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LGW Quarantine Hotels

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LGW Quarantine Hotels


Would anybody know the list of LGW hotels that CTM are utilising for Boris's B&B 11 nights quarantine, trying to converse with CTM on the subject have proven to be fruitless
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Old 4th May 2021, 10:34
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Hello Pat UK and welcome to the 'cabin' of PPRuNe. That's a good question, do join other discussions too.
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Sorry, not seen any information.

Friends of mine had to go to South Africa in May, as their mother died. They knew they would have to quarantine on return. They travelled LH via FRA to JNB. On their return, the long flight was fairly empty but the short hop was rammed. They saw many pax with masks not fully in place and no possibility of social distancing.

At LHR they were siphoned off (as expected) but they found the attitude of those directing them to be very poor. On the coach, they visited other terminals to collect more 'inmates' so that it was full. Then told they were being taken to a hotel at LGW. The journey took some time and actually dropped them at a small hotel near Croydon (their car back at LHR, of course). Fortunately, they had water and snacks with them.

Once again, the spoken attitude of the staff was poor and they had had to spend the short flight and all the time to the hotel, in close company of people who could have travelled from almost anywhere. They have been able to Skype with family and friends, who also were able to send in food parcels. However, in their reports from quarantine (now waiting on results of last test) they make it clear that the whole experience is not trivial and zero enjoyment.

I also saw this report from The Evening Standard (London local paper):
Family rushed to hospital with food poisoning after hotel quarantine stay

A family returning to the UK have said staying in a quarantine hotel was their “worst ever experience” after a mother and baby were left needing hospital treatment.

Abby Pansegrauw, 34, and her one-year-old baby son both had to be treated in hospital, the latter for three days, as a result, they say, of food given to them at Novotel London Heathrow Airport in April.

Staying with her husband, Etienne, and two other children, Mrs Pansegrauw, whose family splits their time between southwest London and Tadpole Village, Wiltshire was returning after four months stranded in South Africa’s Eastern Cape as a result of the country being placed on the UK’s red list. They had initially visited family for a short trip in December.

“(Mrs Pansegrauw) ended up on a drip, because she was so dehydrated,” Mr Pansegrauw, 41, who moved to the UK from South Africa in 1999, told the PA news agency.

“The hotel refused to acknowledge it and refused to apologise.
My friends have been particularly worried about food because one of them has a severe allergy to sesame seed (the seed or even the oil) even a single sesame seed can give her anaphylactic shock and she has to carry an injection pen with her at all times.
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PAXboy that is absolutely outrageous! If I have forked out £1000+ I expect royal treatment on my return to the UK!

We all know the government have chosen the hotels for quarantine based on who they are friends with. It's just like every other contract with the government during this pandemic.

Why should I be forced to pay £1000+ to stay in an awful hotel when I am happy to pay a third of that and stay at a much nicer hotel?

And let us face the music, who is really quarantining? Why has the so-called Indian strain spread so much in largely Indian populated areas of the UK? Did they quarantine? The answer is 2 letters and begins with N.
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Well one only has to read the reviews of CTM to recognise that there is absolutely no customer service being exercised here, I've also been reading the government's explanation of what to expect, to receive, and CTM's terms & conditions.

It would be only reasonable that for £1,750.00 I be allowed to opt for my preferred hotel from a list and also that I be notified in advance of where I am to be accommodated so that I may let family and friends know where I may be contacted in the event of them being worried about me, after all upon my arrival in UK I won't have a functioning cell phone to be contactable on nor shall I be permitted to go shopping for one.

CTM's terms & conditions are as flaky as hell but the government's explanation of what to expect make for more interesting reading, three meals per day and then some, included in the package we can also order food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks, from a 24 hour room service menu and I'm going to make damn sure that I get my £1,750.00's worth!
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My friends have been 'blogging' on facebook every day. I can confirm that feel the lifeline ot their family waiting for them is crucial.
On arrival at a very quiet Heathrow this morning, those of us that had to come home from a ‘Red List Country’ (RLS) were lead through a special route to the customs official. Already I was starting to feel like I had done something wrong and was about to be put on the naughty step. This feeling only increased as each person/group was given an individual security guard (the same group that provide security for Her Majesty’s Prisons ironically) who marched us through the airport after being handed our passports. Just in case we wanted to make a runner for it, I guess. This gentleman was very kind, and so was his manager who we spoke to about being able to self-quarantine due to the jabs and my Dad’s age. We were then booked in. After getting our luggage we were placed in a cordoned off area in the terminal with about 20 other people. Social distancing gone out the window again. I complained and basically got told to *** off.
On arrival at the hotel:
My father and I are being given paperwork to sign and are being given a military style briefing as to how we will behave. We are also then told we will only be allowed in the car park for 15 minutes each day and only once we have had a negative covid test which would be on Day 2.
After an eternity in the holding area, we were marched to our room. There are security guards sat at the entrance and exit to every corridor and staircase. “Trying to step out of your room will be spotted immediately and you will face the consequences”, we are told. I also remind myself that any attempt to leave the hotel could be met with a £10,000 fine and/or 10 years in jail.
I have been arrested a couple of times in my youth (civilian and military) and I remember how they make you feel like you are going to be punished, quite rightly, for what you have done. The UK Quarantine Hotel protocol gave me those awful feelings all over again. I’m all for containing this virus, but people who contract the virus, or have to travel to areas affected by Covid, are not criminals and should not be treated as such.
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