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notlangley 19th May 2011 05:39

The document that is called "Agreed Briefing" or "Unite briefing note" can be found at:-__ link

VintageKrug 19th May 2011 06:19

The full deal is here:


Judging by the URL the Unite "bruthers" had a nice few days at this luxury hotel to seal the deal:


ChicoG 19th May 2011 06:23

Surely this dispute is not over until a ballot that accepts the deal?

What are the dates involved?

notlangley 19th May 2011 07:01

Glossary continued
MBTR = Minimum Base Turnaround

call100 19th May 2011 10:37

Originally Posted by VintageKrug (Post 6459997)
The full deal is here:


Judging by the URL the Unite "bruthers" had a nice few days at this luxury hotel to seal the deal:

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JUAN TRIPP 19th May 2011 22:25

This is the latest from DH pleading with the brothers to sign the deal. AS near as damn it, the same deal he wouldn't even put to the Bassa members last October to vote on!

I want to make a few things very clear to all those who intend to vote no - based on some of the things I have read on the forum over the last few days.

A "No" vote does not mean we immediately reopen negotiations - it means we go back onto a war footing with a strike ballot.

There will be no more tweaking to the deal, this is a take it or leave offer which your reps believe is worth accepting.

So if you still want to vote No, you of course have every right but please don't say in 6 months time you were not warned of the dire consequences.

A no vote will also put you at odds with the people who represent you. A lot of you have expressed fear that BASSA will wither on the vine in time. If it is a No vote it won't wither on the vine, because the vine will die before any withering takes place.

Am I scaremongering? No I am just being bloody upfront and honest with my opinion based on many years at the industrial coal face.

Doesn't effect me one iota but I would hate to see defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Especially after 7000 of you put up such a good fight to get us within touching distance of that victory.

Rgds to all.

It will be very interesting to see how this pans out in the long run. I have seen and spoken to quite a number of crew in the last few days and a lot of us who have 'supported' BA in all of this feel a bit let down. For me personally I understand that politics have dominated the proceedings totally this week, and IMO *KW has got Unite and LM/DH out of a dirty big hole. How LM can state to SKY last Thursday that by 'agreeing with BA' it stopped the threat of IA is laughable. I would have loved BA to have waited 3 more days and saw what Unite/Bassa would have done. The fact that the spin that DH, *(now known as Baaaaaabera to his herd) puts on things means that most of the mob think they have won.

I truly believe BA would have put Bassa to the sword had one thing happened that I and many others still cant believe happened. The irony is that the people most at fault throughout this dispute were not DH or LM, nor even the 5700 who all kept screaming for IA. No the people that ruined it were the 4500 who stayed in Bassa throughout, even after DH telling them to go forth and multiply, yet came into work over the strikes, and had NO intention of ever striking. If they had left, Bassa would have been left with less than 40%and possibly been derecognised.

Anyway it's onwards and upwards now. However the reason there is perceived negativity on here ( its actually being realistic IMO) seems to come from those who REALLY know Bassa from old ( eg. VCtenderness ) I agree with you.

What should simply happen now is for the leaders of Bassa to start being proactive and start leading their members professionally.
Sadly it's just not in their DNA. Ive lost count over the years , the times I've been to see them, as well as written letters about upcoming problems. They have done nothing, nada, zip. The leaders have been as autocratic as anyone I've ever met. This has been seen SO many times during this dispute.

What should be happening RIGHT NOW, in the spirit of moving forward is IMO the following. ( in no particular order)

1) Take WW photo down from the uniteba.com website. Chances of this happening before July 1st - >50%
2) Tell the strikers to throw away the yellow and red pens as well as the XXXX bag tags. Also turn your ID' s around the right way. ( only those of us at work as crew in the last 2 years will fully understand this bit) chances <5%
3) Get the Bassa forum PROPERLY moderated, and thus stopping malicious childlike nasty unrealistic comments. Chances <2%.
4) Tell the strikers to move on from the backbiting in that we must all move forward together for the good of the airline. Chances 0%
5) Ensuring that the accounts are transparent and open for all members to see without asking. (why not) chances - <0%.

I can think of several more but I feel that would be a great start. But will eg. DH endorse any of the above. What do you think?

TorC came out with some interesting things regarding the behaviour and how this will pan out for the return of ST. Be interesting to see how BA deal with this.

Finally Bill Francis ( BA head of cabin services is doing a webchat on Friday. One crew member has put a question to him that they have read some disgusting stuff written by BA employees on public websites including Pprune ( how very dare they), and want a company wide email sent out to tell them to stop it. Perhaps they could send the same message to Bassa no?

PS A message to the Mods. Please don't shut this thread down just yet. There are IMO some very interesting things going to happen in the next few weeks. thanks again

pcat160 20th May 2011 00:35

Would anyone like to speculate on the reason for Duncanís sudden conversion?

LD12986 20th May 2011 01:55

So basically Duncan is telling members they have to accept the offer because they've nowhere to turn in terms of further strike action (ie it would be futile at best and unprotected at worst) which is what we knew nearly 12 months ago.

notlangley 20th May 2011 06:04

It is possible that BASSAwitch has been more successful than she realises.

It may well be that DH would prefer the members to vote to end the conflict._ The power is with Unite._ Unite may have explained things to DH - things that DH never wished to hear._ Unite may have the ultimate weapon, but would prefer not to publicly reveal what they will certainly do if the membership turns down this last chance to quietly fold up the tents of war.

cura 20th May 2011 06:33

"Would anyone like to speculate on the reason for Duncanís sudden conversion?"

...........a job offer with Unite?

conditional job offer - that's what i meant - it was a long night!

ChicoG 20th May 2011 06:45

"Would anyone like to speculate on the reason for Duncanís sudden conversion?"

...........a job offer with Unite?
A conditional job offer with Unite.

baggersup 20th May 2011 10:03

I'm confused by the communique to BASSA members above.

It addresses the fears of some members that a "yes" vote means BASSA withers on the vine. The author contends that a "no" vote means the vine dies before BASSA withers. Hm.

The Agreement says ONE Unite branch at Heathrow will represent all cabin crew members. Doesn't this mean good bye BASSA and goodbye CC89 with a "yes" vote?

And I'm lost as to what the dying vine means, upon which BASSA will not be allowed to linger like the final scene from "Camille." Don't know what he means about the vine dying before...etc. What does this mean exactly?

The agreement seems to indicate that upon the implementation of the agreement BASSA and CC89 cease to exist.

So a "no" vote actually would keep BASSA and CC89 alive, wouldn't it?
Because another strike ballot would have to be mailed? No dying vine there.

Would BASSA/CC89 stay very much alive for a IA vote to be taken yet again? (Unless there is some BA consequence to a "no" vote that The Leader isn't telling the membership.)

On the other hand, "Yes" and it's bye bye BASSA/CC89?

His inference seems to be that if you are worried about BASSA withering on the vine, vote "yes." When their "yes" vote will produce the end of BASSA/CC89 immediately, n'est ce pas?

As I said, I'm confused....:ooh:

RTR 20th May 2011 11:40

It was crunch time the moment the deal between Unite and BA was done. No ifs or buts its over its fair and reasonable. There will be no more discussions. No more suggestions and certainly no chance of 'withering on the vine' - the vine was chopped down when KW and Unite finished their meeting.

This thread is now all used up. There is nothing further to add. Whatever you say it is not worth a can 'o beans.

Your union and BA are asking you to accept a deal that is in your BEST interest. DH is doing the same, whatever you think of him.

A vote YES is recommended a NO is not. Your choice. You have no others, not now not tomorrow - none. Good luck, but you won't need it if you vote YES.

TightSlot 20th May 2011 14:28

OK - The thread is going nowhere, and not even doing so fast.

I'm going to close it down. I think a short break will enable us all to step back and do something else for a while - I have no doubt that BASSA will throw up something new and exciting in the future but until then...

Thanks all for your contributions - now you can all get back to your careers and families.


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