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Entaxei 1st Feb 2011 14:20

TROLLS et al .........
Reading the other thread, it is interesting to see that the Troll CCCP, appears to have lost control of itself to DH. When you read the style (wrong word surely) of the latest ranting, the wording is so very reminiscent of DH's latest rantings from BASSA.

However, at least the posts are disclosing the amount of pure hatred that BASSA and/or DH have, for anything that is really starting to threaten their version of/and control of reality and future income.

One interesting question that could be asked of BASSA, is what/who now consists of their list of Reps, given that among the number of staff that have been dismissed, were supposedly some BASSA Reps. Is there a current list of Reps?. When was the last branch management meeting of BASSA held, i.e. management - not mass meetings, and are the minutes from that meeting available to any BASSA member on the website?

I would not suggest holding your breath waiting for an answer!!.

Mariner9 1st Feb 2011 14:40

I would have thought that DH would be too busy this week fighting his Unfair Dismissal case to post on the other thread, though you could be right.

Anyway, I've sent CCCP a PM to cordially invite him over to "our" SLF thread so we can debate with him. No response received however. It would appear that the views of the passengers he is employed to look after (or was employed to look after if it is DH) is of no interest :rolleyes:

hellsbrink 1st Feb 2011 14:55

Let's go back to that Telegraph article for a minute.

This caught my eye

withdrawing goodwill - such as turning up early for pre-flight briefings.
Now, I don't know what the actual requirement is in their contracts but surely turning up for pre-flight briefings would be a mandatory requirement so they, the cabin crew, would know of anything "unusual" on their flight.

Was that just a bit of "journalistic licence" or is that an actual proposal from some Bassamaniac and would such an action lead to disciplinary action due to any failure to attend the briefing?

Another route that could lead to is directly into BA's hands. You don't turn up for the briefing, you don't fly, you don't get paid, you are deemed to be "on strike" and if that strike is unprotected then you better hope McDonalds are hiring...........

TopBunk 1st Feb 2011 15:42


withdrawing goodwill - such as turning up early for pre-flight briefings.
I think what they mean is they claim that the CSD (Chief Steward/ess) has to turn up earlier than their nominal report time in order to print out the briefing paperwork. Withdrawing this goodwill would potentially have an affect on punctuality, especially on LH flights.

pcat160 1st Feb 2011 16:27

It appears that the probability of a strike is decreasing every day. Could CCCP enlighten us as to the current strike plans if any.

MPN11 1st Feb 2011 16:38

@ hellsbrink & TopBunk ... that's the tightrope that people are going to have to tread.

Does the CSD's T&C require a slightly earlier report time to print things?
Or is that simple 'good will'?

LD12986 1st Feb 2011 16:54

The last we heard from BASSA was that Unite was seeking an opinion from Counsel. Whatever the likely impact of IA, I think if Unite deny BASSA a strike all hell is going to break loose between BASSA and Unite.

TopBunk 1st Feb 2011 17:19


I am led to believe the BASSA's QC has dropped a little bombshell to DH over the weekend over the strike position.

Also that there is now a large difference of opinion:hmm: amongst the reps as to what to do next.


afaik the CSD's have the same report times as the rest of the cabin crew.

call100 1st Feb 2011 17:35

Originally Posted by Chuchinchow (Post 6216939)
As quoting dictionary definitions seems to be becoming de rigeur here, might I respectfully point out that "rabid" is an adjective describing an animal or a person suffering from rabies?

One of the main symptoms of that disease is foaming at the mouth. The only person, currently contributing on these threads, who appears to be "rabid" is a new but prolific contributor to the "other" thread.

Not one for the dictionary quote normally but in the interest of clarification...
Rabid:- going to extreme lengths in expressing or pursuing a feeling, interest, or opinion <rabid editorials> <a rabid supporter>
As you say, it could apply to that person also....

MPN11 1st Feb 2011 18:22

Originally Posted by TopBunk
I am led to believe the BASSA's QC has dropped a little bombshell to DH over the weekend over the strike position.

If that's the case, it's not before time. Fingers crossed for an outbreak of reality, although I suspect DH will carry on trying to push his troops across 'No Man's Land" into the face of oncoming fire from BA.

Ooops ... that's again sort of The Somme, isn't it. 'Lions led by Donkeys', and the General tends his tomatoes while the troops all get slaughtered.

Diplome 1st Feb 2011 18:31


Interesting. If what you are hearing is accurate perhaps the "guerilla" tactics that Mr. Holley speaks of are all they have left.

It should make an intruiging post by Mr. Holley to his members. If true I imagine that BASSA will want to issue something to its members rather than have damage done through rumour.

Though Mr. Holley was otherwise engaged today wasn't he.

MPN11 1st Feb 2011 18:33

I would hate to suggest that 'end game' is imminent, Diplome, but I think reality may be starting to be imposed.

TopBunk 1st Feb 2011 18:50

I believe that Radio 5 on 2nd Feb on the 10:00 show there may be some more to learn.

Diplome 1st Feb 2011 18:52


Well, it makes for a fun game of "What next" doesn't it? lol

I believe that Top Bunk must feel relatively confident about his sources or he would have been a bit more reserved in his posting, and he is certainly not the only individual insinuating that the message from counsel was not quite what BASSA wanted to hear.

I have to agree with LD12986 that even if the "end" is near, its not going to be pretty...and I believe that CC89 are likely to make as much of a fuss as BASSA. I still can't quite understand a Union being so militant (referring to CC89) towards striking when the vast majority of their members obviously don't support it.

This is certainly a time of opportunity for the PCCC and BASSA and CC89 have done much of the PCCC's recruiting for them. Incredible.

MPN11 1st Feb 2011 19:31

We shall see ... IMO, PCCC is for the future and will be the decision of the CC, not the SLF.

What is needed now is the removal, one way or another, of the detrimental [to BA and the passengers/customers] influence of DH, BASSA and the SWP clingons.

Once reality has been restored, I'm basically unconcerned about which Union or Council represents CC. I know they need representation ... I'm convinced [from my reading over the last couple of years] that BASSA is not the 'organisation' to give them that.

Diplome 1st Feb 2011 19:44


I used to be of the mind that changing BASSA from within was the way to go but I no longer think that is possible. The negativity, anger, and view of BA as the enemy in all things is just too entrenched.

The selfish part of me only thinking in terms of SLF can easily accept and look forward to the demise of a Union that causes so many problems for their customers.

However, another part of me sees it as the unfortunate situation that it is...a waste of opportunity for a Union to do well.

Cabin Crew being represented by a reasonable, pro-active and positive Union is good for not only BA but for SLF also. I hope they get there.

west lakes 1st Feb 2011 20:16

Been away, but to ressurect the PCCC funding question, certainly in the early days and I have no reason to doubt that and I suspect still. The funding comes form the pockets of the founding members, their supporters and other interested folk, no money has ever come directly from BA.

pcat160 1st Feb 2011 21:56

Conspiracy Theory
Anybody think Unite, not wanting a strike, may have intentionally held a flawed election?

LD12986 1st Feb 2011 22:09

I'm not going to second guess what will happen next. Something has to happen over the next couple if weeks and we'll know when any announcement is made, but the Unite leadership has evidently been caught between a rock and a hard place, a company that refuses to be kowtowed by militancy and recalitrant branches. Its reluctance to reballot was clearly in evidence when it pulled the rug under the "10.10.10" ballot announcement, thus denying BASSA a Christmas strike threat.

Chuchinchow 2nd Feb 2011 00:08

I suspect DH will carry on trying to push his troops across 'No Man's Land" into the face of oncoming fire from BA.
No, not at all.

My money is on the union leadership gathering outside the BASSAbunker at Bedfont FC (DH's greenhouse, if wet) and collectively swallowing suicide pills - tomato fertiliser for the vegans.

The Beloved Leader's last will and testament will place the blame for "the absolutely necessary, unfairly prolonged and glorious struggle with the reactionary capitalist lackey known as Willy Walsh, aided and abetted by his cruel and uncaring minion and sadistic slavemaster, BF" squarely on the shoulders of BA passengers, the Bailiff of Jersey and Hillingdon Council's dustcart drivers.

Yes, I know the last statement is totally ridiculous, but no less so than this entire sad, sorry and pointless dispute.

There is one person I do genuinely feel very sorry for, nevertheless, and that is a certain cabin attendant who lives in a largish town in mid-Kent. She fervently believes in the BASSA cause, and has fought valiantly for her principles. In her heart of hearts, she is no doubt feeling very let down and betrayed by her union leaders.

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