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747 go-around at SFO today?

Old 15th Feb 2008, 21:41
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747 go-around at SFO today?


I was gazing out of the window by SFO gate 78 this morning (Friday) at around 0930. 747 (could have been JAL - could only see the red tail) on finals went around fairly late as something else (maybe a 737 - could not really see) departed on the cross runway.

Anyone hear what happened?


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Old 15th Feb 2008, 22:21
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Some professionals doing their job!!!!
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Old 15th Feb 2008, 22:54
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It's not unusual . . .

Go rounds are not too unusual at SFO, in my experience as a very frequent Pax through there. I've witnessed a few, and it's really nothing to be concerned about. Sometimes an aircraft gets held up crossing the end of 28L while taxying to depart from 28R. Arriving aircraft heading for 28L goes round giving the Pax a nice view of the Pacific Ocean and the peninsula and Silicon Valley and a delay of maybe ten minutes.

I've been on the flight deck of arriving Speedbirds on final to 28L/R while departures were given "clear take off" on 1L and 1R crossing our arrival runway. Loads of time really, fun to watch. The go round procedure as I recall (sorry, professional pilots, as an amateur waffles on) for 28L takes you left away from the departing traffic with a climb to 3000' back out over the peninsula and the ocean.

The parallel visual approach on 28L/R when you find yourself with a wingman is much more fun!


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Old 16th Feb 2008, 00:41
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A move to SLF may be appropriate.
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Old 16th Feb 2008, 01:26
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For those interested, SFO has a visual departure procedure known as the "Bay Tour" which can be requested from Clearance Delivery. If approved tower will issue departure instructions off Rwy 1 or 28 to "follow the coastline north, remain offshore, maintain 3000' and 200 kts, at the golden gate bridge turn left heading 180 and climb to 10,000 ft. A GA departure frequency is assigned and I've never heard another plne on it. Adds a few minutes and burns a little extra gas, but the view is spectacular, the pax (on the left side) love it, and its a rare chance to do some fun flying.
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Experienced the same thing in 2006 as our 777 United Airlines flight was arriving in from Dallas at the same time as an arriving Singapore Airlines flight.
Was a bit un-easy for this white knuckle flyer as I could see both planes approaching at the same time at the same elevation.
Anyone listening in on UA's audio in-flight channel heard the three way conversation between SQ/UA and the traffic controllers. Quite interesting and credit to all sides how smoothly and professionally it was handled. The UA pilot then came on the on-board PA system to re-assure all was perfectly normal but was a pre-caution because of windy conditions.
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