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ZoomBash 2008

PPRuNe Bashes A forum for announcements and anything else to do with the PPRuNe Bashes such as the 20th May 2000 Ash Bash.

ZoomBash 2008

Old 8th Apr 2008, 20:55
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ZoomBash 2008

ZoomBash Report - (gonna put some pics in here but leave others to post theirs)

Well at last you say. So now you can all stop nagging.

There have been many Somerset bashes over the years and the germ of the idea for this particular one started in the same way that all the others had. I quote from the last BashRep …..

Blah blah nag blah - bash in Somerset - nag - when’s he gonna do another - blah whine nag - wish he’d hurry up and get his act together soddim - nag blah – been bleedin’ ages since the last one – blah nag whine.
Decide to invite the usual suspects. Add a few more for luck. Add a couple more because had forgotten them in the original list. Go out to lunch Sunday before and meet some other old mates so invite them too. Think “bleedin’ ‘ell Radar, how are we gonna get 50 in the house if it pees with rain???”. Decide buggerit, we’ll just pray for good weather and invite them anyway.

And so it came to pass that on Thursday 3 April, I left work and drove via Bristol Airport to pick up Juud and take her home. Arrive home and get greeted by Radar. Chat – natter – eat – watch them drink – natter – yawn – drive back to Bristol to pick up flyblue. Arrive back home.

Chat – natter – eat – give gifts – get gifts - open gifts –

flyblue sporting new t-shirt

Juud with hers

Back to the old days

Oh yesssss

- chat – drink – drink – chat – **** is that the time already – put first empty single malt bottle and a few empty wine bottles into recycling bags – stagger up stairs to bed at about 0430.

Ring ring – ring ring – “snort, snuffle, cough, err, ello” - - - “is there flying on today?” -- - (inward groan – inward “feck off yer tosser”) - - outward “err sorry I’m still in bed as I am not working today so I don’t know, you could try this number #######”. Hang up – look at watch …… jaysus fecking blimey – I’ve been asleep for a whole hour and a half, aren’t I the lucky one. Struggle back to sleep.

Ring ring – ring ring – “snort, snuffle, cough, err, ello” - - - “hey Wholigan, what was the name of that pub we all had lunch at on one of your last bashes? Jan and I thought we’d stop there for lunch on the way down.” - - “What time is it?” - - “830” - - (inward deep groan) - - “It was the Sparkford Inn PPRuNe Pop. Sorry I can’t stop to chat mate but only got up to bed abound 0430” - -“Bloody ‘ell Wholi, that was a good start to the weekend - - and it’ll be another one like that tonight I spose?” - - “Yeah well Don - that’s why I was asleep mate!!” - - “Ah yes I spose so – see ya later”.

Try to get back to sleep – give up – get up – clear up after last night – put kettle on and start to make breakfast based on the “one-up-all-up” principle.

Take Juud and Ida shopping and lunching.

Juud resorts to persuading me to steal little pink plastic bags from Superdrug just ‘cos they’re pink, but Ida makes up for that by buying Superdrug’s whole stock of copper wrist bands and foot treatments. Have coffee etc in usual Yeovil café and badly regret that the owner is not there to see that I now have all 3 of the ladies that he gets jealous about me wandering about with - - all at the same time.

Get back in time for Johnfairr to arrive and have a couple of glasses of his favourite tipple before he had to leave ‘cos he sadly couldn’t stay for the evening.

Happy Johnfairr sandwiched

Brace selves for the gradual arrival of the participants.

Greet motley crew when they arrive and point to the age old Wholi Mansions Rools:

Rool 1 help yourself to whatever you want.

Rool 2 if you can’t find something ask where it is then Rool 1 applies.

Run around like blue-arsed-fly lighting fires and heaters and cooking. Personally use at least 5 glasses ‘cos keep forgetting where I have left the last one I was using.

Chat, drink, eat, drink, chat, stoke fires, chat, drink - - - and - - oh yes forgot - - - ogle.

As the night wears on the wusses gradually slink away hoping not to be noticed sneaking off, leaving only the hard core of toe suckers and watchers……………………..

Place next 9 empty single malt bottles into recycling bag, fill 2 large garden refuse bags with empty beer bottles and one large garden refuse bag with empty wine and champers bottles. Oh yes – throw away one Diet Coke can, one Seven Up can and an empty fizzy water bottle. Crawl up the stairs at somewhere around 0500, thinking – “feck they’ve never eaten that much before ….. but at least there’s a whole load of booze left ready for tomorrow night!”.

To be continued ..............

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Old 8th Apr 2008, 21:39
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Host and Hostess :

Radar & Captain Redsnail:

Johnfairr helping me to insert a hot metal rod up a fish bum:

The Artist At Work:

Food for 40:

Speaking Eytie:

A Day Trip:

This bus has 2 emergency exits .....

To be continued as well
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 21:44
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Gwladys and I departed from Shobdon on Thursday and after an altercation with the overhead barrier, which the caravan lost, headed for Somerset. We reached the caravan site by a circuitous route as the A383 was closed due to a nasty accident which kept it closed for several hours. Having been to the area before, I was able to take a shortcut down winding lanes to my destination. The same road closure also caught out Wholi who hadn't received my warning message in time. The damage to the tin tent, which had appeared to be minor (the bump was at a very low speed) turned out to be anything but, for when I arrived at the caravan site, a large hole had developed in one of the ceiling panels. Fortunately it is repairable but will just have to look ugly until the insurance is sorted out. The small tear in the outer fibreglass shell had a temporary repair made so the tin tent is waterproof - something I was really pleased about when I eventually arrived back at Shobdon.
Friday saw a trip to the supermarket for supplies of bread and milk and one or two other bits and pieces then it was off to Wholi's to catch up with Juud, Flyblue and John Fairr before returning to the caravan to tidy myself up a bit before returning to attack the curries.
John Fairr, Juud and Flyblue:

Group hug

Are you spinning me a line Wholi?

It's all a bit too technical for Flyblue:

Gwladys had spent her time meeting Daffyd and giving him his present which she had insisted I make for him as, she claimed, his requests for a scarf were being completely ignored by Radar who told him not to be such a wimp, he wasn't "freezing cold" as he claimed and could just get on with it. By this time a selection of PPruNErs and other guests had started to arrive so instead of my usual rice-stirring job I was put on Guest-labelling duty. The curries were delicious and nobody could possibly have gone away hungry - just the opposite, most were so full they were incapable of movement and that was before they really got stuck into the serious side of the evening. (A quick note here for the uninitiated: "Evening" means the period of time from the commencement of festivities until around 05:00hrs or later the following morning.)
Gwladys and Daffyd decided to hold their own party which seems to have been of similar ilk to that organised for the human visitors and the following morning she looked distinctly the worse for wear.

Saturday was spent studying as I needed to take advantage of the peace and quiet whilst it was possible to do so. At 18:30 I collected Cleo and Eric T Cartman from their hotel and we repaired to Wholi's prior to the route march to The Hollies for our meal.
The meal over we meandered back to Wholi's for a further assault on his stocks of things alcoholic. Once again the evening extended well into the next day. Oops! I nearly forgot the mandatory photo of PPRuNe Pop:

By Sunday morning even the toughest were beginning to weaken and large quantities of Paracetamol were dispensed along with large helpings of Wholi's famous Sunday Breakfast. Then it was time for departures. Gwladys had to be prised away from Daffyd
and we set off on the return trip to Shobdon. The weather was very mixed there was lots of sunshine and blue skies interspersed with fluffy white clouds but also lots of huge CBs which dispensed liberal quantities of hail and snow but once past Bristol this lessened and the journey through Wales and most of Herefordshire was very pleasant. Nearing Leominster it started to turn nasty again and although it was dry when I arrived at Shobdon that didn't last long. I decided to stay the night.
Looking west at Shobdon:

And the view to the South:

It was a really enjoyable weekend. When are we having another one Wholi?
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 22:08
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GREAT time everybody - thank you!

another report here....

Now merged in above ....... 10W
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 22:50
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to set the 'tone' before the first arrivals...

Radar66 learns never to 'dare' Reddo - cos she will...

turn up in her beer drinking outfit! yes, we do like to honour the goddess of booze and drink our vodka in pint glasses and beer in moogs....

Was a bit chilly so she changed back to the usual champagne drinking outfit pretty damn smartish after this was recorded for posterity!

The Red Bear One looking after Number One and Two....

Whirlygig, Flying Farmer and Mr and Mrs West Lakes enjoying a brief moment of relative peace
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 22:54
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Radar66 was permitted the EXTREME honour of being allowed to drive the pussy puller, shame she couldn't get it into reverse and needed practical assistance from the Wholigan and further verbal from The Baron...

(don't tell anybody but it was only to move it a mere 5 yards to a more convenient parking spot - ie to allow easier access to the booze supply!)

the gannets queing up for the DELICIOUS curry assortments and pudding..

but it wasn't all glamour!
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 05:01
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.................. continued ...............
For some unaccountable reason, wake up at some stupidly early hour and decide to get up and get breakfast again. Juud wakes up and disinfects the toilet downstairs on the principle that there were so many really pissed blokes using it the previous night that it was a risk not worth taking! She also interestingly states that the disinfectant of choice on board for some cabin crew is vodka. Probably costs less than some proprietary cleaners and works better.

Have a few people drop in for tea and coffee.

Walk over to the bus, clamber aboard, set off for to visit Wookey Hole.

Discover that old habits die hard and so we get the brief on the emergency exits from the professionals on board.

Do the whole “Wookey Experience” –

- - rename it “Tacky Hole” – but do find some old relatives there ....

Rush off to nearest pub for several hairs of the dog and something to eat.

Decide that leaving early so that there will be time for a “combat nap” before the evening festivities begin is a good plan. Some dash off for said combat nap but I decide that a couple of Pro Plus will work better for me.

To be continued 'cos of number of pics allowed per post and gotta go to work ...................
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 17:31
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................... continued ................

Walk across to the Hollies and drink, chat, watch people smoke outside in the cold, chat and drink.

Wander in to eat. Make the men change seats after the main course - - - except that BFU naturally managed to end up in the seat he started in between Juud and Ida - - - now there’s a surprise!! (Smart man that one.)

Graduate back to the bar for a few more nippy-sweeties,

the money runs out so everybody back to my place again for a re-run of the latter part of the night before - minus the toe-sucking but with a bit of out of tune singing.

Once again the wusses sneaked out early. Repeat the filling of garden waste bags with empty bottles and stagger up to bed at about 0530. Climb into bed and think “oh bollox, it’s only about 4 hours until the first lot start to arrive to eat the breakfast that I foolishly offered to cook for them before they left to make their various ways home”. Oh well – that’ll teach yer.

Alarm goes off – 3 minutes later phone rings and cleo very astutely says “you’re still in bed aren’t you?”. “Yes but just getting up honest”.

Cook breakfast, eat breakfast and then very sadly start to say goodbye to all the mates as one by one they drift off home after what was – for me – an absolutely awesome weekend of totally epic proportions. Sit around feeling just a tiny tad tired chatting to Radar, Juud and Ida and the NFH. NFH earn my absolute undying gratitude by offering to drive Ida to Bristol Airport having seen that I was probably not in any fit state to do so.

Go to bed relatively early as have to get up at 0500 to go to work. As reported earlier, take Juud with me, show her what the world is like upside down and at various other angles. She enjoyed taking it off, flying it around and also enjoyed everything that I threw at her. I’m not sure where her description of -

“with same bloke gently throwing a nifty little airplane around the sky”
- fits in with the frequent application of 41/2 g and doing such manoeuvres as an upward vertical 360 degree “flick” followed by a stall turn off the top and a downward vertical 360 degree “flick” after the stall turn. Just to report that the gal has a cast-iron stomach!!!!

And so ended a magnificent weekend. Thanks for coming and making it so much fun everyone!!

(Several random pics will be posted as the days go by..................)

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Old 9th Apr 2008, 17:42
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well here goes nuffink then! apologies if pics posted are 'copywrited'....

the Wholigan trying to perform simple maths whilst collecting money on the bus...

sadly i didn't get a picture of the trousers on the floor as Firestorm was too sneaky, but here's PPRuNe Pop trying to get him to do a repeat! Nice shreddies btw!

Reddo gloating that another sucker had fallen for one of her dares, and Mrs Firestorm not really believing that he actually did it!

Eric T Cartman being mellow man...

(not quite sure what the pic of Cu thinks of him though...!)

gathering for breakfast - please note the champagne flutes...

Lemme into the pub.... pleeeeeeeeeze?

toasty warm

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Old 9th Apr 2008, 17:42
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Oh yes -------- there was definitely at least one major advantage to organizing such a bash ....................................

Haven't needed a cigarette that badly for years !!!!!

Photograph below courtesy of Eric T Cartman Enterprises - personal photographer to Hugh Heffner and Peter Stringfellow!!

The bell you can see was used for calling in the next four!!!!
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 18:40
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OK - we all know whats missing....

Where's the feckin' cleavage shots Wholi?

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Old 9th Apr 2008, 19:26
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Not much to add however
Drive, comfort/rest break, drive, eat drive comfort/rest break, drive - arrive

Drop off most of contents of boot for use or consumption, meet those already on site (with a brief hello/goodbye to John Farr).
Check into hotel, find we have been upgraded - nice
Wander back to a scene of domesticity with R66 chopping veggies (ooer big sharp knife). Wholi running round like a BAF.
Set up lights, start to sample the booze, meet more folks. Watch with interest the high tech wiring for extension speakers (well done Flyblue & Juud) till the "er you don't happen to have any speaker cable" question. Yep loads of it - 350 miles away
Quickly convert my spare extension lead into a speaker cable.

Meet more folks, drink more booze. Lots of interest in the portable fire pits, the flare up shown earlier was the result of the "fish" candle (it did not look like a fish, but something rather more.....) finally biting the dust to heat the fire up.
Bed early, yep one of the wussses
Breakfast - back to bed for a while, on the coach etc.etc

Whilst wandering round saw this

Thought it was the inspiration for a certain persons avtar (dancing fairy)

And from earlier descriptions

R66 & Wholi the morning after??

Passed quickly through the

the first indoor 2nd story pier I've ever seen, in search of refreshment (pub)

Pub piccys above but on the front it advertised a "sculpture garden" upon investigation this was spotted

OOps sorry not the lesser striped R66

which we thought rather different

Back for a combat nap and into hotel bar (methinks the other customers wondered what hit them as they looked rather puzzled by bash crew)

As posted earlier back to the scene of the previous night's events for more of the same

The inspiration from the fairy earlier must have been catching though


Then to bed

Called the next morn to see the "breakfast chef" hard at work with a sterile (enter at your own risk) work area

Then a reverse of the journey down

BTW those sound things that we WON'T talk about worked out fine

Thanks for a great weekend and to all that I met - hope to see you again soon
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 20:09
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Much nicer version of the westie pic Rads - - you must have finished!!!

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Old 9th Apr 2008, 20:56
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thank you Wholi!! Westie me laddie you be dead meat for posting that pic!!

Where's the feckin' cleavage shots Wholi?

Heeezus Timm.... we up the ante and give you a pic of an orgy and you still want more cleavage shots?!! are you never satisfied man?



you've been a bit quiet.... c'mon man - pictures!
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 21:15
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How polite and staid we be up in Staleyvegas!!!!

Looks like you guys had a belter of a time
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Old 9th Apr 2008, 23:10
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Looks like fun.

Must have missed the original thread....

Didn't even see it advertised

Note in my diary for that day that simply reads....."Bugger"..
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Old 10th Apr 2008, 10:30
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What a wonderful time you all had!!! Great piccies of a fantastic "event."

One day ... one day ...
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Old 10th Apr 2008, 16:01
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Looks like fun.

Must have missed the original thread....

Didn't even see it advertised

Note in my diary for that day that simply reads....."Bugger"..


They just wanted to keep the orgy under control! Personally I think it's very selfish..

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Old 10th Apr 2008, 16:57
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you've been a bit quiet.... c'mon man - pictures!
You never, never rush an artist, Radar.

The Master

The Boss ... welcoming her guests (or was it just me?)

The estimable Don ... wondering which end the film comes out of.

Westie demontrating the magnificence of his lighting rig.

Where there's smoke there's byre.

Panoramic view of the field of play on Friday evening.

The chances of their not being a safety briefing on Saturday morning were, of course, nil

The picture I dare not caption ...

We, of course, blamed those in whose language the word is rooted.

Yes, I know we have seen a similar picture, bit I, for one am mightily impressed with

Wholi's weapon.

Saturday evening's dinner table before the ravening horde.

Biggles, pleasing two as easily as one.

Juud demonstrating her leviation technique. All she managed to raise were her eyebrows.

Enough, enough he cried.

I will leave you with the picture I did not take. Juud, your choice of attire to wish the Baroness and I farewell will stay in my memory (at the front) for a long, long time. Thank you my dear!

Wholi and Radar, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you put into the weekend. It was worth it, we can all assure you. The rest of you reprobates ... I was happy to be amongst, and one of, you.

Now if you can arrange next year's bash to coincide with my birthday (containing the numbers '0' and '6') .........
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Old 10th Apr 2008, 17:05
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more more more Threadbaron!

encore please sire?
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