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Hong Kong Joining Cabin Baggage Foolishness

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Hong Kong Joining Cabin Baggage Foolishness

Old 27th Feb 2007, 23:11
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Hong Kong Joining Cabin Baggage Foolishness

Here we go

It was reported on the TV news last night that from 21 March liquids in cabin baggage at Hong Kong airport will be restricted to 100 mm and must be in clear plastic bags, which will be X-rayed separately, (not being a chemist, what you might find when you X-ray liquid is not apparent to me).

It was not stated whether crews will be affected by this nonsense, the introduction of which is blamed on "ICAO guidelines"
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 00:09
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Same all over Europe, and of course the USA.
What's the big deal?
Is HKG so special?

Quite frankly, I believe it is high time that airports/airlines started to severely restrict the size of cabin bags.
Some of the rollerboards I have seen recently are large enough for the mother-in-law...inside.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 01:29
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Just because the USA and Europe, (all of it? are you sure?), have because of one dubious incident indulged in an hysterical over-reaction that severely inconveniences crews and passengers with no perceivable security benefit does not mean that every one else has to follow, unless ICAO has published a Standard on the subject, which I doubt. Of course you can still buy inflammable booze, perfume and other highly inflammable products in HKG Duty Free.

Cabin bags? I quite agree although it has been a problem for years that for some reason authorities have not tackled effectively, probably because some airport outlets inside the restricted area sell cases that are bigger than the allowed dimensions!!.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 02:23
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Australia doing the same
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 04:29
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Yes, Australia's uncle Howard is another distant cousin of Bush. Plastic knives in catering cuttlery on all Oz flights, just as on USA flights, paired with dull stainless steel forks and spoons!
Just had my tiny scissors removed from my bag; the mindless, rabid security hysteria excludes all aspects of common sense and logic. I told this friendly human robot that I was the captain of the flight and that I had control of the airplane with or without scissors. She gave me a kangaroo stare and acknowledged that the scissors indeed were tiny, but that they had a sharp "pointy" end . . .which was prohibited. Never mind about the pointy end of my mechanical pencil.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 04:59
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ICAO Guidelines are here: http://www.icao.int/atb/sfbranch/fil...00%20EN%20.pdf
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 06:15
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No exceptions

21st March is the big day in HKG.... Should be fun! Everyone going through the airport will be subjected to the same security screening requirements no exceptions..... that includes the a/c drivers and airport staff!

I hear the question noone has tackled yet is what to do with all the duty free booze that passengers will probably dump when transiting..... as Customs will not let security personnel nor the airlines remove it landside.... yet they don't want to handle either! Can't wait!


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Old 28th Feb 2007, 06:20
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Oh Lordy, here we go again...

Passing through SIN last evening, noticed a big sign at check-in that read, "Please note hand luggage is permitted on all flights out of Singapore"

I do hope this madness is not going to spread to otherwise well-run airports.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 06:32
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I can't take liquids on in my hand luggage but I can take my lap top - it's got a nearly indestructible plastic coated wire cord with it that I could throttle someone with and a fairly heavy plug on the end of that with three fairly pointy brass pins on the end. But nail clippers I can't take on board.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 07:02
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CLK - Liquids above 100 ml Prohibited

We always repat through Hongkong to N.A. We always get our two liters of JW Blue at Bahrain. Where will they check for liquids? Airside (Boarding) or at check-in?
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 07:24
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al_ j,

as i understand it in europe any way...( and i am not sure of your travel details...) if you are transiting bahrain...and purchase in the duty free shop...you are not cheched again unless you are transiting somewhere else enroute and then only if you have to come outside the secure area. if you have to then provided the booze is sealed and you have a receipt for its purchase same day in a duty free shop ( do'nt ask me about crossing the date line ) then you can take it in with you as hand baggage.. ...and of course in the case of booze the 100ml does'nt apply....

others will correct me if i am wrong but that is my recollection of what was introduced here...presumably to protect sales from duty free shops....

you see...there are rules...and there are sales....

the dean.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 10:30
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It's all a big conspiracy by the major players in the airport owners cartel. They have the lobbying power to influence the "experts" in the DfT and similar departments to introduce these rules as it increases the sales of duty free in their clients shops. Increased sales means they can charge higher rents.

Anyone who doubts this should should try a bit of investigation. Sniff near enough to the truth and watch how quickly there is a clamp down. Usually it is the "need to know" security excuse.

You heard about it here first.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 13:37
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What Pixxed me off was last week flying back from Ankara (non EU). Arrived in transit at Munich, with my litre of Jack Daniels, and we were bussed to the terminal. To get to transit, we had to pass through security screening on the way IN from the plane. All liquids, including the duty free I bought 90 minutes earlier was confiscated, as "liquids in hand luggage". It was still sealed in the stapled and taped up, with the receipt !

Mine was the first bottle confiscated, but surely not the last from that flight.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 14:38
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al_jamieson: In HKIA after you arrive in transit you will be required to proceed through security before you get into the departure area. So I would guess they wont let you keep the booze.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 14:44
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A question for those crews that already have the rules in place:
Are you allowed to take toothpaste in your carry on bag in it's original Colgate tube?
What about deodorant "sticks" it's not a liquid or a gel. It's more like white soap. So will they take that off me too?
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 14:56
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Ex UK no toothpaste, no smellies (unless in sealed 100ml container)
even had Gel type deo confiscated in see through dispenser as it is not a liquid (eh??)

however came back from holiday in Europe, bottle of water unwittingly left in hand luggage, no problem.

Why the hell anyone would choose to route through countries which have these measures in place is beyond me.

Level playing field?
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 15:02
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Just a thought, and I'm sure I'm not the first to have such an occurrence, but couldn't the legality of these "security measures" as they call them, be challenged in court?

What would happen if it could be proved that the inefficacy of said rules, coupled to their high profile and cost, amounts to misleading the public as to the level of security which is effectively being provided. Doesn't it essentially amount to negligence and fraud? The "need to know" trick which Danny mentions should only get them so far given enough judicial pressure.

Anyone know if such challenges have been made before a court yet? If not, perhaps it would be possible to explore this option and if viable, a legal fund could be created to which interested parties (i.e., us) can contribute. Much better than sitting here whingeing and doing nothing methinks.

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Old 28th Feb 2007, 16:29
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I'll second Danny's comment about the financial side - I can't take through my litre bottle of water, I can't take through an empty litre bottle and fill it from a water fountain airside, but I can buy an overpriced bottle of water from a shop once I'm in the lounge and take it on the flight. Just wait until they stop us taking chocolate bars and other snacks (really useful if flying LoCo) and expect us to buy them at inflated prices once past security.

Anyone know if you can still buy razor blades in Gatwick Duty-Free (or what happens if you actually try to buy them)? I haven't been through there for a while.
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 16:41
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Hey Tezzer,
Weren't you offered the opportunity to chug-a-lug your Jack Daniel's there and then or did they insist on relieving you of your bottle in toto? The security staff must have some rip-roaring parties after hours.
Last Sunday at SXM (St-Maarten), before passing through security on our way to YOW (Ottawa), security spotted a can of Orangina, which I'd forgotten I had in my carry-on bag, but the guard generously said I could polish it off, or at least drink all but 100 ml, on the spot.
Everyone had to remove their footwear (even flip-flops, which some daft booggers were still wearing). At least this idiotic "security" measure wasn't enforced at YOW on the way down. Surprising, considering that the Canadian authorities fall over themselves to ape whatever measures other countries institute in the name of "security".
BTW has anyone heard anything more on these solution chemists/bombers/terrorists that the British police apprehended in the nick of time last year?
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Old 28th Feb 2007, 17:47
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Those of us who were around the UK last summer will well remember the chaos which ensued, and these effects which still continue in force today, following the discovery of an alleged plot to bomb aircraft by use of liquids.
The alleged plot prompted a massive security clampdown of pax and crew !!!!
However is all as it seems
Here is an independent assesment of whether it could be done or not ...
Hope that helps.......................
BUT on the other hand do you recall this washington post article?
So who really knows?
Safe flying to all.

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