumbs up G-WARH

Hi there!

I was a member of Newcastle Aero Club a few years ago and chalked up about 22 hours there studying towards my PPL. I lapsed due to a combination of the closure of the club and my own financial issues.

After reading some of the EGNT threads I've had a browse of the Northumbria Flying School site (couldn't find the forums mentioned above though) and I'm happy to see some of the stalwarts are still instructing, and most of the Warrior fleet is still at EGNT.

What happened to the sexy G-WARH, my favourite (though I have to say I ended up in G-BUIF most of the time!)

And apologies if I've got the registrations wrong, but you know which planes I'm talking about!

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Thought you would be in here somewhere PD

Looking round at different school prices, EGNT/Northumbria is not that bad and you can not blame the airport for the handlers fee's,they need to make a large profit as well, after all they pay the airport for being there and it is not cheap.

PD are you sorted yet,we have not flown for an age. I want to try from Eshott if you are interested.


PCGU RH went south,possibly Blackpool. CAA website G-info will tell you
Nice plane spent many hours in it,lots in IMC at night (yuk)
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