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Flyer517 1st Oct 2021 08:16

Airplane With The Nicest Handling
I havenít flown a lot of types in my life, but was curious as to what folks here think is the best handling aircraft theyíve flown.

I have only flown GA types and learnt on a combination of typical American trainers like the 152, 172, PA28 and similar. The first time I flew a Bonanza it was a complete revelation in how much fun throwing an aircraft around the sky could be. The brisk and positive control responses were comparatively miles ahead.

Later on I had the opportunity to fly a Chippie and that was incredible. It still remains my favourite in terms of pure fun.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, I found the TB20 Trinidad a dog. Great for going long distances at speed when I ignored the flying schoolís 23 squared power recommendations and followed the book values, but an absolute dog when manoeuvring.

I appreciate there is a lot of experience here that eclipses my own, so would be interested to hear others thoughts.


Bergerie1 1st Oct 2021 09:45

Without doubt, a DHC Chipmunk. You won't get much better than that.

Car RAMROD 1st Oct 2021 09:54

King Air.

Hands down.

close thread!

(followed by the bongo :})

Fred Gassit 1st Oct 2021 10:14

You will go a long time trying to find something that flies nicer than a Chipmunk, its my personal favourite.
Vans RVs are nice, 400 and 500 series Cessnas are beautiful on the controls too. Someone mentioned Kingairs.
I personally like the feel of the (much) older SE Cessnas and Pipers too, maybe it was because they were generally lighter?
Another interesting list might be planes people don't enjoy flying..

Olympia463 1st Oct 2021 10:51

As far as gliders go, of all the 22 types I flew the Olympia 463 was the best. The worst was the Slingsby Capstan two seater.

redsnail 1st Oct 2021 10:59

Quite liked the Shrike Aerocommander.

pulse1 1st Oct 2021 11:07

Olympia463, I totally agree. For light aircraft, if you don't want aerobatics, the Condor is nicer than the Chipmunk in my opinion.

DaveUnwin 1st Oct 2021 11:16

The Bucker Jungmeister was the only aircraft (out of the 300+types I've flown) which was as good as I'd been told.

Brookmans Park 1st Oct 2021 11:24

Singles the Chipmunk,multi the Dove

compressor stall 1st Oct 2021 11:33

Shrike, followed by a B200 King Air.

ACMS 1st Oct 2021 11:59

Any Aircraft they pay me to fly

Checkboard 1st Oct 2021 12:19

Of the jets, in order (best to worst): BAe146, Westwind, 737-300, 737-700, A320
Haven't flown any turboprops.
Of the piston twins: Baron, Seminole, Navajo, Partenavia. Never flew a Commander series.
Of the singles, the Pitts surprised and delighted me. Haven't flown a chippie. I prefer Pipers to Cessnas for handling and training, but the Cessnas are more practical in the real world.

Flyer517 1st Oct 2021 12:22

OK well it seems Iím not the only Chippie fan. The poor manís Spitfire isnít it?

happyjack 1st Oct 2021 12:48

[QUOTE]Of the jets, in order (best to worst): BAe146, Westwind, 737-300, 737-700, A320/QUOTE]

I was waiting for someone to mention the BAe146. I have heard others say the same. I found it horrendous!!! Unresponsive, lazy, trim dependant. Then again I didn't fly the Boeing?

But the worst by far was........... wait for it.............. a Gulfstream 5. 'Looks wonderful. Handles like a p1g in sh1t! So utterly disapointing.

Best I ever flew? A Hawker Hunter.

LeadSled 1st Oct 2021 14:16

The AC 500S, I'll second that!
Tootle pip!!

Jet Jockey A4 1st Oct 2021 14:57

For a light piston powered twin engine aircraft, the Ted Smith Aerostar was wonderful.

BSD 1st Oct 2021 15:08

I agree with everyone who has nominated the Baron, the Queen air and the Aero Commander 500. The Chipmunk too, though I'm heavily biased towards Chipmunks as I learned to fly on them and hey, you never forget your first love!

I'd also offer up the Cap 10 and the Stampe.

But, very little beats the delights of a simple J3 Cub, on a calm summer evening, low and slow, with the door open and preferably on floats. Sigh.

pulse1 1st Oct 2021 15:33

I have almost no twin experience but I did fly a Baron, holding for 15 minutes at Hengistbuy Head. It was a delight, particularly as I wasn't paying for the fuel.

Hamley 1st Oct 2021 15:43

Originally Posted by ACMS (Post 11119613)
Any Aircraft they pay me to fly

Work it baby

C402 by far but a little more HP pls

C210 forever in my heart ❤️

Uplinker 1st Oct 2021 16:07

BAe146 lovely. Owing to the servo tab controls, you could really feel what it and you were doing. My best ever landing of all time was in a BAE146. A shocking tragedy that the new version, whose designation I forget, was scrapped. That would have been a World beater in its time.

A320 great

A330 fantastic

- but I had to teach myself how to fly Airbus FBW as no TRE I met knew how. (which is genuinely not meant to sound arrogant).

Dash 8-300 and Q400 turboprops both good. Some of us learned to land the Q400 one main gear at a time though, otherwise......., ker-bang !!

Shed, (Shorts 360 turboprop), surprisingly good, considering what it looks like, poor thing !

B737 Classic, terrible !

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