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I was watching Balamory with my son this morning: today was a 'play day' in Balamory, and there was a long song & dance number about things you might do with your free time - I was pleased to see that one of the things was 'take a flight in an aeroplane', and they meant it, too, with a nice picture of Miss Hoolie grinning through the DV window of what looked like a PA28.

Nice for once to see GA portrayed as a realistic leisure activity, rather than 'rich boys' toys' or a route to the airlines...


[edit: for those who have missed it, Balamory is the current hit TV show of choice for the under-3's...]

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Have you not seen "Come Outside" then ( The website is about as good as my aircraft recognition skills. Is it a Slingsby T67 they use for that?
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The tailplane on that is alarmingly small! It's a long time since I took Aircraft Tech but even I can see that's a bit of a tall order...

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For those that might not know Balamory is set on the island of Mull on the west coast of scotland and is a fantastic area to fly in with Oban airport, Mull(Grass) and a hoast of other island landing strips in an area that will not be beaten anywhere in the british isles
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Looks a bit like this ...

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Aaaah good, another Dad who has to sit there and endure a dose of CBeebies!! Glad it's not just starts getting a bit depressing when you get to know the names of all the characters! Never mind that Miss Hoolie........Josie Jump can come and see me any day Woof!

My lad loves "Come Outside", just turned 2 and started talking. Every time he sees Auntie Mabel in her plane he shouts "Da plane, da plane".....sounds like that little dude from "Fantasy Island" - remember that then?? Next time you watch it look out for the shot from behind Auntie Mabel when she's flying. The pilot has the dodgiest syrup you'll ever see!!
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I was flying round there last week and the place was awash with children trying to locate a pink castle ....

I did actually report 'abeam Ballamory' to Scotish on 127.27 at one point and they did'nt query it (guess they have it on in the background at Prestwick, something to do etc)

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Mine is only 20 months and already as soon as he hears an aircraft he says 'pleen, pleen' and looks up to find it. He's not yet learned to say 'helicopter' but it's only a matter of time...

He's been flying but finds it all a bit loud and scary at the moment!

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My niece, now 3, by the age of 1 would look up at any passing aircraft and loudly say "UNCLE GENGHIS".

Made me feel good that!

BTW, whilst personally I can't understand Balamory at-all, the real place (Tobermory) is absolutely gorgeous, and an easy drive in a cheap hire car from Glenforsa airfield. I parrticularly remember the pub with the sign saying something like

"Tobermory pubs operate a strict curfew policy. No re-admission after 1230 am".

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The tailplane on that is alarmingly small! It's a long time since I took Aircraft Tech but even I can see that's a bit of a tall order...
No seriously, the format is that she and Pippin the dog disappear off somewhere to see how sausages are made (or something) in what looks like a T67. Keep an eye out for the show. Its like private farm strip flying, except without the 28 day rule.
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I think there are 3 T67's they use for filming that. Two from one opr and one from another if memory serves me well.

Did you know the Grumman Goose/Mallard, whichever it was, in Fantasy Island was flown by Richard Bach, as in "Jonathon Livingston Seagull"?

As an aside, I also have a book called "Jonathon Livingston Trafalger Square Pigeon". Very odd!

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On a similar note.. for you with toddlers
Sadly I found myself orbiting Teletubbyland a while ago

The set used to shoot this masterpiece is (used to be) between Long Marston and Wellesbourne.

You get the full experience, Home Hill, windmill etc

An orbit in a Pitts is fast enough to dissorient a tubby so they fall over.

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Archie's pink castle is actually in North Berwick. Its not as pink in real life though.

So I heard anyway, not as if I went looking for it or anything.
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I am saddened by the fact that I able to confirm that it is indeed a Slingsby T67 Firefly that appears in "Come Outside" and that when they flew to Balamory they flew from Cumbernauld...

I have two nieces and I recently had to spend a week watching TV with them. It was easier to keep watching that than switch it over and try and stop them crying...

(I don't remember there being so many aircraft on TV when I was a kid!)
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Check these out for a laugh.........

Pippin thread


This thread
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Mine says - "Give me another 120 Dad, for another flying hour."
Am I cursed or blessed?

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my little boy loves "come outside"

Treat last weekend was turning up at Popham, G-RAFG parked up, minus the coloured spots. New coat of paint by the look of it, but even so, well chuffed to have his photo taken next to the aircraft he loves watching on the telly with pippin the dog.

I have no means of posting the photo, but if anyone is that bored that can let me know and ill send you it!

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My little Suzy 2 n half loves both "Come outside" and Ballamory - as i have been lucky enough to be flying a flash new T67 M260 for the last couple of years.

Took her to Ballamory earlier this year and stayed with Brendan & Alison at the Glenforsa Hotel - stunning weather and Brendan also let me fly his supercub - bargain!! well i did buy a Stearman from him 3 years ago - so he sort of owed me

Sat in the bar overlooking the sound in Brendans place when a couple of dutch guys in an SR20 on about 1/4 mile final circa 250ft fully established get a pair of F3's roar right in front of them @ 90 degrees same height less then 500ft horizontally - having come out of the valley behind the hotel - to say they didnt sh$t themselves was an understatement. Fantastic place and top grub too - not bad totty working for Brendan also.... mmmmmmm
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Tellytubby Land is apparently located at

Sweet Knowle Farm, Redhill Bank Rd, Wimpstone, CV37 8NR

and I think this is a picture of it (just left of centre)

TellyTubby Land

Although apparently its not long for this world (if its not already gone!) read about it


Josie Jump is ok, but I prefer one of the human characters in Story Makers.. you know the one... crop top and tight spangly pants! She's very educational....
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