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FAA regulations for passengers

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FAA regulations for passengers

Old 13th Dec 2009, 01:17
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FAA regulations for passengers

On my last flight the announcement was made that FAA "law" says you have to stow your bags and be sat and buckled in when the light says so.

I deal with the code of Federal Regulations PArts 29 and 27 but have never seen any reference elsewhere in 14CFR.

Can anyone point me to those regulations??
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Old 13th Dec 2009, 01:28
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If it doesn't say that it would be nice if it did.
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Old 13th Dec 2009, 05:02
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14 CFR 125.327

(2) The use of safety belts, including instructions on how to fasten and unfasten the safety belts. Each passenger shall be briefed on when, where, and under what conditions the safety belt must be fastened about him or her. This briefing shall include a statement that the Federal Aviation Regulations require passenger compliance with lighted passenger information signs and crewmember instructions concerning the use of safety belts.

or is your beef with the wording of Regulation v. Law?
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Old 13th Dec 2009, 22:02
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The GFP (General Flying Public) doesn't care a lick about the Regs anyway, even though they're mentioned every flight. Apparently everyone thinks the little seatbelt light means "oh crap, I have to pee." There's usually a line at the lav when the light goes on on my flights.

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Old 14th Dec 2009, 08:29
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Pretty sure the only FAA reg which specifically mentions seatbelts and which is applicable to passengers is found in part 91 and only requires you to wear the seatbelt when taxying, take off, landing.

Aha, got a bit more..


(f) Each passenger required by 121.311(b) to occupy a seat or berth shall fasten his or her safety belt about him or her and keep it fastened while the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign is lighted.

So there you go....

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Old 14th Dec 2009, 19:08
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Alaskabob, no beef really.

I just felt the airline was injecting the FAA into the announcement to give it some gravitas. Working with the Feds on a almost daily basis doesnt instill the confidence in me that it should
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Old 15th Dec 2009, 00:57
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No Worries,

I think the Airlines do Inject the feds into the announcement to try to make people adhere, but it's a vicious cycle. Do you turn off the seatbelt sign in light turbulence because most people can handle it? What if some aged person gets up to go to the lavatory and breaks his hip where a 25 year old has no problem. Now the airline gets sued and the pilot has to do paperwork for an "Accident" according to NTSB 830. Or do you just leave the sign on in all cases except dead smooth air (which almost never happens) and let the passengers up "At their own risk". The latter seems to be adopted by many airlines in the states, who don't want the excess liability. It is actually been fairly difficult at my new position in Japan to manage the seatbelt sign, as the Flight attendants will also stay seated when the seatbelt sign is on as per company policy. It's like in the States the sign is perceived as a guarantee of safety, and not a command as it is elsewhere in the world.

Man, I sure miss the days when flying was the hard part
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