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Super Cub Or Husky?

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Super Cub Or Husky?

Old 19th Oct 2006, 16:24
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Super Cub Or Husky?

Looking for opinions on the Super Cub and Husky. Essentially similar aircraft but the Husky is newer and seems to have all the Super Cub wrinkles (not that there were any) ironed out... But I hear it has an awful elevator trimming system?

Also, is the Husky certifiable for night and IFR flight?
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Old 19th Oct 2006, 18:51
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Originally Posted by 'Chuffer' Dandridge View Post
But I hear it has an awful elevator trimming system?
Someone wasn't ironing very carefully then, eh?

All Cubs are lovely, but check out Yakima Aerosport for another option.
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Old 19th Oct 2006, 22:06
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Ask or search at the forums at www.supercub.org. It has been done to death there.
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Old 20th Oct 2006, 05:49
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We operated two Huskies for about 5 year each as a towplane in our gliding club.
Many tow pilots formerly used to the Robin DR-400 stopped flying after their first flights on the Husky. Obviously it lands quite different. (what else would you expect for a tail dragger).
The pilots left really loved the Husky. Except for the exhaust muffler, the alternator regulator and a broken weld at the rudder the aircraft was absolutely trouble free with a close to 100% dispatch reliability. After replacing the original regulator and alternator by a different type, we never had trouble with this again.
Elevator trim is not very effective, the tow pilots always asked us to fly as low as possible behind the aircraft, as the trim was at the rear stop throughout the tow and still a remarkable ammount of stick force aft needed.

Although looking quite similar, the Husky has much better aerodynamics than the Cub. Slowing down after descent takes some time, untrained tow pilots had to abort some approaches because they were not able to slow down enough for setting flaps before they reached the airport.

Unfortunately the club replaced the Husky by a motorglider about the sime time I obtained my license to fly it, so I never had the chance to test for myself. Nevertheless I was passenger on several flights, and it really is a loud plane! Conventional (not noise cancelling) headsets? No way! Cabin heating just rosts the pilots feet while deep freezing the passenger and the upper half of the pilots body.
We bought it as a tow plane, and it perfectly did the job. For traveling you would buy something different anyway.
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Old 20th Oct 2006, 08:29
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Although looking quite similar, the Husky has much better aerodynamics than the Cub.
Them's fightin' words!
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Old 20th Oct 2006, 08:34
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I'm a bit confused here ! (Nothing new at this time of the morning !!)

Are we talking about the comparison between the Super Cub and the Beagle Husky or the Aviat Husky ?
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Old 20th Oct 2006, 10:13
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Ask those who fly the Husky at http://husky.taildragger.info/.
Yes, it can be night & IFR.
You'll get used to the elevator trim.
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Old 24th Oct 2006, 02:59
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I have owned my Aviat Husky A-1B since Jun 05. The Husky airframe is much stronger than the stock Supercub, and the controls feel slightly heavier. There are many former Supercub owners now flying Huskies without regrets.
There is lots of uninformed opinion about flying the Husky, most of it focused on the trim system and landing technique. I never had a problem with the trim, I just learned how to use it, and I never fight it. It takes some time to learn how slowly you should fly the Husky on final. There is not as much drag as a Cub, the Husky just keeps flying. Try 55mph indicated on short final. Most people try to fly the airplane too fast on final, and as a consequence float. Full aft trim on landing. All of your takeoffs and eventually most of your landings will be close to Aviat's marketing claims.
As stated in another post, early models had uneven heat distribution. The newer models (A-1B) have heat outlets fore and aft. Noisy takeoffs, I use a Telex 50D headset and my pax can use my old Lightspeed. With Oregon Aero seats, it is a very comfortable cruising aircraft for low and semi-slow. I have flown from Ottawa to the West Coast (BC or Oregon) twice. The Husky is typically equipped with a full gyro panel and Garmin 430. Heated pitot is available. My baby C-GTHY is Canadian registered and certified Day/Night VFR/IFR.
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