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Rip off airports - lets name and shame

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Rip off airports - lets name and shame

Old 16th Aug 2008, 17:00
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Rip off airports - lets name and shame

I'll start with Dalaman (DLM).

We were warned that food prices were steep, but they were unbeleivable.

Take for example an McDondald's meal (no, I didn't want one). A few miles down the road it was 10ytl (approx £4.80). At the airport, 22ytl.

A small bottle of water which could be bought in the market for 0.25ytl, selling for 4ytl.

Needless to say we did our bit and boycotted the food places.

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Old 16th Aug 2008, 17:36
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Good idea for a thread. If one is referring specifically to food and drink, Spanish airports are poor value. Try getting a small (50cl) bottle of water for under around 1.3 euros. The franchises and/or AENA must be raking it in...... (By the way, given that you can't take water through security, I'd have thought there is a strong case for airports to provide water for passengers.)
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Old 16th Aug 2008, 18:42
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I can add to this that Stockholm Arlanda is also one very very expensive airport, at least after you've passed through security. One fanta for example is well above 2 euro. I bought one sandwich and one fanta for 9 euro there a few weeks ago...
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Old 16th Aug 2008, 18:45
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Norwich. Not only is the tax one of the highest in the UK but you have to pay £5 to enter departures at the airport (on top of everything else). If only Stansted was slightly closer...
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Old 16th Aug 2008, 21:38
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What azzbo said....

Unbelieveable rip-off...so much so, they now have permanent machines installed to take departure tax.
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Old 16th Aug 2008, 21:41
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A-ha, so I am not the only one to be annoyed at Norwich airport.
I go through there twice a month with a colleague...because we have to. That's £24 just for the privilege..!
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 00:42
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At the opposite end of the spectrum is Vancouver Intl. 160 shops and restaurants. They are prohibited by the terms of their leases from charging higher prices than exist in their establishments in the city.

BC Sports Zone
Mountain Style Shop
Northern Impressions

Books, Music & Newsstands
Daily News
Great Canadian Book Company
Hudson News
Hudson News and Euro Café
Jetway Café & News
News II You
Pacific Coast News
Sea to Sky News
Vancouver News
Vancouver News Connection
Virgin Books & Music

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Tidbits Retail Cart

BC Lottery Ticket Centre
West Coast Liquor Store

Fashion Accessories
$15 Boutique
Charmed Designs Retail Cart
The Shop
Tickers Watches Retail Cart
Tie Rack

Flower Shops
Salamandra Flowers
Vancouver Airport Florist

Golf Shop
PGA Tour Shop

Personal Care
Crabtree & Evelyn
The Body Shop

Souvenirs & Gifts
British Columbia and Beyond
Christmas in Vancouver
Designer Option Sunglasses
Discover Vancouver
Discovery Channel
Gifts of the Raven
Kids Works
Moda Italia
Postcards from Vancouver
Tic Toc
Vancouver Kitchen

Specialty Foods
The Fish Market
Vancouver Marketplace

Travel Accessories
Bentley's Leather

Vancouver 2010 Official Licensed Merchandise
The Olympic Store

Bars & Restaurants
Hanami Japanese Restaurant
Jetside Bar
Koho Restaurant and Bar
Medallist Bar & Grill
Palomino Bar & Grill
Stanley's Happy Landing Lounge

Casual Dining
Galiano Café and Bakery
Legends Bar & Grill
Milestone's Restaurant & Bar
Pacific Grill

Coffee Bars
Green Bean Café
Hudson News and Euro Café
Toast! Café

Fast Food
Burger King
Flying Wedge Pizza
Fortune Wok
Hanami Cafe/Hanami Asian Cuisine
Hanami Express
Harvey's / Swiss Chalet
Jetway Café & News
OPA! Souvlaki of Greece
Orange Julius
Skyway Café
Sunshine Coast Juice Company
Tim Hortons
Toshi Teppanyaki Express
Wok n' Roll

Fine Dining
[email protected]
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 02:36
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It was in the mid 1990s, if memory serves, that BAA had a big advertising effort to prove that the prices in their shops were the same or lower than in the High Street.

That's one advertising campaign they won't be dusting off to run again ...
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 12:22
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Knock Ireland West

Just before you go through to security they sting you for a 10€ Airport Development Fee!
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 19:29
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Monastir in Tunisia!

Due to the Dinar being a closed currency, they only accept Pounds, Euros and Dollards airside - only in note-form! And also the prices are still in Dinars! After buying a sandwich and a coke for the value of about £2, I received change in the form of a £5 note from a £10.
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 20:30
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De gaulle,

two sarnies, with the gastronomic properties of cardboard, a bottle of water, bottle of coke and a pack of crisps cost the best part of 40 euros.

the selection of catering airside is poor, especially for a nation that rates its self in the kitchen.
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 23:29
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Originally Posted by Paxboy
It was in the mid 1990s, if memory serves, that BAA had a big advertising effort to prove that the prices in their shops were the same or lower than in the High Street.

That's one advertising campaign they won't be dusting off to run again ...
Seem to remember BAA still make this claim but can't find any online advertising for it - know they had to thighten up their advertising after this adjudication from the Advertising Standards Authority

BAA plc
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Old 17th Aug 2008, 23:40
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What about parking???

Seem to remember coughing up in the region of £18 to park for a few hours at EMA earlier this year... OUCH!!

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Old 18th Aug 2008, 08:32
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Yes, parking! I have occasionally paid more for my parking at STN (£23 in short stay) than for my return flight (£10 of which is APD). Crazy!
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Old 18th Aug 2008, 15:15
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Not sure if most posts are referring to pre-boarding the a/c. Myself, have a great 'dodge' on a/c for free water. Carry an Asprin. Under EU legislation the company are required to supply free water when a pax requires to take their medication. 99% of times free bottle of water. Trust me it works.

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Old 18th Aug 2008, 21:08
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Bourgas Airport was eye-wateringly expensive for a sandwich and a beer airside. I can't remember the exact cost but I wasn't the only one remarking on it in the queue to be served. For the record, this was in Costa... the more local-looking cafe upstairs was closed.
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Old 18th Aug 2008, 21:22
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Don't forget that newly inplimented departure tax?

I nominate the airport in Vancouver British Collumbia who don't inform the passengers that suddenly there is a not soo cheap departure tax before you get on the Plane.No doubt someone managed to convince the govenor for personal gain in rip off Alley. I don't pay £5 for a cup of coffee anymore at Geneva and assume that all airports in western Europe are at least someway in competition on prices.I could never understand who would leave stale food out day and night because they fail to cut the prices to shift it.Maybe McDonalds is doing us all a favour by opening up in/near airports to provide downward price pressures on the local collections?
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Old 18th Aug 2008, 23:18
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I used to fly out of Terminal 4 Heathrow 4 times a year and what a rip off. I would fly out once a year with my family on long-long haul and have a six hour transit stop at T4. Try feeding three young kids at at T4, you can't !! I believe they may now have a family style place to eat but I bet it ain't cheap.

Dili has to be a rip off as well. $25 entrance tax and $10 departure tax. The cow at the bag xray machine then asks for another $10 departure tax, a scam she tries with everybody. Last time she tried it on me, I call her bluff then told the old lady in the departure lounge about her scam. Old biddy went back and caused a scene demanding her $10 back. Good on her.

Niigata a hole. Got stuck there 16 years ago. A coffee and a small bar a choc cost the same as a small house. I was looking forward to looking at the duty free as I thought it would be full of the latest Japanese gadgets but what a shock. Swatch watches was all they sold.
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Old 20th Aug 2008, 21:01
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I do believe that ALL airports sell food/drink at completely over the top prices. Flying back from Reus, the last flight of the day and only one shop and one restaurant open. A bottle of water was about 3 Euros, a sandwich near 7 Euros and if you even thought about a bottle/glass of wine you would have to take a loan out! Considering the flight cost £5 including all taxes and charges you could end up paying close to £15/20 just to get something to eat and drink. This of course, does not just apply to Reus, but to most airports in general.
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Old 20th Aug 2008, 22:12
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When you get your ticket, why do you have to go straight through to departure? Stay land side until just before boarding and you can drink the bottle of water you brought with you and eat the sandwiches that you purchased in the supermarket before you set off. If people didn't pay the high prices they might start becomming more reasonable.
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