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Tie-down block falls from light aircraft

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Tie-down block falls from light aircraft

Old 10th May 2007, 17:38
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Tie-down block falls from light aircraft

An investigation is under way after a concrete block fell from a plane onto a tennis court on Tyneside.
Members of the public spotted an object falling from a light aircraft on Wednesday morning.
The one-foot square slab landed at Northumberland Lawn Tennis Club in Jesmond. No-one was hurt but children were playing a short distance away.
It was later identified as a tie-down block used as one of a pair to secure light aircraft at Newcastle Airport.
In a statement, the Newcastle International Airport said: "Northumbria Police made contact with air traffic control on Wednesday concerning a concrete block which had been recovered from the Jesmond area that morning.
"The object was subsequently identified as a tie-down block which is used to secure light aircraft on the apron.
"It is thought to have originated form a Piper Cherokee Aircraft which departed from the airport at 0920 BST.
"The Civil Aviation Authority has been notified and a full investigation will take place."
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Old 10th May 2007, 18:31
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Concrete tie-down block Falls from light a/c

BBC News reporting group of schoolchildren narrowly avoided being hit by "A block of concrete" that fell from a light aicraft nr Newcastle ?? WTF ?? Chocks? Tie downs?
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Old 10th May 2007, 18:51
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Bischtdu concret krass oderwas?
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Old 10th May 2007, 19:22
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how would you not notice? all the pa28's I fly struggle to get rolling on grass without concrete dragging along.....
I can sort of understand bending a prop on a towbar if you moved it after a pre flight,but taxying and flying with prob the best part of 20kg of concrete hanging off the wing is pure numpty of the highest order
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Old 10th May 2007, 19:34
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Does seem to suggest the said block wasn't much of a "tie-down".....
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Old 10th May 2007, 19:35
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Would have never expected turkish-german slang from australia.
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Old 10th May 2007, 19:40
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Old 10th May 2007, 19:46
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Does seem to suggest the said block wasn't much of a "tie-down".....
Haha! thats a good one!
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Old 10th May 2007, 20:32
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Some years ago I spotted a PA28 driver taxiing with a tie down under the left wing. I stopped him and pointed out his error and he replied ......'Ooh I wondered why it kept going left...........'


yes some people will carry on regardless of the clues
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Old 10th May 2007, 21:02
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When it hit the tennis court was it on the line?

You cannot be serious
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Old 10th May 2007, 21:24
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It's happened before .....

As the aircraft took off from Runway 25, the tower Air Traffic Control Officer observed an object dangling from the tail. The object was subsequently identified as a car tyre filled with concrete, which had been used to tie down the aircraft on the ground. The pilot was informed and he landed the aircraft safely after completing a normal circuit. After landing the aircraft was taxied clear of the runway and shut down before the tie-down weight was removed. A runway inspection was carried out before further use. The pilot reported that during the aircraft’s pre-flight inspection he had removed the tie down weights attached to the wings but had failed to notice the tie down weight attached to the tail.
source ..... http://www.aaib.dft.gov.uk/publicati...er__g_basn.cfm

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Old 10th May 2007, 21:29
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Bearing in mind this is in a certain Mr. Draper's locale, if it landed on the tennis court, it's a wonder it didn't land in the Nettie!
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Old 10th May 2007, 22:16
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looks like the ATC missed it as well, cleared for take off blocks away !!

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Old 11th May 2007, 03:15
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What an absolute PLONKER
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Old 11th May 2007, 04:46
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I was just thinking, how could you miss a tie down during a preflight walk around.
Unfortunately the answer is obvious.
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Old 11th May 2007, 07:30
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It must have felt kind of strange, first taxying (presumably with a tad more power than normal) and then taking off with a great weight hung right on the back. I guess he would have been well outside the W&B envelope.

Surprising he didn't notice it sooner.

Is the story accurate and he landed back still towing / carrying it ? .. or did part of it fall away over the inevitable school playground. ?
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Old 11th May 2007, 08:44
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Possibly too busy reading his pre-flight checklist to properly pre flight the aircraft. Also check tie downs untied may not have been on the list

If only 2POB, 20Kg on each wing shouldn't push W&B outside the envelope. Prolly a bit more power required to taxi but I suspect not a lot - once the static friction's lost there wont be a lot of dynamic friction from a concrete block on tarmac.

I would imagine the pilot's feeling pretty bad about it, and is no doubt in for loads of abuse on the various forums. But let those who are without sin cast the first stone (or concrete block even ) I for one know that not all my preflights are perfect, I once took off with the pitot cover still attached

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Old 11th May 2007, 08:54
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Do you think he noticed when it fell off?
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Old 11th May 2007, 09:05
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Agree with you.

I always have a bit of a grin when I see an A/C "tied down" with for eg., a couple of plastic cans filled with water or blocks of concrete. How will they secure an A/C in a good gale? 2 x 20kgs blocks of concrete would be about the weight of "half a pax". If the A/C fuel tanks were empty why not fill the tanks and throw away the blocks? There would be more weight.

Light A/C need to be secured with augers, stakes 2 at secured right angles, in the ground or blocks of concrete buried in the ground.
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Old 11th May 2007, 11:07
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I saw a Cessna 172 tied down with concrete blocks at Dar es Sallam, Tanzania. As an Air France 747 rounded a curved bit of taxiway he applied enough power to lift the 172 into the air which hovered for a few seconds before descending back to its marks. One of those things that makes you doubt your own eyes.
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