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Betty girl 31st Mar 2011 06:52

I hope you lot don't drag this thread down to the level of that thread.

Posters on both sides of that discussion are no better than each other and many of them don't even work for BA!!!!

I really hope that those kinds of discussions can be left there please and not brought over to Pprune.

call100 31st Mar 2011 08:12

Well said Bg.....:ok:

VintageKrug 31st Mar 2011 10:43

Well said BG.

CabinCrew.com: BASSA militant exposed!

It's a dreadful little site and if it only gives a smidge of the level of debate typical on other fora, it's no wonder this dispute (which isn't really a dispute as there's no coherent resolution being argued for) has dragged on so long, and will continue to do so.

Betty girl 31st Mar 2011 11:39

Don't you think by posting that link YOU are bringing that over here.

I expect that some of the contributors are posters on here anyway but please if you want to debate all this gutter stuff please don't do it here because it has little to do with the dispute except to show what nasty people exist on both sides.

We all know that in human nature you always get some people that take things to there lowest level (on both sides it appears) but here on pprune we don't need to go that low.

Why not set up another thread to discuss all this or go and post over on that actual site if it is of interest to you.

gr8tballsoffire 31st Mar 2011 11:56

Sorry BG, I don't agree wth you. The level of debate on here is invariably conducted in an adult manner with the exception of the rare BASSA supporter.

All the unpleasant invective comes from one side only.

Juan Tugoh 31st Mar 2011 12:03

BG has a valid point. Posting the link once was perhaps reasonable, though questionable in my opinion. Repeating the link seems to suggest that the original post did not engender enough "chatter" and indignation. We all know that the level of debate on some other forums is not as reasoned and courteous as it might be - there is no news in that. Demonstrating that some posters in different places are not "playing nicely" and then inviting comment upon that does not really do anything except provide a potential start point for a Daily Mailesque indignation bus.

Betty girl 31st Mar 2011 12:30


You do always debate in a very good manner and I was not saying anyone on here dose not in general debate well.

If you have read that link and the subject they are discussing, you will surely see why I was suggesting it not be brought over here.

With that I will leave you because I myself have actually started to talk about it and I really don't want to.

P.S. Just to clarify I was not talking about the link to 5 Live which is very relevant but the link to another Forum and a particular thread there.

gr8tballsoffire 31st Mar 2011 14:12

Fair point about the link.

mrpony 31st Mar 2011 16:08

I am indignant about the price of bus tickets.
angrily yours
tunbridge wells

MPN11 31st Mar 2011 16:32

I am indignant about the lack of Reward Seats on the BA flights that keep happening during pseudo-strikes. Passengers are NOT being inconvenienced, which is a pretty poor show.

Bah ... and Werther's Originals.
Somewhere Else

fincastle84 31st Mar 2011 21:01

MPN 11
Have you been having early cocktails????

At present I'm listening to a replay of Victoria Derbyshire's broadcast from Tuesday morning. I think that she has come in for some very unfair criticism. She let all sides have their say & allowed the Bassa members to hoist themselves by their sheer blind stupidity.:ugh:

call100 31st Mar 2011 21:18

OK.....Tightslot, why has my post been removed twice? There was nothing insulting in there.
Is someone getting special treatment? :eek:

Litebulbs 31st Mar 2011 21:47

Your right to protest is being kettled......

Get used to it!

call100 1st Apr 2011 08:33

It was total stupidity when you read the posts that are ignored!!
Still awaiting an answer...:ugh:

jersey145 1st Apr 2011 09:14

Strike or no strike. It'll only be a big joke that back fires in BASSAs direction. Why bother. such little disruption last time. Had a lovely flight on Astreaus, an excellent professional crew. They couldn't do enougth for me and my elderly nan. If only they could replace some of the services plagued by BASSA members this time. The rest of the BA workforce have moved on, time for BASSA to follow.

Want an effective strike?? Be a Spanish ATCO!

TightSlot 1st Apr 2011 09:46

The posts were removed by another (senior) moderator - at the time I was working back from Hong Kong to Heathrow. This happens from time to time, since my employer takes the view that I should occasionally perform some duties in order to justify the many millions of £'s that I am paid every month.

If you'll permit I'll use an analogy - this thread (and that in CC) is rather like cooking a casserole meal - we have to try and keep it edible (i.e. readable) and simmering but not boiling. Ingredients are added by contributors, but too much of one thing or another and the balance is lost. Some people chuck in a load of chilli peppers, others regularly add meat: Some simply stir the pot - you get the picture (sorry if this is a bit hard to follow, I'm rather jet-lagged at the moment and will be making another espresso shortly!).

To preserve readability, posts that contribute little, or simply repeat, agree, or generally stir the pot will be deleted. If you choose to take offence, then that is up to you, but using the thread to express outrage is probably unwise. It is also probably unwise to suggest that mods are giving preferential treatment to one side or another. We are in the unenviable position of the police at a demo: Either too heavy handed or too lily-livered - nobody is ever satisfied with the activity. Therefore, in the words of our friends at the Met...

"Move along now please - there's nothing to see here"

Wow! From cookery to coppery in one post - I really need to go back to bed.

mrpony 1st Apr 2011 10:30

Blimey, Litebulbs was right but underestimated the extent to which things are cooked up on here.

Wot's next.......roasting?

call100 1st Apr 2011 10:42

Apologies if it wasn't yourself, but, all well and good except that the post did not come into any category you have chosen to describe as outlawed.
No outrage was expressed. There was nothing there to 'stir the pot'.
Having re-read a few of the recent posts that have been left alone I do think it was a ridiculous move by the moderator who did it....
As it's his playground and he decided to be a bully it will stand as disappeared.
As for some being afforded protection. I'll form my own judgement on that one.

Dawdler 1st Apr 2011 10:54

Call 100
The Mods here are not superhuman, they have the same talents, failings and prejudices as all of us. Someone coming fresh to the debate may have read something in your post that was not there or that you did not intend. I am afraid you will have to live with that. Mostly the Modding in these (two) threads has been excellent, but we will all have our own perspective of individual incidents.

fruitbat 1st Apr 2011 12:00

Ryanair Thanks Unite For Yet More BA Flight Disruptions
Source: Ryanair
Ryanair today (29th Mar) delivered 18 red roses to UNITE bosses, to mark 18 months of British Airways strikes which have caused repeated disruption to BA’s passengers, who are now suffering more uncertainty after UNITE confirmed that more strikes are imminent, but refused to reveal which dates it will again plunge BA passengers into misery and chaos.

Ryanair called on British holidaymakers to protect their precious Easter and summer breaks by snapping up one of Ryanair’s £8 fares and avoid the latest UNITE BA strikes, which could begin as early as next week. Clearly UNITE don’t care about passengers or their families.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said,

“Ryanair is starting to really warm to the UNITE union, who continue to cause uncertainty for BA holidaymakers at peak times of the year and now, with their fourth set of strikes in less than 18 months, they will encourage even more BA passengers to switch to Ryanair’s low fare strike free flights this Easter and summer.

We have sent UNITE 18 red roses to mark the 18 months of holiday misery and uncertainty they have inflicted on BA passengers and their families and we have placed these dinosaurs at the very top of our Christmas card list as we welcome their efforts to encourage BA passengers to switch to Ryanair’s strike free low fares services. We think UNITE is a wonderful, if sadly misguided and deluded, union.”


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