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LHR T5 connecting flight...will I need rollerskates?

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LHR T5 connecting flight...will I need rollerskates?

Old 6th Mar 2011, 16:24
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LHR T5 connecting flight...will I need rollerskates?

I will be flying from NCE to MAN via LHR T5 next month with BA.

I have never used T5...ordinarily I wouldn't go anywhere near LHR, but this was organised by a cruise line, so didn't get alot of choice in the matter.

I have been given a massive 65 minutes to get off the NCE/LHR and get onto the LHR/MAN. This combination is actually available on the BA website.

Now will I be able to make it without breaking into a full sweat or will I require rollerskates to do this connection, please?

I hate rushing about and this feels a little on the tight side to me.

Thanks in advance
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Old 6th Mar 2011, 17:22
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I don't think you need roller-skates but on the other hand, a leisurely meal and a stroll to your gate is probably not advisable either!
The link below states you should allow 60 minutes but based on personal experience, I would suggest that is for a very inexperienced traveller as I have colleagues who do it in around 30 minutes. Anyway, if it's BA from end-to-end they should look after you - possibly

BAA Heathrow: Terminal 5 International Connecting to Terminal 5 Domestic
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Old 6th Mar 2011, 17:33
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Thanks Strake

I usually fly AF/KLM ex MAN via CDG or AMS, I rarely touch LHR/LGW if I can help it. My outbound flights in a couple weeks are MAN-CDG-EZE, originally I was placed on BA's flights MAN-LHR-GRU-EZE but I requested AF instead since they were more direct.

I flew with BA back from GOA to MAN via LGW last year....absolutely awful experience, which reaffirmed my dislike for LGW/LHR (& BA).

Hopefully the BA NCE/LHR flight will be on time and I won't have to rush about like a headless chicken to get the connecting BA flight to MAN....not the best way to end a holiday.

I do have a hotel booked at MAN incase any delays/missed connections etc do happen on the way home though.....
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Old 6th Mar 2011, 17:42
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Totally agree re LHR/LGW. Originally (late '80-'90's), I wouldn't dream of flying anyone other than BA. Then, as the airline degenerated, I transferred my loyalties to VS in 2000's. The airline was fine but then the London airports started to implode. I'd like to be filthy rich and fly privately everywhere but until that happy day, Norwich is my gateway to AMS and KLM. So far, so good...
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Old 6th Mar 2011, 17:43
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Where is customs cleared? If it's LHR, it would be tight.
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Old 6th Mar 2011, 17:53
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I am hoping that LHR immigration/customs will not be anything like LGW last year

LGW for a connection you need 3 hours tween flights.....

Bearing in mind that you go through the usual searches etc before boarding the plane at GOA (or wherever), you arrive at LGW, walk a couple miles, past baggage reclaim, through & into arrivals (land side), upstairs, through landside check-in (without stopping), through security as if you have come off the street and then back to the same gate you just got off the plane before at

Nightmare stuff last year...fortunately I had just over 3 hours tween flights but others on my holiday did not, they had around 90 minutes and they missed their connections.

I really do hope that T5 LHR is more efficient and alot less of a hike.
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Old 6th Mar 2011, 19:31
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I have managed to do it in 30 mins to catch the Edinburgh flight from Nice- your baggage should go straight through to Manchester.

Agree that you shouldn't try for the meal etc but if everything is on time should not be a problem.
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Old 7th Mar 2011, 00:40
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In my experience, International to Domestic transfers through T5 are quick and straightforward. There is rarely a queue at passport control and no customs check - the bags go straight through to your destination untouched by passenger hands. The only potential holdup is at security, but that probably feels longer than it is most of the time. Domestic to International is even easier - one scan of your boarding pass and no security wait.

On my last visit, a couple of weeks ago, I had 65 minutes scheduled between arriving from Paris and leaving for Manchester. I made the MAN flight easily, even having time for a swift one in the EC lounge!
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Old 7th Mar 2011, 08:11
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65min should be OK if you go straight throught the system without getting distracted. As BA have sold you this connection, then they have the responsibility to look after you should it not work.

The key to T5 is "compliance". Shortly before you go through security your boarding card is scanned by a security bod. This has to be done before Departure time -35min for you to be accepted on to the flight. Miss compliance and you will be bumped off.

On your journey from NCE you will most likely arrive at a jetty on the main T5 building. Follow purple signs for transfers. At the transfer area there is a seperate set of counters for those connecting to domestic flights. There is usually a much smaller queue here. They will take a photo of you as you a going to be a domestic pax in a mixed international / domestic departure lounge. The photo is re-checked at the gate. At this point your boarding card is scanned for compliance. Follow escalators upstairs and join the queue for security. Once through security off to the gate

BA / AA / IB have recently started a process to help those arriving on delayed flights to catch their onward connection. Usually a message will be sent to the arriving aircraft to indicate that some passengers will be met by staff. They are met at the top of the arrival jetty by a staff member who gives them a "Express Connection" card. This is bright orange for visibility to other staff and allows queue jumping. I believe it also tweaks the compliance timing to departure -30min.

Have a good trip

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