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Feedback on Air Canada

Old 9th Jan 2008, 00:42
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Feedback on Air Canada

Recently flew back and forth between LAX and Montreal.

Good flight overall,comfortable Airbus 319,but in-flight meal /drink sucked. Norm by north american standards-but when charging 6 bucks each for a sub or pizza you'd expect better than what they dished out. Be warned!! Get something in the terminal before,I know. But connection times don't always work to plan.
I also couldn't believe what pasengers are able to get away with for on board carry on. Suitcases of monstrous proportions I haven't looked at what is supposed to be acceptable per Air Canada but jeez it aint being enforced!!!.
Surprise surprise that a number of people struggled trying to stuff them into and later take them out of overhead lockers. I didn't need the delay these prima donas caused because they're too precious to collect their checked luggage. It's only a matter of time some poor sod gets knocked out as a fellow passenger swings it out of the overhead. Come on AC get it under control, charge the
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LHR-YVR decent flight, IFE old single screens at front of each cabin, some crew surly (if you didn't speak french) Food OK had better on charter.

YVR-HNL good flight, IFE standard 757 screens down the aisle (at least I could see them with out binoculars) food once again OK.

Hand luggage becoming a problem on all airlines not helped with airlines allowing up to 23kgs. I have seen a colleague break an ankle with a passenger requesting assistance to get hand luggage out of the over heads and they let it go expecting a young petite female to take the full weight!

I dread the day that an aircraft carrying heavy bags in the overheads has a very hard landing and the bins opening. There could be some pretty interesting insurance claims for injury!
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Old 10th Jan 2008, 07:13
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Folks, the issue of carry on luggage is a North American phenomenon and is definitely not limited to AC. The whole problem is that the SLF over there are too used to treating flying like hopping on a bus, that is then compounded by the airports & the security screening staff in particular being unwilling to take the abuse from passengers by refusing to screen them with so many carry os & telling them to return to check-in to check at least some of their bags.

In the past year, about the worst I saw was flying from Houston to Atlanta on an MD-88 with 3/2 seat configuration and minimal overhead & underseat stowage, one guy turned up at the gate with his girlfriend, & another friend, their baby in non-folding pram, car seat, large box, approx 2 foot square x four foot long two large trolley suitcases about three foot x two x 12 inches, a large trolley brief case for the two guys, a huge shopping type bag with blankets, nappies etc. for the baby and two large rucsacs. How he got through check-in & security I have no idea, but he was completely out of order when the gate staff told him that he had to check everything except the briefcases. He spent almost fifteen minutes shouting and yelling abuse at the gate staff & his girlfriend then called the airline's customer service on his cell phone to complain & demanded that a supervisor be sent down to the gate to instruct the gate staff to let him take all his crap on board with him. As the flight was chockers, his party were all on standby economy tickets and taking up the last free seats on the flight, he was on a hiding to nothing. What an AE!

I am always amused as well when flying from EDI across the pond when our North American cousins get to the security area ticket check after managing to sneak a couple of large bags past check-in, as they don't get much chance to sneak past the ticket check, never mind get through security screening with big bags. They are never very happy when they have to try to fit their oversize and overweight carry-ons into the test frame & scales, and when they fail to fit - Ah Justice.
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Well if I could have some reasonable expectation that my baggage and my body would wind up in the same location I'd be happy to check more. Unfortunately that's not the case, and on more than one occasion I've had to wait 3 to 5 days for my bag to catch up with me at my destination. So I'll continue to travel with carryon if I can.

That said, I'll agree there is lots of abuse. Try travelling to South America!
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It wouldn't be as bad if people stayed back and let other lighter travellers past first.They then could perform aerial acrobatics to get bags out of the locker and not delay others !!?? Gosh imagine some courtesy!!! From what I have seen "big carriers" still rocket out of their seat the moment the un-fasten light goes on & resign other flyers to dodge bags as they get pulled out.
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