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I'm trying to find up-to-date info on which (if any...) airlines and airports will allow the use of e-cigs (electronic cigarettes that contain no tobacco and produce no smoke). Does anyone have experience of using these devices while making a plane journey?
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Can't speak for other operators, but not allowed in the cabin on Flybe.
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I feel sorry for anyone who can't go without nichotene for the duration of a flight, especially a short haul one!
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I converted to e-cigs last October, at first I was using 30ml of e-liquid per month but now, 9 months later, 30ml of e-liquid will last me a year, can I go without a puff for the duration of a flight? ... Indeed I can go without a puff for a day or few.

I can understand why the airlines don't allow it ... because other smokers are struggling to last the flight without a smoke and were they to see plumes of (lookalike) smoke rising above a seat then this would set them off craving for a smoke.

However banning e-cigs is one of those rules that they cannot enforce, there is no odour and one can cup it in their hand, take a puff and swallow the (lookalike) smoke (water vapour) and nobody in the vicinity would be any the wiser.
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Old 22nd Jul 2011, 17:36   #5 (permalink)
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Well done Phileas! Giving up cigarettes is not easy and I'm glad that the e-cigs have helped!

Now if all smokers reading this thread were to say, "Well, if Phileas can do it, so can I!
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Old 22nd Jul 2011, 18:31   #6 (permalink)
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30ml of e-liquid is circa less than 10 so my habit now costs me circa 10 per year and perhaps an atomizer or two and a new battery every couple of years or so ..... although I've already bought up years of supplies of all equipments.

I'm occasionally at the Tesco fag counter (to buy stamps), the prices of fags have become downright ridiculous and I had been smoking 40 or more per day.

I'd tried, and failed, to give it up a few times previously, with the invention of e-fags I've finally achieved it.
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Glad it's still working for you, Phileas!

We're still having an on-off relationship with our e-Cigs. Must try harder.
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The only way to know for sure is to contact your carrier. The answer is almost certainly No. Probable reasons are:
  • It will upset non-smokers who don't know what you are doing
  • It will upset smokers who will be reminded that they are not smoking
  • Carrier does not know what is actually IN the device so will say no to be on the safe side
  • Don't think about using them ln the toilets.
I'm told that patches do the trick for most.
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Put it this way, I am so close to a Tesco cigarette counter if I stand at my front door I can see it!

I'll admit that the first day was touch and go, but I held out, I stood my ground, I'M A MAN , and, gradually, as each day passed it became easier and easier to the extent that where I am now I haven't had an e-cig puff for a few days.

I don't know what you're trying, I didn't try these pre-filled cartridges, I went for DIY refillable cartridges with super strength 36mg Marlboro e-liquid, a search on a particular website associated with a S. American river might assist.

Dear Mods ... Please excuse any commercial advertising but all in a good cause.
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Glad I found this thread, because I'm thinking of switching to e-cigs myself.

I'm also stressing about a long-haul flight I'm due to make in June (13 hours plus) and how I'll get by without my nicotine fix. I've managed shorter flights with nicotine patches and/or other other NRT products, but nothing as long as this proposed flight.

I've read varying reports about the use of e-cigs in flight, from airlines allowing pax to use them openly in the cabin to those who specifically ban their use altogether, with all sorts of variations in between. Some pax have stated they have used them in the lavatories, with or without the permission of the cabin crew.

No-one has mentioned having an issue passing security and carrying them onboard, nor having set off any smoke alarms by using them in the WC.

It would be a great weight off my mind if I knew I could enjoy a discreet e-smoke or two during a long-haul flight, and I'm torn between following the advice of the many e-smokers who say just do it anyway, and the very few posts (from people who may or not be airline staff) who state it's an absolute no-no.

It makes total sense to ask my carrier, of course (likely to be Qantas or Emirates) but I'm not expecting to get the answer I want to hear!
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Old 27th Feb 2012, 01:19   #11 (permalink)
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Perhaps a few 'dry runs'?? Take a weekend when you are not expecting anything stressful - like being at home watching telly and eatin (as on board!) and use patches e-cigs for that time. It may be a training start, whilst you wait to hear what the airline says. Going for a 13 hour run without practice sounds bad.
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Old 3rd Mar 2012, 17:21   #12 (permalink)
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It's all in the mind. I think that a small pocket of hope/wishful thinking will undermine your resolve if you are not careful. Was on a BWI flight some years back and was resigned to 13hrs smoke free. On-board it turned out that you could smoke in the back 4 rows (1998-ish). Lady in front saw this and then couldn't settle, constantly looking round (over my head checking out if a seat had become free). Patches + gum + morose resignation is a winner.
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Old 12th Mar 2012, 20:40   #13 (permalink)

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I can tell you why my carrier (us) does not allow it. The lithium battery operation used in the Ecig. Of course you most likely can make any type of argument about a policy such as this, but that simply is the reasoning by my airline. And for no other reason. I smoke, so I do not take offense against smokers, but this rule is the Gods honest truth.
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Old 26th Mar 2012, 11:38   #14 (permalink)
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E-cigs in cabin baggage

Just back from a LHR-SOF-LHR with some E-cigs in my carry-on (with no intention of using them on the flight). At both airports there was much staring at the X-ray image with subsequent questioning and contents inspection. At LHR T5 a supervisor was called. Having clarified what they were I was able to go on my way.

Conclusion - a) They look suspicious on the X-ray and b) Security staff aren't familiar with them yet. If I travel with them again I'll take them out of the bag for separate screening just in case...
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Old 26th Mar 2012, 13:11   #15 (permalink)
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E-cigs banned into the UAE, so if you're transiting DXB or AUH, forget it. They are now illegal to carry.
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This has been asked and debated to death here before.

I think the definitive answer is NO you cannot use e cigs on board the aircraft

I have had security hand them to me and ask that I return them to passenger upon arrival.

The problem is that the other folks on board don't know that it not a real cigarette and call the cabin crew to complain or try and light up a real one.
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