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Peter Fanelli 2nd Oct 2021 17:35

Aircraft I'd like to fly again, Cessna 421B and Grumman Lynx.

blimey 2nd Oct 2021 17:51

The Hawk: like a toy. A chimp could fly it, though not necessarily as the military would like. Every pilot should be given a whizz in one just for the joy of it: to experience almost perfect control harmony and a sufficient amount of grunt.

Bigger: 747-300 - less ground effect, less flying wing on the runway than the 400.

Least satisfying handling, least involving: Airbus. Would they do it that way if they had the choice again?

Most satisfying rather than nicest handling would probably be the most demanding.

Douglas Bahada 2nd Oct 2021 22:42

Gazelle then Chipmunk, last airliners. Nothing could beat the agility and power to weight ratio of the mighty chicken leg. A true delight. No real military use though.

Those who have not had the opportunity to fly a helicopter without a stability augmentation system have missed out.

deja vu 3rd Oct 2021 01:35

Best L1011 worst Nomad N22

Alice Kiwican 3rd Oct 2021 02:21

For me itís the C210, C402C, C404 and PC12.

georgetw 3rd Oct 2021 03:11

Nothing wrong with the DC3, best was the Ceres, then C Agwagan

glofish 3rd Oct 2021 03:49

On the lower end: Piper J3. As simple and pure as it gets. Reveals pilot skill in a split of a second.
In the middle: Twin Bonanza. The most stable IFR Trainer and its wing became the blueprint for the beautiful Queen and King Air
On the high end: DC-10. The intuitive CWS beats all the newer FBW. The Rolls Royce of airliners.

camper 3rd Oct 2021 04:54

B747-400, final answer!

Capt Fathom 3rd Oct 2021 05:25

Airplane With The Nicest Handling....

All of them it would appear!

Mach1Muppet 3rd Oct 2021 06:25

CT-4 is my personal favourite, longing to fly one again but such a beautifully handling aircraft

FL235 3rd Oct 2021 06:25

Surprised no mention of the Falco and its’ big brother the SF260. Feels like powered controls, really light. Aerobatic, but still stable. Fast enough, maybe 150 - 160 kts depending on engine. Just watch Vne if you let the nose down. Only difficulty is slowing for circuit. My preference was the old “buzz & break”. Cruise speed low over threshold, close throttle and pull up into a pattern that puts you at circuit height and speed for downwind, flap and gear, continue a turning base/final, level the wings just before the flare. Most satisfying when you get it right, don’t do it in front of a flying school, some instructors fear it may give students ideas. You can always say you were doing a runway check,

Obviously room for the Chippy and Turbulent, both great fun. For day to day liveability I have a soft spot for the much derided Aztec. Our C model, much modified and turboed for mapping photo had a ceiling above 30,000’, they will carry ridiculous loads in and out of ridiculous places.

There will always be differing opinions, depending on personal taste and experience. The C185 is a great bush plane, but you will work hard & use full control travel for serious work. The advent of the C206 changed the game in PNG, practically eliminated the ground-loop problem for new hires,but it doesn’t rate handling for mine

zac21 3rd Oct 2021 08:56

There has been a few that liked the Beech wing which is great, but I don't see the little Beech Debonair mentioned, it is a delightful airplane to fly, extremely well balanced. [even if it was near 50 years ago] !

sangiovese. 3rd Oct 2021 08:57

Hawk. First solo aged 21. Felt like the king of the world. Memory stays so vivid. Turned out I wasn’t as good as I thought but omg that aeroplane. Perfect

The late XV105 3rd Oct 2021 09:25

+1 for the Chippie.

PeterJG 3rd Oct 2021 09:32

High Speed Low Level
The Buccaneer

Pinky the pilot 3rd Oct 2021 09:42

Singles; Robin DR400; Fy it as a Glider tug in Japan, and, whilst underpowered when towing ASK 21's or a heavyish Single, the handling is superb. Only use a thumb and two fingers on the stick!

Multi: The Seminole is a goody. Don't mind the Chieftain either.

Car RAMROD; You haven't been taking your Medication again now, have you?:E:ooh::D

FullOppositeRudder 3rd Oct 2021 09:47

I've only flown gliders; the best was the Ka6cr. Standard Libelle was pleasant enough, although somewhat cramped. No complaints about the L-13 Blanik either. There were a few which I thought were awful, but that's somewhat outside of the terms of reference ...

Miles Magister 3rd Oct 2021 09:48

Jet Provost
Hawker 801

Quietplease 3rd Oct 2021 10:11

Vampire 5 and 9
737 200

Teddy Robinson 3rd Oct 2021 10:38

Chippie for sure, B200, but where is the Pup 150 ??
And as for "I was waiting for someone to mention the BAe146. I have heard others say the same. I found it horrendous!!! Unresponsive, lazy, trim dependant." .... probably best you disengage the autopilot next time :rolleyes:
You didn't mention the roll rate for starters .. it's a very honest beauty to fly with a few neat tricks up it's sleeve.

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