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logansi 19th Feb 2020 00:56

Accident Near Mangalore Airport - Possibly 2 Aircraft down
Emergency services are currently on scene at 1 aircraft down near the Hume FWY, scanners show they are looking for a second.

FR24 data has 2 planes within 150ft of each other at the same time - not looking good.



logansi 19th Feb 2020 01:23

Confirmed on CFA scanner, 2 aircraft down both extensively damaged

logansi 19th Feb 2020 01:25


PoppaJo 19th Feb 2020 02:09

Seminole. Looked like they dropped like a rock looking at the damage. Nine was just showing a video of something stuck in trees so Iím not actually sure which network is showing the right video.

Overcast at about 41. Scattered at 32.

Blueyonda 19th Feb 2020 02:19

Overcast at about 41. Scattered at 32.

VH-JQF Mangalore

Flight radar has JQF at 1250 metres (*3.28 = 4100)

Very sad for them and their families.

Sunfish 19th Feb 2020 02:27


Ixixly 19th Feb 2020 02:28

Thoughts with all those involved, I doubt this will be a good outcome on any level :(

Homesick-Angel 19th Feb 2020 02:31

From the looks of things JQF possibly leaving the circuit and climbing at 90kts if the speeds on FR are accurate, and AEM coming up from the south doing 190kts.

Not good at all . Regards to all involved.

flopzone 19th Feb 2020 02:57

4 people, 2 from each aircraft are confirmed as deceased. RIP.

PoppaJo 19th Feb 2020 03:02

Originally Posted by Sunfish (Post 10690889)

Appeared to be VFR until they climbed into the overcast layer and impacted the other aircraft after just exiting it above?

RIP to the four involved.

logansi 19th Feb 2020 03:09

JQF had an IFR flight plan


Seems like JQF - the plane in the field had its right wing ripped off just beyond the Engine - doesn't seem to be near the crash site.

ACMS 19th Feb 2020 03:15



MajorLemond 19th Feb 2020 03:24

If you look closely it seems like it's there although bent backwards and underneath perhaps? clearly a high vertical speed impact but the aircraft looks relatively intact, and to me it looks like they were possibly attempting to put it down. I guess the ATSB will be able to work out exactly what happened.

The other aircraft looks a whole lot worse off but tragically the outcome for all involved is the same.



flopzone 19th Feb 2020 03:27

A flying instructor and student were on board a Piper Seminole registered to the flight school Moorabbin Aviation Services, a Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman told Daily Mail Australia.
The other is a Beechcraft Travel Air registered to a private owner at Tyabb.

logansi 19th Feb 2020 03:36

Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said they were operating on instruments, meaning the pilots were flying visually and would have lodged flight plans before takeoff.

Yep, thats the right quote...

ACMS 19th Feb 2020 03:45

If they were both IFR then questions need to be asked about how they came to hit.....MEL CTR would have had them on ADS-B and possibly radar as well?

not good.

Its about time all Aircraft had TCAS....

outnabout 19th Feb 2020 03:49

"operating on instruments, meaning the pilots were flying visually and would have lodged flight plans before takeoff"

Logansi - please tell me this is incorrectly quoted. If this is correct, then God help us all.

A tragic, tragic day for all those involved - aviators, friends and family, instructors who did last flight review, air traffic control, and emergency services who are attending the scene.

vee1-rotate 19th Feb 2020 03:51

VH-JQF and VH-AEM. FlightRadar plots have them both just south of the Hume at around 4100ft. If the FR24 plots are correct, the Travelair was coming in at around 190kts or so while the Seminole was doing about 90.

Thoughts go out to those involved.

segfault 19th Feb 2020 03:51

Not sure what happens if you have an STCA between two uncontrolled tracks.

machtuk 19th Feb 2020 04:03

utterly tragic. RIP🙁

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